Hanuman to meet sitaji in ashok vatika sita

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hanuman to meet sitaji in ashok vatika sita

The Ashok Vatika is the place where Ravana kept the Sita captive. Ashok At Ashok Vatika, Lord Hanuman visit her and take her ring to be given to Rama. iMithila Lord Hanuman Visting Sita Ji in Ashok Vatika (38x29 cms): posavski-obzor.info: Our vision is to reach every office and household with auspicious paintings. Hanuman meets Sita in the Ashoka Vatika or Ashoka wood in Lanka. the bravest and most powerful of all the monkeys, flew over the ocean to reach Lanka .

Sita watched Rama searching for something. She followed Rama and wanted to ask but preferred not to break the silence. Rama was seen murmuring: Sita heard what her husband was murmuring.

hanuman to meet sitaji in ashok vatika sita

Rama had kept his signet ring in such a place where Sita could easily find it. When Sita found the ring she was elated. All along she was silent and did not want to talk to her husband. The impasse finally ended when Sita announced, " oh.

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Sita was happy that Rama's signet ring was found by herself. She chided Rama for being careless and misplacing the ring. However, Rama smiled ; he knew he could make Sita break her silence. Rama wanted a reliable person for this mission.

Sugriva thought over it and decided to assign the task to Hanuman. When Rama came to know of it, he pondered: Rama was immensely delighted. Hanuman was a confirmed celibate and Rama was happy to know that from Sugriva. Rama happily gave his ring that is shining forth with his own name engraved as sign to Hanuman, as a remembrance for princess Sita ".

Ashok Vatika

On taking the ring Hanuman kept it on his head, and making palm-folded he reverenced the feet of Rama. It was the location, where Sita was held captive by Ravana after her abduction. Sita preferred to stay under the Ashoka tree. Hanuman saw Sita sitting under the Ashoka tree surrounded by rakshasis who were sleeping. He sat hidden in the branches of the tree.

He thought of speaking to Sita but feared to frighten her, or to attract the notice of the rakshasis. He recited the virtues and deeds of Rama, speaking in gentle tones, till Sita could hear him.

hanuman to meet sitaji in ashok vatika sita

Sita heard the voice of Hanuman and with fear she looked up into the tree and saw a monkey, humble with glowing eyes. Hanuman came down the tree and with joined palms spoke to Sita.

hanuman to meet sitaji in ashok vatika sita

He spoke of Rama and Lakshmana. Sita thought of Hanuman as an agent of Ravana. He tried his best to convince Sita that he was Rama's emissary. I'm a monkey and a messenger of the wise Rama ".

Ashok Vatika

Even if Lakshmana comes, I won't believe him ". Hanuman remembered Rama's words: Hanuman took out Rama's signet ring and producing it before Sita said: Look at the ring too, with Rama's name ". When Sita heard the story of Rama as retold by Hanuman from atop the trees, she said to herself, " When Hanuman spread the good news of Rama, Sita thought, " may be all this is hallucination ".

But when Hanuman showed Sita, Rama's signet ring saying" I've brought this ring given by Rama for the purpose of gaining your confidence ", Sita was thrilled. Sita's thoughts went back to the early days of her marriage when she quarrelled with Rama and kept silence for days and later broke her silence.

It was the same signet ring of Rama that made her forget her quarrel with her dear Rama. She could not control herself. Hanuman left Ashoka vana and after burning the city flew to Kishkinda. He could see the Rama's face from a distance Hanuman could read it: Hanuman had no patience.

hanuman to meet sitaji in ashok vatika sita

On the way Hanumanji met lots of obstacles in the form of she demon Sursa than lankini, however He successfully reaches lanka by over powering them. On reaching He meets Vibhishan [brother of Ravana] where he tells Hanumanji about the critical situation of Sitaji and told about Ashok Vatika. Hanumanji meets Sitaji after showing the proof of being the ambassador of Shree Rama. He than destroys the Ashok Vatika [beautiful garden] upon which Ravan gets annoyed and sent his sons to kill Him but in this process one of his son got killed.


However they could overpower Hanumanji who brought Him in front of Ravan. Ravan orders his followers to lit a fire on his tail.

hanuman to meet sitaji in ashok vatika sita

As a result of this the tail went on becoming bigger and bigger and the fire engulfed whole lanka. After doing this Hanumanji went to meet Sitaji and said He will come with lord Ram to rescue her.

Hanumanji narrated total incident to lord Rama on returning from Lanka. This is the sunderkand being narrated in verses and poetry form. Why it is named "Sunderkand"? The Trikutachal mountains at Srilanka have three ranges.