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Why I blog and an introduction to my family! Let's Meet Autistic Mama He's now a work at home dad and helps me run my businesses (yes, there are more. Hi! My name is Lindsey and I am a Veggie Mama currently located in Shanghai, China. As my home for the last 8 years, Shanghai has allowed. But my husband needed to meet the right woman first, ha ha ha. Ooh, for me, the best support was it being treated like a normal event.

help meet mama blog

Our first night was actually quite boring. We all slept-and woke when she needed to feed-and slept again. What is your funniest adoption-related family story? Nothing really super funny like what others have said in the past, just little giggles here and there. Advice for the screening process? Join support groups and be honest.

How can friends and family best support those adopting? Ooh, for me, the best support was it being treated like a normal event.

The same things should be said and same actions performed as if one were pregnant. And that made it seem so real.

help meet mama blog

We were expecting a baby! And also cooking for them in that first week or two would be great. Plus honestly, I was too in-love with her to remember how to get all my chores and cooking done. My mind was all over the place with just wanting to cuddle with her and her siblings.

help meet mama blog

Top tip for doing life as a rainbow nation family? Well, we blend in, though for trained eyes like ours, you can tell that our daughter is Xhosa.

help meet mama blog

The rest of us are of very mixed parentage But what I can say is based on experience. I would say that if you can, let your African child learn the dominant African language where they are. It really would be helpful for them to be able to competently understand and speak one.

I just fell in love with a 2 years little boy at a wedding in my family and decided that I wanted to adopt in Africa when I would be a grown-up!

We adopted Elliot when we were still living in Belgium and the full process took 3 years. What was the hardest part of the process?

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In Belgium, you have no choice: In Belgium, several organisations take care of the adoption process and we chose the one working with South Africa. Honestly the hardest part of the process is the waiting period when our file has been sent to South Africa. Because during the preparation of your file, you are actor of your destiny. But when your file is sent, you wait and…you wait! And there is nothing we can do!

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I will remember all the first times with Elliot and the first night was quite hectic. We were all in a studio in Jobourg for 3 weeks, sleeping in the same room and our little one, who just turned two the day after we came back home with him had no wish to sleep in his cot alone…. Going to bed has not been easy for years and we tried lots of different methods!

What is your funniest adoption-related family story? A funny adoption related story was when Elliot and I were on holiday few days at the north sea in Belgium. We were coming back from the beach towards the flat we were renting and said hello to an old lady living in the building.

She greeted us and say that my son was really looking like me! I say thank you, close the door, laugh a lot and re-open the door to tell her that she made my day! It was so sweet…Just because we are tall, Elliot and I. We do not celebrate adoption day in our family.

help meet mama blog

We celebrate his birthday with his friends. In Belgium it was winter time but now that we are living in SA we can do pool party! Advice for the screening process?