Hi daddy cant wait to meet you

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hi daddy cant wait to meet you

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Love from Lorelei xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Dear Nanny, I had a good time today canoeing. After we canoed we had had to jump in the water. We went to the beach to do some rock climbing. Love from Ellie xx Hello Mum and John, Today we went to the beach but the fun part about it was when we went swimming.

Hope we have a disco tonight. Can you get me Titan Fall and topical Fanta. Lots of love Charlie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hello Mum and Dad, I went canoeing today and swam in a river.

hi daddy cant wait to meet you

My group collected the most! Got drenched when I jumped in the river. I have been canoeing and rock climbing at Fairbourne.

hi daddy cant wait to meet you

I also pushed Mr. Lambie into the lake we canoed in. On the way back we looked at some crystals. I miss you loads. Today we went mountain walking. When I see you I will give you all lots of hugs and kisses. Today we went canoeing.

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It was really fun. At the end we got to jump in the water. This morning we went canoeing. Then later I would find out from Mom that someone had finally brought you one.

I think of you both every day! I know you are always here with me so guess I will have to settle for that right now. Still missing you like crazy and loving you more. I think of you and Mom all the time. Be happy and know we will see each other soon. Just stopped in to say Hi and let you know everything is O.

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The family is all doing O. She is getting so big and acts so grown up.

hi daddy cant wait to meet you

Thanks for all the beautiful sunshine and warm temps. We will all be O. Hard to believe its been 7 months today I lost her and you got her back. I miss the both of you so very much. Always and forever, your daughter. This year has gone by so fast, and all kinds of weird things happening. Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you as always and remembered how long ago you left me,physically that is.

There has been so much going on here as I am sure you know. But I have faith in my GOD and you of course that everything is going to work out. And that is such a great feeling!!!

Thursday 11 September 2014

I know in my heart of hearts that there could never have been a greater DAD than you. With you in my life I feel everything is possible so please keep showing me the WAY.

hi daddy cant wait to meet you

It is hard to believe that in 2 months it will be 1 year that you left me. When you and MOM left my world as I knew it came to an end. If only you knew how hard I fight every day to keep my own sanity. Now that you and MOM are gone I have no protection from anything. I feel so blessed to have Jr the girls and my grandbabies.

I love them more than life but its not the same. I really really do!!!!! But i hope u know that u and nan mean the world to me n i never forgot about u both.

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I miss waiting for u to come home from work, i miss taking off ur socks n giving u foot rubs, i miss watch the wheel of fortune with u, i miss going for our drives n the country, and most of all i miss giving u hugs n kisses because i love u so much. I cant wait for the day u come for me n i can be with u n nan forever so i can make up for all the years i missed with u both. We are being good boys looking after Mummy and working hard at school.

Please be careful, we miss and love you to the moon and back. Fly safely and come home to us soon. Please stay safe and come back to us soon.

hi daddy cant wait to meet you

You are the best dad in the world. We miss and love you so much. Cant wait to see you in September. Miss and love you lots and lots and lots. And to all serving out in Afghanistan happy fathers day to you all lots of love Becky, Reece and the Mellor family. We cant wait to share all our stories with you. Happy Fathers Day, hope you have a good day we will celebrate when you come home, missing you loads and cant wait to see you. We cant wait till August to see you.