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hide your id like meet section myspace

'about me' or the 'who i'd like to meet' headings in your MySpace profile page. HOW TO HIDE YOUR MYSPACE PROFILE DETAILS SECTION TUTORIALS. Posted in myspace | Tagged edit myspace, Hide About me and I'd Like to meet sections, hide about me section, Hide comments only on ur. Hide your Myspace Music Player with this code by placing it in any section Hide Your Myspace About Me, Who I'd Like to Meet, Display Name's Blurbs.

The coding protocol accounted for several of these attributes, including relationship status, sexual orientation, body type, and race, and each was coded using the choices provided by MySpace.

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For example, users who disclose their body type select from the following: Height, a category for which users generate their own numbers, was also included in the protocol. The protocol also included basic visual features of user sites.

hide your id like meet section myspace

The template for MySpace pages includes a space for users to provide an identifying photo or image. The research team developed codes for this portion of the protocol based on preliminary research.

The research team developed a more comprehensive coding protocol for images for a second phase of the study. Understanding the visual language of MySpace is a rich area for future study.

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User name and title were classified by type. For example, the title that users assign to their pages was coded as one of the following: Several of these aspects of the protocol require further explanation.

Most users maintain this box on their site and many modify and stylize it with fancy fonts, backgrounds and images. Tracking the prevalence of this feature and the disclosure if IM names provide an indication of whether people use MySpace as an immediate method of communication.

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These appear as a series of small text boxes, most commonly with a date and time stamp that indicate when the comment or greeting was posted. The protocol coders noted the number of comments posted and the date the last comment was posted. This provided an indication of the frequency with which users make use of this feature. The final aspect of the coding protocol dealt with blog content with regard to frequency of use, topics mentioned and images posted.

hide your id like meet section myspace

To gain insight into the popularity of this feature and the frequency with which users make use of it, the coding protocol stipulated that coders record whether the blog showed activity within the previous three months, the difference in time between the last two contributions, and the total number of posts.

In addition to recording these figures, coders also read every entry posted in the sample and coded content with regard to topic. Blog topics included mood, health, family, friends, nightlife, work, school, and other media, including television, music, books and film, to name a few. Blog categories were not exclusive; individual entries could be coded as more than one category. For instance, a user may mention in a single post a family reunion they attended and the book they read on the way there.

In addition to text, users can also post images in their blog entries. Team members coded images with regard to image type and content. If commodities were featured, coders recorded the type and brand of those commodities as well as the total number of commodities displayed in the blog. Commodities were defined as any item that could be purchased at retail.

Coders recorded the number of external user contributions for all of the users that received it. External contributions are an indication of the social interaction between bloggers and those who comment on their writing. Some readers offer advice or support or empathize with what users post. Results Demographics The study sample of U. MySpace users suggests that the site is slightly skewed toward female users. Of the users analyzed, female users represented Users ranged in age from 18 to 61, with the vast majority of users Just over half of the users analyzed indicated they were single A very small percentage 2.

The majority of users sampled Nearly fifteen percent MySpace users may disclose their race from a list of racial categories provided by the site. Our sample suggests that the majority of U. Other racial groups were recorded in the sample, though in much smaller numbers; less than one percent each identified as East Indian 0.

In most cases Coders made no judgment regarding the racial affiliation of users. For approximately one fifth The overwhelming majority of profiles sampled Image types were determined by pose and content. Other image types included: Roughly 60 percent of users While many users provided information indicative of their physical appearance, most were more conservative in their disclosure of more sensitive identifying information. On their profile pages, Less than one percent 0. In addition to a user name, users have the option to create a title for their MySpace page.

Approximately one in five users sampled A small portion of the sample 2.

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Just over a third of users A significant majority Outside of these greetings posted on the profile, the sample suggests that MySpace users prefer to be contacted via instant messaging IM. Instant messaging capabilities are a default feature of MySpace and almost the entire sample It is interesting to note that only 2. MySpace provides a space in the profile to list a URL that profile viewers may wish to visit.

A very small percentage linked to a personal homepage 1. The inclusion of offline contact information was an anomaly in user profiles. Only three users displayed their telephone number. While almost all MySpace users revealed their location Approximately nine out of ten users in the sample Among those who had comments, there was a high degree of variance in the number of comments posted, ranging from one to 4, comments.

From those who had comments, the mean was After removing outlier users who had over 1, posts 2. Nearly one in five users Users boasted a large number of friends in their profiles with an average of per person see Figure 1.

When removing the outlier users with more than 1, friends, the mean was The majority of users who had friends Of those users, over half Friend number and age were not significantly correlated. Blog usage MySpace offers a blog feature; all users may maintain a blog as part of their personal page. Of those blogs, Sixty percent of the blog users had between one and three posts in their blogs, Number of posts in blogs.

To analyze the frequency of blog posting among the users who had blogs, the difference in time between the two latest posts was measured see Figure 3. It is interesting to note that the majority of the blog users Content Over seven in every ten bloggers disclosed their emotional states and moods with emoticons and text in their posts Issues related to romantic relationships Other media were not particularly popular topics of discussion; only 8.

Books were the least commonly mentioned topic overall, drawing comments from only 4. Remarks about politics 6. Bloggers have the option to include images in their posts. While emoticons were popular and were often used to indicate mood, other images were posted very infrequently.

Of those who maintained blogs, photos with friends or a romantic partner and images of objects were the two most common image types. Despite their relative frequency overall numbers were low. Though the counts seem relatively high, the majority of these images were posted in only a few blogs. MySpace allows users to post images of CD covers they are listening to at the time of their blog post or of which they are generally fond.

The relatively high number of CD images posted is thus unsurprising. Feedback Seven of every ten users received feedback on their posts Blog readers, friends and other users may comment on posts they read and make notes for the user who posted in a forum provided by MySpace specifically for that purpose.

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Most of the bloggers who received feedback The majority of the bloggers who had feedback Of those who maintained blogs, females were more likely to write about family Blog content by gender. Not surprisingly, users between 18 and 25 years old Users of 41 years and older Regarding revelation of sensitive information, teenage users analyzed users with 18 and 19 years old showed significantly higher disclosure than adult users in categories such as full name Bloggers by gender and age.

Several subjects were discussed almost exclusively by younger bloggers. Although other media were some of the least common blog topics they were particularly unpopular amongst older bloggers. Only one blogger over the age of 35 mentioned television and just one mentioned film. Not a single user above the age of 35 wrote about books.

Games also appear to be a topic mentioned more commonly by younger users; only one blogger older than 35 mentioned games. Despite the apparent aversion to mixing media amongst older users, one must be careful about drawing gross generalizations from these data, as users over age 35 represent only 6.

MySpace users in this study does not match the demographics of MySpace visitors reported by comScore According to comScoremore than a half of MySpace visitors on August were 35 years or older, while the majority This disagreement cannot be fully explained either by the difference in time windows in which the samples were collected or by the fact that comScore also included minors.

The data reported by comScore corresponds to Augustwhereas most of the sample of the present study was collected during the second half of Thus, even if online populations change fast, the results of the two studies show very different populations. The difference may be accounted for if MySpace users lie about their age in their MySpace profile. Another, more plausible, explanation is that comScore, which employs user tracking to record the sites its subjects visit, counts all people who access the site, regardless of whether they have an account on MySpace.

After you've added all the details about yourself to your profile, click the View My Profile link in the top-right corner of the page to preview your profile Figure 3.

Now you can review your profile. TIP It's also a good idea to view your home page as others will see it, using the public URL, and then change anything you feel is inappropriate, ugly, or just plain dumb not that parents ever do dumb things. Setting Privacy Options MySpace gives you some control of how other people can find you, contact you, and view or comment on your profile.

In most cases, MySpace sets the default privacy settings to the least private options except for people who are 14 or 15 years old, whose accounts can be viewed by friends only or anyone younger than 18 on MySpace. As this book was going to press, MySpace announced that all MySpace users have the option of making their profiles private.

Prior to this announcement, private profiles were available only to 14 and 15 year olds. As of this writing, the default settings for users who register as being 16 or older are likely to remain public, so it's still a good idea to customize the privacy settings to a level that's comfortable for you or your teen. A Moving Target MySpace changed its privacy options in late Junejust as this book went to press.

When we learned of the news, we contacted a company official, who stated the obvious: First, all users—not just 14 and 15 year olds—have the option to make their profiles private. Second, new restrictions have been imposed on how adults can contact users under Under the new rules, MySpace users who are 18 or older can no longer send a request to be on the friends list of a 14 or 15 year old unless the adult already knows the teen's full name or email address. Of course, all of these changes to MySpace's privacy options are based on "the honor system.

Key Parenting Point Setting a young person's profile so that it can be read by anyone younger than 18 on MySpace hides the profile from only those people who say they're 18 or older. Because there is no age-verification process, it's possible for adults to say they're under 18 and still view these profiles. Also, even a private profile can be searched. The full profile won't be displayed, but some basic information can be viewed. To view or make changes to your privacy settings, follow these steps: Scroll down to Privacy Settings, and select Change Settings.

To change certain settings, simply check the applicable check boxes and then click Change Settings Figure 3. This setting gives you a little more privacy by preventing people from adding you as a friend unless they know your email address or last name.

To add you, they have to know at least a little bit about you. Approve Comments Before Posting. By default, any of your MySpace friends can post comments to your profile page. Such comments can be embarrassing or could violate your privacy. Although you can delete them later, the comments will stay there until you do.

It's a smart idea to check this check box, because it gives you the power to approve comments before they're posted. The only downside is that friends who post comments have to wait a while before the world can see them.

But others can't post malicious or just stupid comments to your page. By default, other MySpace users can tell whether you're online. That can be handy if they want to send you an instant message, but you may not want to tell the world that you or your kids are sitting at a computer using MySpace at this very moment it's a pretty good clue that you're home, which you may not want others to know.

Selecting this check box hides that display. Show My Birthday to My Friends. This option checked by default tells your friends that it's time to send you a gift or at least a "Happy birthday" greeting.

It's relatively safe, but birthdays are one of many pieces of information that identity thieves use. If you turn this option off, you're preventing other users from emailing your photo to any MySpace user they choose. Not allowing pic forwarding gives you only a little more control of your picture—people with a little more tech know-how can still copy your photo and paste it wherever they want.

But even a little bit of control helps. Friend Only Blog Comments. By default, anyone can post to your blog. This option limits blog postings to friends only. As we discuss in "Blogging" in Chapter 4, a blog is separate from your basic profile; many MySpace users don't use blogs. Block Friend Request from Bands. As we said earlier, music is the soul of MySpace, and it's set up for bands and fans to connect, which is why a lot of people like to include bands as their "friends.

Even if you block these requests, you can still initiate contact with bands and add them as your friends.