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high school drill meet

The 2nd Annual Cougar Nation Classic Drill Competition will be held on Saturday, 3 March at Cooper High School in Abilene, Texas. All the necessary. This years Drill Meet will be held on April, All information and entry forms will be published at a later date. Caprock High School. E. 34th Ave. Rider High School. One Family. One Team. Address Cypress Wichita Falls, TX P:() F: vimeo linked in twitter flickr google + facebook.

Drill team

As the title suggests, color guards of all abilities compete together in this patriotic display of color guard excellence. Literally scores and scores of amazing performances are seen by the thousands of spectators at all levels of competition in all corners of the building during the 2-day Masters Level event! This event generally features post high school, professional drillers competing for prize money in both the solo exhibition arena, as well as the "Special" Category for groups of competitors.

This one-day competition will have schools competing in arduous team tasks to best test their strength, strategy, stamina and overall fitness! We expect to have several schools competing in both the drill part of the Nationals as well as the Fitness competition and the schedules will allow for just that!

high school drill meet

Check the website for details on how your school can enter this exciting competition. Click the logo above for information! The final competition day of the Nationals Weekend event continues the Masters Level competition for all teams on Sunday.

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These events also have "stand alone" entries of cadets who have sometimes traveled thousands of miles to compete against the "best of the best"! When these competitions maintain over 40 entries, pool play is used with the top finishers going head to head in a final medal round event.

high school drill meet

Day 3 of the Nationals remains. Those looking to learn more details on how they can individually attend these events should go here. This extravaganza features the finest trophies available in athletics at any level. It has to be experienced to understand the special nature and glorification of all things military this night maintains. Hundreds of instructors every year make this the focal point of their season. This all-service competition takes place every year in Daytona Beach, Florida and brings together schools and cadets of all ability levels but all share the passion for military drill.

It remains a privilege and a pleasure to be associated with this exciting, uplifting military competition. As these items change, please review the Weekend Schedule to best see what is happening when.

Many drill meets differ regarding what events are offered and what divisions of competition are presented. Drill meets generally include both an armed and unarmed divisions. Events offered generally include several different phases: Each team goes through a standard military inspection for an up-close critique of their bearing, knowledge and overall appearance.

high school drill meet

A fixed list of verbal commands, armed or unarmed from a service's drill and ceremonies manual see also Military paradegiven by a single cadet commander. This cadet commander must memorize these commands at most every meet and the team must perform these movements as per regulations.

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XD is based in RD, but is then infused with a Driller's imagination. XD has different categories: The military color guard is not to be confused with a marching band's color guard see Color guard flag spinning for more informationalthough music-related color guards have their roots in the military version.

Weapons[ edit ] Each of the above phases can be marched by an armed with a military swordsaberor rifle or unarmed team. Many drill meets allow the use of a sword in the unarmed division, but never a rifle of any kind.

high school drill meet

All drill teams can march a guidon. Armed teams usually use a demilitarized version of the rifle or a facsimile, which may be light-weight for spinning such as for marching show band use. Unarmed teams concentrate on varied body and arm movements with intricate steps. Armed teams then add manipulation of the equipment, known as " manual of arms " in regulation drill events. Judging[ edit ] The current system used almost all military drill competitions includes multiple military judges each looking at the unit as a whole while they are competing at differing angles.

These judges then grade every aspect of the performance on their own score sheets. This grading is based strictly on the military drill manuals in use for the meet i.

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Most meets using this system have a "Judge's Notes" section where judges are either encouraged or required depending on the meet to write some candid notes for the team to utilize to interpret the numerical scores delivered on the score sheets. The team was called the "Flaming Flashes", and they performed at every football game halftime. Crawford is equally noted with Gussie Nell Davis as having started the "drill team" concept, but it was Crawford who later started the national dance competition industry.

Inthe president of Kilgore CollegeDean B. Masters was not quite sure what he wanted, but he knew he did not want a traditional drum and bugle corps. He wanted something new, something that did not yet exist, and left the decisions up to Miss Davis. The Rangerettes almost immediately became the gold standard for all teams, both high school and college, and almost all Texas drill teams now consist of a line of performers with the officers in front of the team leading them in at every game.

There are over a thousand high school drill teams in the state of Texas today with over 30, students participating every year. The traditional uniform for these teams usually consists of a white hat with white boots.

The officers of the teams also typically wear an all white uniform, while the line members wear school colors. Teams perform visual routines at football games, both in the stands during the game, and on the field at halftime.

During the spring, teams often perform at basketball game halftimes, and compete in many different dance styles at competitions sponsored by dance and drill team companies. Traditionally, Texas high school drill teams have been all female, but males have auditioned and been selected to teams in recent years. California[ edit ] The first dance-drill teams in California were school affiliated. Teams in California now typically identify as either a pep squad, drill team, dance team, dance-drill team, or dance company.

After moving from Texas to California following her collegiate studies, drill team founder Dr. Kay Teer Crawford eventually started the world's first national precision dance-drill team competition in InCrawford also created the world's first international dance competition: Miss Dance Drill Team International.

National dance competition and world championships are now held annually in Southern California.