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Usa Gymnastics Meet Scores. Find USA Gymnastics meet scores and results. Find individual gymnasts. Find gymnastics teams. Find gymnastics events and. WWE Royal Rumble served as Roman Reigns' steepest mountain, and he fell off the side of it. His odyssey ended in heartbreak that. · · · · · · Rock Hill, SC USA Gymnastics Level 9 Western ChampionshipsMeet Complete PA USAG Level 3 East State Meet Meet Complete Rumble In The JungleMeet Complete 13th Royal At RegalMeet Complete.

After the match, Stratus overheard Jericho talking to then-heel, Christianwho was involved in an on-screen romance with Lita at the time, about who could sleep with their respective woman first.

Christian would also briefly turn face once again, but only revealed to be a hoax as he would attack and defeat her in a match ordered by Eric Bischoff. This would start a feud between Christian and Jericho, who was defending Stratus. Stratus claimed her reasons for siding with Christian were that he was a "real man", and Jericho was a "love sick puppy". A new angle was then developed between Stratus and Raw Diva Search winner Christy Hemme over jealousy of Hemme's Playboy magazine exposure, with Stratus attacking Hemme and spray painting the word "slut" across her back.

The next week, after losing a tag team match, Stratus was chased around the arena by Lita's storyline husband, Kanenarrowly escaping. The week after, Stratus almost got chokeslammed onto the stage, but Viscera saved her. Stratus would then form a short-lived alliance with Viscera, who was ordered to protect her.

Storyline with Mickie James and 'semi' retirement — [ edit ] Trish Stratus at the Tribute to the Troops event In MayStratus was sidelined with the Women's Championship after suffering a herniated discwith the storyline explanation that Viscera had injured her at Backlash after she insulted him for losing to Kane. During a rematch at BacklashStratus suffered a legitimate dislocated shoulder after taking a bump to the outside of the ring.

Stratus would go on to lose the match, thus finally ending their nine-month long storyline. On the same night, she started a romantic angle with Carlito after he saved her from a double team attack by Melina and Johnny Nitro. Stratus' last match on Raw occurred on September 11, where she defeated former rival Mickie James.

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The title was vacated soon after. The following year, on July 23,she made a guest appearance on Raw's th episode. Women's Evolution, discussing the history of the women back in her era known as the Attitude Era and also her rivalry with Lita.

Stratus entered in the final spot, number 30, and scored three eliminations, over Nia JaxMickie James and Natalya. For the Royal Rumble match, Scherer noted that the booking of the match failed to help Roman Reigns, writing that " Vince thought he booked [the Rumble] for the people to cheer for Reigns", but that "the Orlando crowd made Triple H the "face".

Scherer added that he was not surprised at Triple H's entry and win of the main event.

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James Montgomery of Rolling Stone wrote that "the Royal Rumble was an entertaining show, paced by the battle royal and bolstered by its undercard". He described the opening match as "a thoroughly entertaining I. He described the United States Championship bout as "a hard-hitting match that featured a great false finish", and expressed his desire for Kalisto to have an extended run with the championship. For the Royal Rumble match, Montgomery wrote that it was a "pretty good Rumble.

Storylines began and advanced. However, he expressed disappointment at the use of Brock Lesnar in the match and added that "Triple H's victory at the Royal Rumble will no doubt cool some folks' reactions to the event as a whole". Just a non-stop battle capturing the story of this feud" and rating it as 4 and a quarter stars out of five. Caldwell rated the tag-team title match at 2 and a quarter stars out of five, describing it as "an up-and-down match with the main issue of no reason to view New Day as heels".

He gave the United States Championship match 2 and three-quarters out of 5, calling it as a "solid, unspectacular singles match", and wrote that the Divas Championship match "was more of a bridge to what was next" in reference to the appearance of Sasha Banks. Caldwell gave the Rumble main event 3 and three-quarters out of 5, commenting that there were "overall, too many downpoints for this year's Rumble hurting some up-points".

He wrote that "the Rumble started really well, got ridiculous in the middle with the now-annual compromise of the Rumble, and ended with the crowd not sure what to do with the players in the mix outside of Ambrose".

The Rumble match was described as "very fun" and the best since Pruett raised questions over the booking of Roman Reigns, noting that he "failed to truly be heroic" twice at the event. In comparison, Pruett felt that Triple H came across as "the conquering hero" and "avenging party" in the storyline against Reigns. Regarding Dean Ambrose, Pruett felt he "was presented as more of a star on this show than he has been in a long time", commenting that "unlike Roman Reigns, who walked away, Ambrose fought hard and still kept fighting to the end".

He described the opening match between Ambrose and Owens as "insane". Pruett wrote that the re-debuting AJ Styles "instantly seemed like he fit on the roster", but noted that he was "not presented in the upper echelon of WWE". For other matches, Pruett called Kalisto's win "a major surprise"; while lamenting that "the lines of the WWE women's division were blurred once again" as to who fans should support between Sasha Banks and Charlotte after their post-match antics.

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John Powell of Slam! Wrestling rated the show 6 out of 10, expressing his disappointment in the outcome of the main event match which he felt represented WWE "going out of their way to frustrate fans and keep their product in a continued state of uninspired monotony". Powell rated the Rumble match 6 out of 10, claiming that it "had its moments here and there" but also noting inconsistencies with the past 28 Rumbles, such as allowing Roman Reigns to rejoin after "missing the majority of the match".

The Intercontinental title match was the best rated on the show at 8. The tag title match was called "standard, hum-drum" and rated 5 out of 10; the United States title match was "a classic David versus Goliath encounter", rated 6 out of 10, and the women's title match was described as "unexceptional" with a poor ending, rated 3 out of The pre-show match was also rated 3 out of 10, described as a "snorefest" and a "mess".

Lastly, Powell described AJ Styles' re-debut as "one of the highlights of the night", and noted the positive crowd responses to Becky Lynch and Damien Sandow.