Himig ng pasko breezy boyz meet

Pinoy Transplant in Iowa

himig ng pasko breezy boyz meet

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Chickadee, chickadee fly away.

himig ng pasko breezy boyz meet

My friends gave me a simple Despedida party when I left the Philippines. I sorely miss all of those friends. When you are the one leaving, the emotions are mixed. You are sad to leave a place that became your home and friends that your life have been entwined with, and yet also happy and excited to move to a new place, meet new people, and meet new challenges that awaits you.

When you are the one being left behind, the emotion is pure sadness. Just real unadulterated sadness.

himig ng pasko breezy boyz meet

So this is how it feels to be left behind. A couple of years ago, one Filipino here in Iowa that we became friends with, moved away to another place. Even though we have only a few Filipino families here, we have a close-knit bond. Of course we hosted a Despedida party for her when she left. Boy, that song brought a lot of memories. It also brought tears to our eyes when we sang it, for many other reasons. Singing it out of tune is not one of them. Who like farewells anyway?

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himig ng pasko breezy boyz meet

I got many presents from Santa besides as many from relatives. Christmaswas credibly my dearie holiday of the category, to me it meant that if I was good enough Santa would found me presents. In my class when you go from childhood to matureness it becomes a big deal.

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himig ng pasko breezy boyz meet

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