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Ho Kien Pan Mee @ SS19, Subang Jaya. Le hubby and I have a tendency to run errands whenever we have days off. Today, we had to drop by. Ho Kien Pan Mee, Restoran Lian Heng @ Subang Jaya. 0. 0.

I went up to the stall and was surprised to see it manned by a fairly young chap. My impression was that this great pan mee was cooked by a tough, seasoned old shi fu since this stall has been around for years and years.

Best Pan Mee in Subang Jaya

Anyway, he gave me a number on a piece of cardboard, which could either be 08 or 80, and told me to go sit down and he will come by to take our orders later. Le hubby and I were quite lucky that day because we managed to find a table under a fan. The coffee shop was full at that time.

And so we waited I looked around at the other occupied tables and started to feel a sense of apprehension because the majority of them have not been served yet.

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The guy was bringing bowls to one table and then moving to another table to take the orders. He would go back to the stall, prepare the order and help serve and cook. I think there was one main cook another young fellow and 2 helpers. This went on for many rounds before it came to our turn. More than 40 minutes had passed when he finally took our orders. He gave us a pair of chopsticks and two little bowls containing a green chili condiment. I suppose this is a signal that our table shall be served with pan mee soon.

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After 10 minutes from the time our order was taken, our pan mee arrived, steaming hot and quite delicious looking. There was a generous heaping of deep-fried ikan bilis and minced pork at the top.

I had asked for extra daun manis sweet green leaves and I suppose they do not skimp on ingredients. This style of pan mee is what I would call mee hoon kuey in Hokkien. The texture of the pan mee was quite lovely. It was smooth and yet had a slight chewiness to it. Hoi Kee Pan Mee Segambut Tucked away at a very old kopitiam, this Pan Mee stall has been around for more than 30 years, almost as old as the coffee shop itself. Their Pan Mee is served with pork, minced meat, ikan bilis, vegetable and fried fu chok without adding any mushroom.

The soup boiled with ikan bilis is clear yet flavorful and rich in taste. They offer both hand tear and thick noodles.

If you are a big fan of Soup Pan Mee, remember to top up 50 sen for additional ingredients, including lots of mushrooms, sliced pork, minced meat, fried ikan bilis and potato leaves. The soup is a little on the oily side, but very fragrant, as lots of fried garlic and shallots are added to the soup.

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Many regulars come here for their Soup and Dry Pan Mee. The Soup Pan Mee is delicious with soft noodles and clear soup that is not too oily or salty. If you are a pork lover, can also try their special Pork Meat Pan Mee served with a variety of pork meats and innards.

Also worth trying is their signature White Coffee with Cincau. Lin Chin Serdang Located beside the church in Serdang New Village, Lin Chin is a Pan Mee stall that is famed for their colorful Pan Mee with five different colors, including white originalgreen spinachyellow pumpkinpurple sweet potato and orange capsicum.

The colors of the noodles are natural, as they are made of original and natural ingredients. Visit here to enjoy your favorite Pan Mee with a colorful twist! The business here is so good that the owner has to prepare several bowls of noodles at the same time using a very huge pot. For those who have a huge appetite, can order their extra-large Pan Mee, which is four times as big as their normal Pan Mee!

When cooked, the noodles become very soft and smooth. It normally takes about 15 minutes for the noodles to arrive, as the special round noodles require more time to cook.

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When making the noodles, the dough are made into thin layers and cut into strips with a knife to make the noodle soft and fluffy when cooked. Their Soup Pan Mee is topped with lots of sliced mushroom and fried shallot without adding any fried ikan bilis. Remember to add an extra egg to make the soup more creamy and flavorful.