How can meet a nascar driver

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how can meet a nascar driver

We all hear the stories about lengths NASCAR fans will go to get their favorite drivers’ autographs. It can be a mad house during race weekend while thousands of other fans are at the race track. The best place to catch drivers for an autograph or picture is an the garage area. 5 days ago This page is for driver/NASCAR personalities/team appearances and special fan events. It is UNOFFICIAL. This page is designed to give fans a. No, I can't guarantee you will meet your favorite NASCAR driver but if you mark a few dates on your calendar and can get away to Charlotte for.

Among the chaos, there are techniques that can be used to get a once in a lifetime opportunity with your favorite driver. After my experiences of being in the infield over the past few years, here are five tips I have learned on how you can meet your favorite driver.

The only way to run into drivers in the garage is with a garage pass.

how can meet a nascar driver

A garage pass gives you access to walk around the garage area and watch teams work on the cars right in the middle of it all. People can also check out the haulers and see the inspection process. A Hot Pass allows people to remain in the garage all through the entire race weekend.

A Cold Pass will only allow you in the garage area during certain hours. Hot Passes can be hard to come by. Most often it takes knowing someone in the industry who can get Hot Passes but you never know unless you ask.

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Fans will only get a few seconds with their favorite driver. You do not want to miss your small window of opportunity because you got antsy.


Find a place to stake out and wait it out there. Take in everything else around you while you wait. Be Aggressive When you finally spot your favorite drivers walking in the garage area, make your way towards them.

Your first move should be to start walking beside them, and walk with them. Do not forget to be courteous and they will be happy talking to you as long as they don't have pressing matters that they are currently attending to. You should ask them if they require a specific minimum age as many tracks normally have age limits which are lower than the driving age of the state you are in.

Driver Appearances

If you have a kid that you want to be a great NASCAR driver one day but is still too young, they may gladly direct you to any local kart association. This is the best way of getting started for kids that are too young to drive the race cars.

Sacrifice and hard work Don't expect any freebies to be provided though since you should always play a role in your ability of catching a break. It is also important to work hard and practice more often.

how can meet a nascar driver

If you seem to have some luck and a natural skill, all you require is to harness the skill. The money is also important; just think of it as an investment. Factors to consider The first factor to consider is your physical capability.

how can meet a nascar driver

Drivers are normally slim and toned and these kinds of race drivers have the greatest advantage over the drivers that are heavily built. When it comes to car racing, the weight of the car driver together with the vehicle determines whether or not one can manage to make a left turn on the oval racetrack. You should to know that a race driver would not be successful without the sponsors.

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This is where the education comes in. You will require all possible advantages for you to correctly represent your sponsor. Having a sufficient education can give you the ability and charisma to talk well in front of cameras.