How did alan doyle meet russell crowe

Fandom An Unexpected Journey: Russell Crowe, Alan Doyle And ‘The Musical' AlbumPart Five.

how did alan doyle meet russell crowe

Alan Thomas Doyle CM (born ) is a Canadian musician and actor, best known as the lead It is also there that he met Séan McCann, Bob Hallett and Darrell Power with whom he formed Great Big Sea. Doyle has been linked to Russell Crowe and his bands 30 Odd Foot of Grunts and The Ordinary Fear of God. Great Big Sea's Alan Doyle is rubbing elbows with celebrities at Cannes thanks to his musical connection with Robin Hood star Russell Crowe. Lead singer for Great Big Sea, actor (Robin Hood, Republic of Doyle) tireless promoter of Newfoundland Brenda: A few years back, yourself and your friend Russell Crowe played an impromptu gig at O'Reilly's How did you guys meet?.

And so too have the new and old fans who came from around the world including America, Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom to meet each other and share their love of music created by the Indoor Garden Party band. The social media official pages of the Indoor Garden Party band tell their stories of their adventures from the road and stage.

Alan Doyle

The fans who attended the concerts have flooded social media sites with their short videos, photographs, thoughts and words of love and appreciation for the music and musicians. Some fans are only just beginning to share their stories.

how did alan doyle meet russell crowe

The fans seem to have nothing but positive things to say. They were truly awesome and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Due to the huge amount of material that has been generated by the musicians, artists and fans I have decided to limit the posts.

The first post evolves around the assembling of the cast in a country cottage outside of London, the rehearsals and some public appearances prior to the concerts. The article is titled "Russell Crowe: The Gladiator star on taking a stab at music" by Duncan Seaman was published on the 5 August, I have cut and pasted pieces from the interview with official posts from the Indoor Garden Party band members on assembling together and rehearsals due to copyright reasons.

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We all gathered and made for a great night on stage and in the audience too, I think. Have I forgotten anyone?

how did alan doyle meet russell crowe

Oh yeah, Sting played too. Can you play it? Often, and lucky for me, I am asked to do things I have no history or experience doing. And I certainly did, but I was buoyed by the fact that I honestly am not supposed to know how to do those things.

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You see, I AM supposed to know how to do those things. I have been playing guitar and singing professionally for pretty close to thirty years. I should be way better at both of those things. And I am not being falsely modest here.

I can sing in tune in my own way, and I can play rhythm guitar modestly well, but I am not a hired gun axeman or vocalist by any stretch. And most times that suits me just fine, as it is my own thing and thankfully some folks enjoy it.

As many of you know, show up he did, and me and Scotty brazenly launched into it, again, trying to look muso cool, like this was no big deal. Pretty sure I can speak for Scotty when I say I can remember no time on stage when I wanted to play some thing right.

I confess that normally occupies little of my attention. I think it went well.

how did alan doyle meet russell crowe

The crowd loved it and Sting seemed as delighted to get to play with new people as we were to accompany him. It happened really quicky, and all that I am about to describe happen in a sec or two. I recall getting a pretty girl who shall remain nameless, to agree to dance with me to this song.

The song ended before I managed to get a smooch, but I remember it being the soundtrack to a lesson in courtship and a beautiful memory of my young life in my little fishing town with a population of or so. And now here I am in the Greatest City on Earth playing with the singer and composer of this song, and is he asking me if the bridge comes next?