How did kevin sorbo meet sam jenkins

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how did kevin sorbo meet sam jenkins

Join me as I speak with Kevin Sorbo, actor in Hercules: The In real life, Kevin's heart is as big as Hercules'– he leads “A World Fit for Kids! In , Kevin married lovely actress Sam Jenkins, best known for her dual role on . and I got to go up front and met him very quickly but I was talking with one of. She married Kevin Sorbo on January 5, and they have three children: Braeden, Sam and Kevin homeschooled all of their children, and Sam has written a book on the She and Kevin met for the first time while working that episode. Kevin Sorbo played the muscle man of the title in TV's The His acting career , finely tuned physique and personal life were at all-time highs. He was engaged to his gorgeous Hercules guest-star, Sam (Sandra) Jenkins. the big screen with movie roles in Soul Surfer, Meet The Spartans and What If.

When he was 13 years old he went to a Billy Graham crusade and responded to the altar call. And I just always remembered it. I remember in the back yard playing and running around and pretending even by myself, that I was slaying dragons and all this kind of stuff. But secretly he wanted to be an actor. Eventually, he moved to Hollywood.

After being turned down for the lead in two TV series he landed the huge break out role as Hercules which filmed in New Zealand. His 18 hour a day schedule included a grueling workout to keep him in shape. Kevin prided himself in doing most of his own stunts. I had an amazing stunt team that made me look like I knew what I was doing. I was intensely attracted to him right away. I rarely forget my lines. Kevin was on top of the world. He was engaged to the woman of his dreams.

Hercules had become the most watched TV show on the planet. He was promoting his first motion picture, and he was being groomed to become the next action hero. Then his life took a radical turn. I was getting these pains, it was driving me nuts. There was numbness in here. These three fingers were getting colder and colder by the week. When Kevin left the office everything went haywire.

I feel like fingers jabbing in there. I feel this and my vision is all over the place. I love the way you write by the way, that it was as if an 8. The buzzing, the vibration, the humming that was going on. As you look back from the Lutheran Church and from the Billy Graham Crusade, what are some other things, that you started growing spiritually?

God used either people, or books, or maybe experiences, moving in your life? Well fast forward from the Hercules years, at the end of Season five, like I said I was living in New Zealand during that time, I was flying back to America to do promotional work on a movie that I had done a year earlier and I was about to do another action movie for Universal Studios.

I had blown it off because I was lifting heavy two hours a day on top of fourteen hours on the set. I was doing most of my own stunts; I loved doing it; it was fun; and the athlete in me still wanted to do all these fights with all these great stunt guys I had. I came back and the shoulder had been bugging me so bad, that I went to see my doctor here in Los Angeles. I think I want to do a biopsy on that. You can crack anything in my body, leave my neck alone.

I could be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life, and incapacitated, but I spent the next four months as a guy playing the strongest man in the world on a TV series; a guy in his thirties in better shape than most guys in their twenties; learning how to walk again and balance myself again; I still have a ten percent loss of vision in both eyes.

I went back to New Zealand after four months of rehab and had to drop out of the movie I was in obviously. I went from a fourteen hour work day to one hour a day the first month, then two hours the second month, three the third. I had to slowly work my way back up to a schedule where they could have me more on a show. I just kept going to the rehab and therapy I needed to to get better.

It took me three full years to feel a hundred percent. I wrote a book. I hope your listeners go get it. They can go to Truestrengthbook. That voice in my head was God. I know it was God. I went through all the stages people go through when horrible things happen to them. I had a career that was going pretty strong.

Oh, trust me, I got depressed; I suffered vertigo; I had this sensation I was falling backwards, twenty four hours a day.

Kevin Sorbo Displays the Strength of ‘Hercules’

For about a year and a half, no matter if I was standing, sitting or laying down. This stuff just drove me crazy. I love life and a very strong willed person. I railed against God; I railed against everybody; I do what most people, especially what most people do in our country today.

I think we knew we had something good. The script was great; the cast was wonderful, the crew; all the pieces were there and the director, Harold Cronk,is a friend and he came in and did such a great job with this wonderful script and all the actors came in prepared. We knew we had something interesting here, because it was a different sort of faith based movie. It was a movie that dealt with a scientific viewpoint of atheists and a scientific viewpoint of Christians and why we know God does exist.

You have both sides of the argument going on there but you have five stories going on that movie, they all meet at the end; sort of like a faith based crash movie. Well the darn thing made sixty two million in the box office and it was all word of mouth.

Kevin and Sam Sorbo support Gosnell Movie

It was people out there letting the industry know that they want more movies like this. One of the youtubes I saw was a Newsmax reporter and it was an unfortunate interview, but I love the statement that you made toward the end of it: The country is going under. We are getting worse and worse and everything is ok according to half the population of this country.

Not everything is ok. Of course, not all Muslims are bad. Where is the news media covering that?

Sam Sorbo talks hubby Kevin Sorbo & True Strength: He truly is my hero | Sorbo Writer's Blog

I wish someone would explain to me why our mainstream media protects these people. These mainstream media guys have no clue that these Taliban guys, these hardcore Islamic terrorists, would cut their heads off in a heartbeat.

how did kevin sorbo meet sam jenkins

Everything is backwards right now. Everything that they try to do and say to do is the right thing to do is the opposite of what they should be doing. They deal with emotion, they deal with anger; they deal with hatred and they deal with these negative entities that are just so damaging.

You can see it in the products that comes out of Hollywood; you can see it in the product that comes on television sets.

how did kevin sorbo meet sam jenkins

This country is going downhill. For atheists to have a larger voice, being the smallest minority in the country, larger than the majority of people in this country who believe in God, you know taking down the Nativity Scenes because it offends them. Please explain that to me. But it might be offensive, see. It might be offensive. So how does Kevin Sorbo deal with this internally?

So how does Kevin deal with this in his heart and soul? Business is business, I get it! We all want to be able to have a home and feed our families and all that kind of stuff so I get it.

But at the same time, if you want more movies like this than they have to go out and support it opening weekend and show that you believe in the movies and want to make them work. This coming fall,you have a film coming out that was made in part in Cottonwood, Franklin, Tennessee, The Secret Handshake?

Wonderful movie, Howie Claus wrote it and directed it; Howie did a great job. I hope we get this thing out there soon. It was a wonderful experience. When you look at your bride and your kids, Kevin, what do you pray for them?

You know we get the governments we deserve.

how did kevin sorbo meet sam jenkins

You want this country going back to what it once was, being productive and being the leader of the world, then do that. You want Russia to pick up that mantle, China? So, what other projects do you have coming out Kevin?

Revelation is in the title for a reason. I hope people check that out and check out the first two as well and they can check out the third part when it comes out soon this fall. I would love people to follow me. So I hope people check it out. I post a lot of interesting things that make you think and hopefully make you laugh and make you have conversations.

Kevin, when you not only meet young actors or let me say men and women who want to get into acting, they want to have a career, what counsel would you give them as people of faith? Everyone is afraid to make a decision out here.