How did zack meet gormogon

Bring Back Zack Addy to "Bones"

how did zack meet gormogon

Did you know that Eric Millegan was the first actor to be cast for the pilot of the hit TV Originally, Dr. Zack Addy was set to be the next victim of Gormogon the LA for a meeting with Executive Producers Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan. Did we ever find out who Zack was the apprentice of? Who is Gormogon? Last I heard they found the other apprentices body under the tree and. Dr. Zackary Uriah "Zack" Addy is a professional forensic anthropologist who worked for McKinley Psychiatric Hospital for his part in Gormogon's crimes; eight years later Zack Though it did not appear so, this fact becomes evident in a scene with . His attempts to use such expressions meet with mixed success, such as.

One of these tapestries included the imagery of the wolf, a symbol of freedom and power, which reflected in the killer's dentures, which were made exclusively with real canine teeth only canines being symbolic of the wolf. The key feature of the vault is a silver skeleton arranged in a "widow's son" pose, a position known to the ancient Greeks as one of sacrifice. The vault also yields a tapestry whose pattern corresponds to specific locations in Washington, D.

The map provides a schematic for the Gormogon's activities, including the atomic location of the sculpture and of another, older sculpture and the residence of the Gormogon's old master, and the order of archetypes which are being integrated, via their bones, into the sculpture. Inspiration[ edit ] The Gormogons were an anti- Masonic order of the 18th century. They are mentioned in scattered writings of the era, and accusations of association with them may have been used as a political weapon, as the very existence of the order involved a rejection of Masonic ideas.

Hodgins' and Sweets' understanding of typical practices among orders, such as the master-apprentice relationship, ritualistic meals, and sacred geometry inform the ongoing investigation of the murders. Known victims[ edit ] Two skeleton sculptures have been found, one of which was constructed by Arthur Graves and the current Gormogon, the other by Jason Harkness and the current Gormogon. The former was completely made of bone, while the latter was still mostly silver. Not all the victims have yet been identified, but at least one bone in each sculpture was added for its significance to its owner.

The three victims named below all lost their fathers at young ages, making them "widows' sons" and thus doubly symbolic as a sacrifice to the Gormogon. They were all involved with a trip to the Anatolian region of Turkeyand associated with the Knights of Columbus. Gavin Nichols, a violinist.

Brennan it is good to see you again, you and I, we have so much to talk about. Zack has taken Brennan to the basement of the Jeffersonian inside the Gormogon vault that was constructed there in Season 3however he does this with the intention of protecting her from The Puppeteer and to reveal the truth about himself.

Booth captures Zack and he is taken into custody. It is revealed that after the death of Lance Sweets, Zack harmed himself resulting in a large scar on his forehead and minor brain damage that sometimes causes black-outs. After being allowed to consult the evidence files of the Puppeteer case with Brennan, he concludes that he is guilty of the crimes having committed them while blacked out and wishes to return to the mental institution that is his home.

In a surprise turn of events, the team at the Jeffersonian find out that it is Zack's doctor from the institution, Dr Mihir Roshan, that has been committing the murders and arranging the skeleton marionettes.

Dr Roshan intended to poison Zack, however Zack overpowered him but was unable to find the strength of will to kill him.

How did gormogon get zack to be his apprentice?

Booth shoots Roshan, and Zack survives. After Zack incurs these events, he concludes he could not have committed murder under the order of Gormogon, and confesses his innocence to Brennan and Booth. This convinces them to re-examine the evidence, and the episode ends with the idea that Zack may become free of the institution in the future.

After Hodgins tells her to just throw it away then, Cam can't bring herself to do so and goes through the evidence Hodgins presented to her. In "The Steal in the Wheels", the Jeffersonian team is able to locate the body of the Gormogon's former apprentice, the true killer and match blood on it to the lobbyist Zack supposedly killed.

In "The Day in the Life", Zack goes before a judge for his appeal. Based on this new evidence, Zack is exonerated of the murder charge but not of aiding a known killer. As a result, he will have to finish the remaining thirteen months on his sentence for that charge before he is released. While Brennan is sorry they couldn't get him released, Zack accepts this as thirteen months is nothing compared to the life sentence he was facing before.

Characterization[ edit ] Despite his intelligence, Zack is unsure of himself and though he has come up with crucial insights vital to some of the team's cases, he is unable to forcefully express his opinion to Dr. This may be due to romantic feelings toward her. When he discovered Temperance's own Forensic Anthropology professor had become her lover, Zack repeatedly wondered aloud whether he might enter into a similar relationship with Dr. He was quickly disabused of the notion by his colleagues.

Other characters, especially Booth and Hodgins, were often annoyed or turned off by his lack of social skills. Hodgins once called him a "dull Vulcan " in exasperation.

how did zack meet gormogon

Zack has no problem making inappropriate comments about others' personal lives, and has asked Agent Booth for advice on sex and women, requests which Booth characteristically ignored; and at one point threatened to "take out [his] gun and shoot [Zack] between the eyes" if he continued to ask him those questions. Angela answered his question once, on one occasion even recommending him to "reap the benefits of [her] sexual wisdom"and Hodgins gave him a pocket -sized Kama Sutra to help him out, revealed in the season three finale "The Pain in the Heart".

Very little is known about his childhood. In "The Wannabe in the Weeds" episode from the third season, it was discovered Zack was in singing classes during his childhood as a way for his parents to help integrate him socially. Though it did not appear to work, he demonstrates his talent when Hodgins doubted him. He has fond memories of receiving his first microscope "The Girl with the Curl"and when he was six, he had a pirate eyepatch, "The Man with the Bone". He said he used to play horses as a child and has a Michael Jackson glove.

how did zack meet gormogon

It is also known he attended a private high school " A Boy in the Tree ". His interests include model airplanes "The Killer in the Concrete"watching basketball "The Soldier on the Grave"and science fiction: He does not dance, because he's been told he "looks like a marionette in a windstorm" The Man in the Wall.

Although well-meaning, helpful, and friendly, when a situation calls for social interaction or intuition, he is often lost. Further evidence of his social ineptitude can be seen in the frequent, on-screen coaching in social matters he gets from Jack and Angela. He is very literal - mindedand is often confused by colloquial expressions or metaphordespite his high intelligence.

His attempts to use such expressions meet with mixed success, such as referring to a skull he'd cleaned as being "clean enough to eat off of" " Two Bodies in the Lab ". Brennan while looking for "Icepick" at a model airplane enthusiasts gathering.

Unaware of Zack's interest in planes, Booth comments every "airplane freak" in the area was at the event, and Zack corrects him by saying the enthusiasts prefer to be called " pilots. As seen in the episode " The Man in the Fallout Shelter " Zack has a large family and greatly values them, remarking the true meaning of Christmas is "Brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews; 40 people who love you and are happy to see you.

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Brennan he uses his vacation time to visit his family. The fact that he could be a killer makes them mad. Zack desperately wanted a purpose. He needed to find his own purpose. Zack was not there for that but it was a hint if a connection. On re-watching the Gormogon episodes this past Sunday that scene was my first hint that Zack was the apprentice. His sole quirks and markers were the result of his rational brain. His hobbies and loves all had rational backing.

Calculated to win friends. King of the Lab? He played it because Hodgins did. Being correct in his science was all Zack needed. Most of the people around Zack had someone, in the end. Hodgins and Angela had each other.

And more and more Brennan, his scientific mentor and mother figure, had Booth. Cam was becoming his new mother figure but it seemed to be too little, too late.