How guys flirt josh

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how guys flirt josh

Josh: One day the sidemen and you go to a cafe downtown at a convention. A guy walks up to you and immediately started hitting on you. Obviously, you were . Josh Radnor, Ellen Pompeo, Grey's Anatomy Pompeo herself has said that it's tough to find the right guy to join the show permanently. from another hospital, and has been flirting a bit with DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti). more guys acknowledged me by holding doors, saying, 'hi', flirting, smiling, Josh met me at the Biology door, looking remarkably cute in a gray football tshirt.

This is going to be a good one. I can't wait to hear. So, we're talking about flirting today, Chuck. From what I understand, flirting is technically considered a language especially by evolutionary psychologists, behavioral psychologists, anthropologists, basically anybody with an ist at the end, gist especially, considers it - it's a type of language; it's body language, but it's language none the less.

How Guys Flirt Josh Lucas

And it's been pretty important to our survival as a species. Basically, what flirting is, whether it's me giving you a bad pickup line or rubbing your knee as I am right now - Chuck Bryant: Right, is that you? Did you think it was Jerry, our producer? No, I thought we had a troll under the table here. No, it was me. What did you think? So, whether it's rubbing your knee or trying to pick you up with a bad line, basically, what I'm doing is I'm sizing you up and letting you size me up to figure out how well we could reproduce.

And the reason it's so important for the evolution of the human race and actually just about every other animal race out there or species out there is - we can figure out whether or not the reproduction will work before actually having sex. So, essentially, without flirting, either nothing would happen ever, right, or everything would happen all the time and there would be six trillion people on the planet which would wobble sickenly under the weight, pretty much.

So, we would've died out or there'd just be too many of us, and either way, we'd be screwed. So, flirting is a way of kind of leading up to the sex part and keeping us from jumping in bed with every single person to see if it works. Well, thank God for that. Flirting is kind of fun, isn't it?

how guys flirt josh

I'm a world-class flirt. You always rein it in when I'm around. You never let that light shine on the Josh. On The Josh, I like that. You want to talk a little bit about some of the flirting signs, like, some of the physical quques? I think you should. Using your name a lot in a conversation, which, I didn't realize that. That's a - Josh Clark: And it's actually kind of off-putting if it's not done very deftly.

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I could see that. Complimenting the other person, that obvious one. Asking about interest; touching an arm or knee. That's a big one.

Someone told me early on, a female friend of mine, that when a girls talking to you and she grabs your arm or your shoulder or something, that is a sign of all signs. Yeah, my sister when I was younger told me that if a girl ever looks at you more than once and you're not dressed like a total freak, she's interested. Right, like, if you don't have your - Josh Clark: She's open to checking you out basically. And guys, we're idiots, men are idiots so we need the females to tell us these things along the way otherwise I'd just think, why does that girl keep touching me on the arm.

Well, and we'll get to this again in a second, too. It's not entirely our fault. We'll talk about Proteus behavior. Well, we need to get to that quick then because that's interesting. Another one though is leaning in close to someone. Obviously, physical proximity and smiling!

The old classic smile. Which can be taken one way or another? So, let me talk about that Proteus behavior. Basically, what that is is it's a form of flirting that most women do where it's just on the threshold between normal behavior and flirting and it gives a woman plausible deniability in case her advances are rejected or she doesn't get the response she wants.

Or in case the guy turns out to be a dope. Kind of, yeah, but it's confusing - Chuck Bryant: Is it more a protective thing. No, I took it as - yeah, they're protecting themselves, like, if they're rejected. If the guy doesn't go, hey - Chuck Bryant: Put yourself out there and - right. She can easily reign it back in and - but if you aren't picking up on this quite right, if you're not aware of these prodien gestures, which is actually - it's named for Proteus, the Greek mythological figure who could shape shift very appropriately, it's very confusing.

And I consider myself a fairly smooth dude but I'm confused by this and actually, after I figured out that there is such a thing as prodien gestures it supported my general theory that women suck.

It was a big eye-opening experience. Well, I know men's flirtations are much more aggressive and - Josh Clark: Women do things like flip their hair or it says actually in the article, bat their eyelashes it seems, slightly dated to me to be honest but - Josh Clark: I guess they still do that though.

how guys flirt josh

Well, I haven't seen it in years so I have no idea. We'll have to keep an eye out for it. But, men, intense eye contact and aggressive gesturing.

How Guys Flirt

They're a little more intense with their flirting. Yes, that is true. Now, what's interesting about flirting is that it's such an animalistic behavior.

How guys flirt josh lucas

Number one, it's emotional behavior, it's not rational. We don't walk up to one another and say, I'd like to have sex with you. Shall we have sex? It's all very - it's very, again, smooth, if done right.

If not, it's painfully clumsy. Either way, it's driven by desire, which is an emotion and guess who makes an appearance, our old friend - Chuck Bryant: No, I mean, he's always in the backdrop somewhere.

how guys flirt josh

He's got his fingers in - Chuck Bryant: The fight or flight response. The sympathetic nervous system! So, basically, this very primeval part of the brain takes over when you see a woman or man that you would like to have sex with.

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Which controls the sympathetic nervous system? The - so, you see somebody, you're turned on and you engage in this flirtatious behavior but you're not thinking I'm going to puff my chest out, but you do anyway or women don't, you know, kind of swivel their hips a little bit to let the guy see, you know, that they're of a proper ratio from waist to hip.

Yeah, let's talk about that just briefly. That's pretty interesting, isn't it?

how guys flirt josh

Yeah, apparently, women will draw attention to their pelvis because it indicates whether or not they can carry a child and additionally, men are attracted to women with that ratio, the hip to waist ratio - the waist must be no more than 60 to 80 percent of the hip circumference. You want to know what's uncanny. They've done studies on women with those kind of ratios and they've found that the women who fall into that 60 to 80 percent - actually 70 - the ones who fall right in the middle, are the most fertile.

Yeah, so, there's actually a basis in it so when you see a curvaceous woman and you're turned on by her, you're basically responding to eons of collective memory of experience that's on this cellular level. It is baby and it's real strong. So, we know all this because people actually study it and there is a guy - all this studying started in the 70s I think.

Real serious study of flirting started in the 70s. There was a guy and as per usual, I'm going to butcher this person's name.

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Sounds good to me. And, Iranious, was a - I don't actually know. I imagine maybe some sort of psychologist, a sociologist possible.

how guys flirt josh

He came up with his own little camera that took a picture in a different direction than he was pointing it so he could get candid photos of people. And he trained this super cool camera on couples around the world who were engaged in flirting - Chuck Bryant: Without pointing the camera at them. So, they didn't think they were being photographed and they weren't paying it any attention to him and he started comparing these photos and he found a pattern actually and women generally tend to extend their necks, which is actually very comparable to female wolves in the wild that will turn over and submit to men.

Josh and Cher spar continually but without malice; she refers to him as "granola breath" and mocks his scruffy idealism, while he teases her for being selfish, vain, and superficial, and says that her only direction in life is "toward the mall.

It was a relentlessly difficult movie to make. I think the movie is actually fascinating, because here you have one of the great rogue, Republican male figures of heterosexuality, Clint Eastwood, making this weird little gay love story. And just not worry about whether anyone sees them or not. Right before the play was to open, Lucas was mugged and beaten on his way to the theater for dress rehearsal. InLucas was cast as the lead role in the independent comedy-drama, The Mend.

Brief stints in professional theater in Seattle followed before Lucas moved to Los Angeles. Lucas played the role of Judas as a gay predator. My understanding is that they found the child dead the day he had called Malick while working in a runaway shelter.

He took his first stab at comedy in The Definite Maybe, in which he played a recent college graduate who gets fired from his job and schemes with an old friend to purchase a house in the Hamptons. For me, it was a real artistic, psychological experience because I was trying to figure out what kind of mind could do this.

My grandmother was called a WASP. She embraces Josh and they kiss as the film closes. Then Don Haskins came to me and said, "Fuck those guys. I feel like that movie really stood the test of time, and all those memories are still close with me because they are some of my earliest ones. However, Bruce Greenwood was cast instead.

Lucas had never seen Riley act like this, she was attracting all the wrong attention from all the wrong guys.