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We are just at the main gate opposite #topgear stand., topgear means its time for a new meet the ltd edition Club Coupe http://t. co/KALSZt0w a car that Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg would struggle to get their heads round Escucho:estopa,extremoduro,la fuga,melendi,danimartin ,etc. Meet your USFAA student group leaders . Kim Hill USF Alumni Association Executive Director Bill McCausland, MBA '96 .. “You can use BCIs in a smart home to open and close doors with your brain. July 9, JOHN CHARLES MELENDI, Associate VP of the Health Science Center, Sept. A list of lyrics, artists and songs that contain the term "Bill Gates" - from the Melendi. ojitos verdes tus baqueritos rotos tus vestidos cortos de vida alegre.

But the initial language was fairly kind. Flash forward a few years, and there were more homeless people than could be contained in Skid Row. There started to be tent cities and encampments under freeway overpasses, homeless people in more affluent areas, more urgent pressure for funding and services to ameliorate homelessness.

And, sure as rain, new language began to creep into the public pronouncements: This reference adds murderous gangsters to the images of lice and rats. Once you define a group of people with language like this, you have laid the groundwork to incarcerate them without redress; to turn them away without hearing their claims to asylum; to take away their children. But last night at our last Heschel class I heard someone I respect say that she had been watching news reports of separated and incarcerated children and was heartened to hear the voices of Christian clergy raised in passionate protest.

And she wondered if we would be hearing from rabbis. It matters what we refrain from saying, and it matters what we do say.

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What, then, I ask myself, might be useful and life-giving to say at this horrible moment? Mostly I just want to weep. But here, perhaps, is a tiny, minimal starting place: Every human being deserves to be seen, spoken of, and treated as a human being. Perhaps in the new year that is coming around the bend we can find ways to speak up, and perhaps also refrain at times from speaking, so that more respect, more justice, and more humaneness come into being.

May our words lay the groundwork for a better country and world. This year, with all the heartaches of our present time, we will simply pray together for peace in our world, with some guided and silent meditation and some chanting.

Prayers for peace always matter, and perhaps especially so on this holy day. More recently, some Jewish communities mourn for war and social destruction more broadly. In that spirit, it is our MCJC custom to gather later in the day, when perhaps sorrow can turn to hope. Traditionally this is the time we begin to turn our attention toward the central most gesture of the holidays: Tshuvah or the return to wholeness in our relationships and in our world.

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Elul is a time of introspection and stocktaking, and as such is a particularly good time to engage in the practice of Mussar, the centuries-old Jewish path of cultivating positive character traits Middot. During four consecutive Tuesdays, we will utilize chant, chevrutah study, journaling, meditation, and group conversation to strengthen and balance key inner traits such as patience, trust, and lovingkindness.

To focus and personalize our practice, we will explore some important questions: Which relationships and situations in my life call for Tshuvah?

What are the actions and personal qualities that would foster those healings? How can I mobilize and sustain my resolve to implement these changes as we move toward the High Holidays and beyond? Together as a learning and practicing community, we will listen to the wake-up call of the shofar and turn toward the places in our lives where transformation and the New Year call to us.

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We were not able to find him a bone marrow donor that would be the ideal match for him. The source of the stem cells was partially matched umbilical cord blood. We are praying that these cord blood cells give Ezra the new immune system that he needs. His doctors will continue to search for a match for Ezra until we know that the transplant was a success.

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We are still asking for people to join the registry or make a donation to get another donor off the waitlist for Ezra and for other patients in need. You can follow Ezra's progress at http: We are forever grateful to all of you for helping Ezra.

Ezra Jordan Fineman is 3 years old and loves basketball, music and his tricycle. He has a rare primary immune deficiency called Hyper IgM Syndrome. The only cure is a stem cell transplant.

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He needs to find a donor that is his perfect match. That perfect match for Ezra or another patient could be YOU. Please order a swab kit today or attend an upcoming drive. You can also make a donation to help pay for other donors to be tested. There are over 11, donor test kits that have not been processed due to insufficient funds.