How to meet a guy on cruise

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how to meet a guy on cruise

How to Meet Singles on Cruises - Guide to Singles Cruises; cruising solo on ships, By the same token, if you're female and you want to flirt with a guy, play. If you've ever wondered what it's like to go on a cruise, I have some to experience different cultures, enjoy a new climate, meet people from. This article shows you how to meet rich men on a cruise ship - a creative way to date If you are determined to find a high-quality millionaire man, you probably.

First impressions The great thing about a cruise is that you have plenty of time to get to know someone.

how to meet a guy on cruise

Make sure you are at the top of your game by dressing smartly and acting appropriately. Remember the old saying — first impressions last.

how to meet a guy on cruise

Getting to know someone usually means taking steps that are possibly outside your comfort zone, but a polite hello or introduction is always a good start.

Try striking up a conversation with fellow singles at the piano bar or during cocktail hour.

5 Tips for Single Cruisers Looking to Mingle

Spend time at the swimming pool, or introduce yourself to solo cruisers during dinner. You may even be invited to sit and enjoy a meal together. Shore excursions are another great way to meet people with similar interests. There is nothing wrong with being outgoing enough to strike up a conversation almost anywhere — but the line of sleaze or pushiness should never be crossed.

5 Tips for Single Cruisers Looking to Mingle

Your ship will be full of interesting people, and there are ample opportunities to engage in conversation and share travel experiences. You need to show an interest in others, rather than driving someone away by boasting about yourself and your own achievements. Many cruiser forums maintain active discussion groups, known as roll calls, for those who will participate in the same sailing.


Although not all those you meet online will be single, they may be cruising with someone who is. Meetings are advertised in the daily shipboard paper that is delivered to every cabin each evening.

how to meet a guy on cruise

Try to attend the first get-together of the cruise; attendance sometimes drops off as people meet and form groups. Step 5 Participate in activities.

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Every cruise line offers shipboard diversions ranging from dance lessons to foreign language classes. Cruise staff members are adept at getting participants to mingle. Over time, you will see the same people at numerous activities, which will make it easy to start a conversation.

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Step 6 Maintain reasonable expectations. Shipboard romances do occur and occasionally turn into long-term loves.

how to meet a guy on cruise

In general, however, most people will return to their real lives at the end of the cruise. All major cruise lines have strict regulations that prevent crew members from socializing with guests. Warning Although most people on a cruise ship are just interested in meeting others and having fun, always use common sense.