How to meet a special mii on streetpass

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how to meet a special mii on streetpass

Have you ever wanted to get loads of Miis in your Streetpass Mii plaza? If you still don't have any Miis, try arranging to meet someone through a forum who. StreetPass Mii Plaza is an application which comes pre-loaded on all Nintendo 3DS systems. In the game, players can meet other players' Miis over StreetPass and online There are also special Miis that appear via SpotPass during special events, such as Nintendo staff members. After meeting another player's Mii, the. Occasionally Nintendo releases Special Miis which can be met same as miis met through StreetPass - they will trade puzzle pieces and play.

Flowers and unwanted seeds can be sold for money, which can be spent on new accessories, seeds, and plots. Job quests are available where the player is tasked with growing plants of specific qualities to fulfill customer requirements. Players assume the role of a general on a quest to conquer the world one country at a time. Players amass armies either by encountering other players on StreetPass or using Play Coins to recruit mercenaries, before taking on the leaders of each country.

Battles follow a rock, paper, scissors mechanic, in which players assign soldiers to three classes, with each have strengths and weaknesses against the other classes, and pit them against the opponent, the first to win two matches winning the battle and earning a portion of their soldiers. Defeating certain leaders earns materials which can be used to upgrade the player's castle, granting new options.

The player may choose to greet the monarch peacefully or challenge them to a battle in order to earn more soldiers.

StreetPass two very special Mii characters at Nintendo Zones

Taking place in a haunted mansion, players create rooms by laying out map pieces given to them by StreetPass-encountered players. Laying pieces of the same color together expands the room, sometimes revealing treasure chests that offer new weapons and items.

how to meet a special mii on streetpass

The main task is to uncover the stairs to the next floor in order to progress. When entering a new room, the player may encounter an enemy, which they must face against using their equipped weapon, which uses rechargeable batteries to function.

how to meet a special mii on streetpass

During battle, the player can either fire at the enemy, which uses one battery charge, or defend against the enemy's attack, which slowly drains the battery meter. Defeating enemies earns experience points which can power up the equipped weapon. There are various types of weapon, some of which are more effective against certain enemies.

StreetPass Mii Plaza

If the player runs out of health points, they will faint and their session will end. In this game, players use bait received from Miis encountered on StreetPass to try and catch various species of fish across several islands. Each type of fish have certain types of bait they are attracted to, and players can combine bait together in order to catch larger fish.

Each island is split up into multiple areas, which are unlocked after players manage to catch a certain type of fish. In addition to the five main islands players can fish across, additional islands can be accessed by encountering Miis from different regions and countries.

Catching fish and clearing challenges earns money that can be used to upgrade various fishing rods that they receive during the game, or purchase and upgrade aquariums used to store fish caught during each session, which can be shared with people encountered on StreetPass.

The game tasks players with battling against hordes of zombies in order to clear each level's objective. Miis that are encountered via StreetPass can be found across each level, each carrying a unique weapon such as a Wii Remotea bowling ball, and a paintbrush, which each have a limited number of chargeable special attacks.

Players receive these weapons by encountering each Mii, with some Miis offering to team up and fight alongside the player. If the player takes too much damage, they will lose their current weapon, and the level ends if the player loses all of their weapons or fail the main objective the player has three chances to attempt each level per session.

Clearing various criteria, such as beating a level within a time limit, earns medals, with additional levels unlocked after obtaining enough medals. Streetpass Slot Racer involves the player racing up to 10 other players along a selection of courses.

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As different achievements are gained the number of courses available increases and "special" cars become available. Standard cars are customisable but none of the special cars are. Switch to that secondary Mii. You won't lose anything.

how to meet a special mii on streetpass

Exit Mii Maker, then go back in and switch back to your original Mii. I surmise that this clears things out and re-writes some settings for you. I also changed my Mii's hat and outfit just to make sure it was re-written completely.

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Head over to Mii Plaza and you should be all set. My system started StreetPassing within a few hours. I hope this helps someone because as a traveller who really digs StreetPass, having it not work was really harshing my mellow. It changes the shape of it, makes it larger, almost like an Xbox controller.

how to meet a special mii on streetpass

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