Karl pilkington meet suzanne collins

karl pilkington meet suzanne collins

Ricky: Nirvana, All Apologies, on Xfm I'm Ricky Gervais, obviously. With me Steve Merchant, Karl Pilkington, well. Steve. I met up with, I know it's forbidden. Karl Pilkington is back with a new show, Sick of It, which will apparently life he might have led had he not met Gervais and Stephen Merchant. is that they got Karl Pilkington to write the piece about why Ricky is so BTW – Congratulations to Suzanne Collins for making the list this year.

I hate this bit. Yeah, I saw a bit of it. What do you make of it? Not as big a star as he is now, Steve: Oh, thank God for your girlfriend, she get you out of an awful lot of scrapes, does she? OK, um, what about the fact that, the pension crisis, Ricky: Is gonna force Britons to work into their 70s, Karl.

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You might have to carry on working in to your 70s, to claim a pension. And I honestly think, if you keep, if you keep your brain busy, Ricky: What about, where do you draw the line there, though.

What if you, say, lose a finger. Pop in to work?

Meet Karl Pilkington II

And — you know, I mean, Steve: Um, and finally um, Karl: How is that — you see, this is what annoys me about this feature. And, finally, what do you make of the fact that Top of the Pops have banned Will Young singing both tracks, uh, on the number 1 slot.

karl pilkington meet suzanne collins

He wants to sing both the A and, uh, B side. Just what goes on in the world! Neil Young - Alabama Ricky: I still like that one. Yeah, I was worried it was bit — nov — it would go off very quickly. Mumbles - came back and Tony Blair met him and go, Alright?

Well, not really, no! Go on - whatsa matter? Well, I will cry! His neck was as big as his head! Well, yeah, but you know, Steve: You gotta check the small print. I go, Will it be horrible. It, it will be horrible, yes. It will be horrible. There will be shooting, and lots of death and everything like that.

karl pilkington meet suzanne collins

That should be fine, yeah! That should be fine.

karl pilkington meet suzanne collins

Not that he's unhappy, he says. Nevertheless off he trotted to see Greer, who baked him a loaf of bread, Self, who threw him out of the house for saying that all he wanted was to be a "slightly happier pig", and Wolff, who got upset because Pilkington started talking about aliens.

Pilkington liked all of them. Pilkington wanted Brian Sewell to do the programme, but he wouldn't. I think he thought it was a wind-up or something. But why would I do that?

Karl Pilkington: The funniest man alive?

There are a couple of Ali-G-esque moments, when Pilkington says something so ill-educated or naive that Greer, Wolff and Self get a look on their faces that seems to say, "Oh God, am I being stitched up?

It is a series of musings about holidays he's had. Just, you know, Ibiza, Tunisia, the Cotswolds and stuff. I'm not Michael Palin.

karl pilkington meet suzanne collins

With his soothing, methodical, plodding way of describing things and sharp eye for odd, significant details, Pilkington is not unlike Alan Bennett. He brightens at this comparison. I've not read it yet, though. The reason I did the book about holidays is that you're a different person on holiday.

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You're sleeping somewhere unfamiliar, knocking about with people you've never met and for 10 days you're someone else. You're out of your comfortable zone. But he is mildly neurotic about the things that people are commonly neurotic about - time and space; he dislikes being late and is fastidious about deadlines.

He also gently frets about whether there is enough space on the planet, at how many people there are, at the number of insects there are, and at how with his new book he might be taking up someone else's "space" on the shelves in the bookshop.

He is not hilarious. But he is amusing, absolutely, and very good at telling stories, such as one about builders that made me laugh out loud: So they start at 7am and go on until 8pm and it's really noisy. And they've been at it for three months. I don't know what they're doing.

What can they be doing? It gets you down after a while, it does your head in. But they're quite like that, builders. I had some in a while ago and they'd wind me up, asking what the pub across the road was like and I was thinking, 'What? You're not here to go to the pub, you're here to do a job.