Kerala police athletic meet 2012 jeep

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kerala police athletic meet 2012 jeep

Get the News Articles and News Stories for November, Indian Cities, Sports News Highlights and World News Headlines. Haldia dock manager's letter to police station on gherao of dock offices · Couple conned 4 students of Rs. Sam Pitroda to hold first global press meet on Twitter on Friday. Kerala Police proudly welcomes you to God's own country, to participate in the 64th All India Police Athletic Championship which will be conducted at. Dec 10, am IST Not long before its churning gray waters meet the mighty Ganga, it flows past the . Mr. Nayar was from Kerala in the south. . Mr. Singh's son said the police had instructions only to fire in the air, as part The sect sold a plot of land near Ayodhya to buy a jeep to ferry witnesses to the court.

He was not alone in his quest: They claimed the mosque had been built from the ruins of an ancient temple to the Hindu god, which Muslims disputed. The site had been an occasional flashpoint for violence between the two communities in the past. One day in mid, the sadhu repeated his vision to the city magistrate in neighboring Faizabad, the city which oversees the administration of Ayodhya. His words immediately struck a chord with the magistrate, Guru Dutt Singh, according to an account given by Mr.

Singh's son, Guru Basant Singh.

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You are having it now; I am having it for a long time. The use of idols marks one of the great differences between Hinduism and Islam. Islam strictly prohibits idol worship because God, to its followers, is an invisible and indivisible entity.

Ayodhya, the Battle for India’s Soul: The Complete Story

So a statue of Ram itself would be a deity. There are various versions of what transpired a few weeks later. Many Hindus have come to believe that it was a miracle. The migration of many Muslims to Pakistan consolidated the Hindu majority in the new India.

He was determined to establish India as a secular nation that respected the religious beliefs, or lack of them, of all its citizens. They used a term that would be repeated countless times over the following decades: Some in Congress were actively involved in the formation of the All India Hindu Mahasabha, a conservative Hindu political party, several years before.

The party opposed the creation of Pakistan and blamed Congress for it. He was hanged in November Partition had little effect in Ayodhya, though. Many Muslims stayed, maintaining a cultural mix that had existed for hundreds of years. Muslim artisans made many of the idols that Hindu devotees worshipped in the temples. Hindu priests bought clothes and flowers for temple statues from Muslim vendors.

One temple in Ayodhya even had a Muslim manager. He graduated from Allahabad University in what was then the United Provinces; today, it is in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

kerala police athletic meet 2012 jeep

He joined the Provincial Civil Services but, his son said, refused to kowtow to his colonial masters. During a posting to Bareilly, when he first met one of his superiors, Michael Nethersole, the British man asked him: Singh retorted, according to his son.

Singh also demanded respect for rank: He scolded his son for cheekily referring to Mr. In his duties, which included preventing riots, Mr. Singh sought to be even-handed about religion, his son said. At times, he told Hindus that he would lock them up if they created trouble. His father was not in favor of the creation of Pakistan.

Singh was a devout Hindu, eschewing alcohol and maintaining a vegetarian diet. He visited Ayodhya at least annually, staying in a guest house at a temple.

Since college days, Ram had been his religious focal point. Ram is one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu, who is part of Hinduism's holy trinity: Vishnu is the protector; Brahma is the creator; Shiva is the destroyer. According to Hindu scriptures, Ram was born in Ayodhya tens of thousands of years ago.

Police sports meet off to a colourful start

He was the eldest son of the Hindu King Dasharath of the Solar Dynasty, so-called because the monarchs were believed to be descendants of the sun. Ram is revered as "maryada purushottam," an excellent man of honor. It was to Ayodhya that Ram returned from exile after rescuing his wife, Sita, from the demon god Ravan in Sri Lanka, according to an ancient Sanskrit version of the Ramayan, the Hindu text about Ram's life. Benevolently, Ram ruled over his kingdom from Ayodhya, becoming the epitome of good governance, the Ramayan says.

Singh aged, his conviction grew that he wanted to put Ram back where he believed he belonged, his son said. He thought Muslims should yield the Babri Masjid.

In the mids, Mr. Nayar, an administrator in the national Indian Civil Service, Mr. Nayar was from Kerala in the south. He was erudite and more soft-spoken than Mr.

The two men found common cause in their reverence of Ram and their desire to take action, Mr.


Both men were also sympathetic to the Hindu Mahasabha, the conservative Hindu political party, but refrained from actively supporting it because of their government jobs, he said. Together, the men asked the official in charge of appointments in the United Provinces to post them at the same time to Faizabad, which administered Ayodhya, according to Mr. Singh moved there in as city magistrate.

kerala police athletic meet 2012 jeep

Around the same time, Mr. Nayar moved there as district magistrate, the most senior administrative post in the district. Both men are now deceased. Starting in mid, Mr. Nayar, Abhiram Das and other local officials met there to plan how to install Ram in the Babri Masjid, according to Mr. He said he was in charge of serving tea and water at the meetings and at times hid behind the door to listen in on the planning. Security All officers and members of the teams are requested to carry their own Official identity cards, from the security point of view.

No one below the age of 18 years shall be eligible to participate in the Meet. A certificate of such eligibility shall be furnished by an officer not below the rank of Inspector General of Police and such a certificate shall be appended to the nominal roll of the team. Entry and Entry Fees Entry fee at the rate of Rs. Discipline A very high standard of discipline is expected from the men and officers of the participating teams. The team managers will be personally responsible for the orderly behavior of their team members.

kerala police athletic meet 2012 jeep

No case of indiscipline either by the participants or by the officials is expected during the Meet. Settlement of Protests Protests, if any, about any decision or other matter relating to the Meet may be lodged by any participating team through its Manager with the Organizing Committee. Such protests will be in writing and shall be made within two hours of the completion of the event.

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A fee of Rs. The decision of the Jury of Appeal in respect of the protests lodged shall be final. For the Opening and Closing Ceremonies traditional wear can be worn, but it should be uniform for all team members.