Lankershim swap meet stereo hearts

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lankershim swap meet stereo hearts

WEDNESDAY 12 BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING. Sutter's Mill weekend, and a Porsche Concours (see page 32) and a swap meet are being held on .. turned right to the heart of downtown. The Palms .. CUSTOM STEREO SYSTEMS . Lankershim Blvd., N. Hollywood, CA Follow Your Heart. Woodland Hills Library . Kevin Taylor when he represented his office did meet with us). I am sure the at Punk Rock Swap Meet .. s/Harry Mikaelyan, Lankershim Blvd., Unit G, North Hollywood, CA This 2 10' sub truck boxes, car stereo amp, faux xmas tree. Vitamin D danger of our indoor lives: Lack of sunlight increases risk of heart disease and cancer" 30 Amazing Foods Lankershim swap meet stereo speakers.

TU or TUr l 38a Debt Consolidation R. Compare our srrvice charges. We will come Mt your noma.

Page 26 — San Bernardino Sun 31 October — California Digital Newspaper Collection

If desired we will arrange i loan on your irusi oeeg. Too market prices paid. BoxSan Bernardino. Waterman A T orjecanoe. Lovely Temperament, an snois. Also loy boston terrier, reg. WHITE pups, 2 months old. Callafter 5 p.

lankershim swap meet stereo hearts

AKC Pood le pups. Ex-ert Poodle grooming byWilma. Female reg Sable poodle with shots. Pomsi Poodles, pups 4, adults.

San Bernardino Sun, Volume 69, 31 October 1962 — Page 26

TiNY Chihuahua "pups, both "coats". Also Stud 3 yrs. AKC Basset pups, beautiful trl-color. Will make nice pets. Poodle b eaut itul n aHi Apricof. AKC Chihuahua adults 4, pups.

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AKC Punnies bought for cash, en tire litters. Jerry Herman 4, Sons. Wa terman 4 Tippecanoe. Duroc Sows, lb. Beef, pork, lamb, for freezer at packing house prices. Repairs Riding equipment, cowboy boots, clothing, etc. Schaff's at 4th 4, 'F'1 Sts.

J0 t25pq or TU Livestock, poultry, turn. J calves, 3 to 5 mos "old. TU 4 Yr. TA Young bay mare for sale. TRRialto, 41a. Corner Spruce t, Santa Ana. GOOD Alfalfa hay i, oat hay. Redlands or Moreno Corner of Victoria A Richardson. Base Line Hours HF 4 drawer chests, Mammy bench, settle, era die, high chair, bonnet bones, small tables, small desk, beds, walnut canooy bed, arae ova marb elooped table, chair sets, hanging cupboards, scales, bric-a-brac, etc.

The Green Gables Antiques, Ar rowhead. Sofa, chair, irocker, 2 end tables, cofJee table, 2 lamps. Southern Californias largest most modern Auction Gallery. We specialize in top grade furniture, appli ances and household items.

lankershim swap meet stereo hearts

Greatest discounts tn San Bernardino, i New s. Two blonde step end tables and one blonde step corner table, Nevamar! Two dark Driftwood table lamps with 3-wav sockets. Convenient customer parking at our, rear entrance. Specializing In Maple West 40th St. VISlT'our old-fashioned rug rack. Assorreu sire bikes In running i: I BUNK beds, complete. TU alter6 p. Mahogany end; table, Secretary, dining set, 6 chairs, Maple round table 4 chairs, bric-a-brac, pictures, yard furniture.

Good supply of used appliances. Also 1 Round breakfast set, Wrought Iron. We specialize in houseluls. Auto, oven 8, broiler. Large cross top freezer. New door gasket, runs oulet, freezes perfect.

KAL'S, s ier ra,h oma na. Assume payments of approx. TU Or 6 refrigerators. VA or TR ? Divan Set lerpi two. Used but ruiiy guaranteed. Reynold's House ol Color W. Open oany lu-y sal. First payment 45 days. Base Line TU 19 In. TA '59 Model 24" Magnovox console. Very good cond kj.

Full text of "Hollywood Studio Magazine (September )"

Colton Pianos East I St. HAVE fun with the player plano. Turn off freewav at 4th. Any make or style. C I r I n e t, Trumpet, Etc. Enroll now tor school band. De Bells Music Co. Los Anqeles 4, Calif, HO Wilson weiuer, gooa condition, Willys powered Motor needs snma wnrk. High volume, low pressure, excellent for burner blowers, or build yourself a kino lire vjirilum rlanr I Model Chrysler industrial, i cvi.

Buy, sell or iraoe. CompL stock of ammo. Cleveland, The Terrace, Redlands. Buy, sell 4, trade, tools, guns, antiques. Vlnvl, Auto Rugs, Rubber Nauaahvde. New 8, used doors, windows, plumbing Proctors. SMALL 2 wheel trlr. USED furniture 4, appliances, stoves, refrigs. Toy Jown, N. See at Ironwood St. USED power lawn mowers. Hotlman Shoe Store, 3rd St. Terms nk Good Housekeeping. Colton TA TV lead wire 1c ftant. Pipe galv, 12'ic ft. Outlet 4th St. We buy vour furniture or what have vou?

We specialize in pvt. Miller E at 7th. Clutchra, biiifilmi, aliton rlnn, oil rlnn.

Ihruit waitiari front ami ell rlnn, all laikata. All parte prenuro tented. Their musical talent was underwhelming, sure, but they made up for it in brutal showmanship. So no surprise that a year later, they fell apart in a monster catfight and took another six months to make nice. Except the drummer was gone.

So they pulled in a tough-as-nails, Swans-adoring femme fatale named Amanda to pound the kit and changed their name to the Matachine. How would you like people to experience your music? Creativity and individuality seem to be whittled down to easily consumed commercialism.

No more deadbeat consumers! In a weird way, that makes us proud. They're working on booking a June 22 to 30 tour from Costa Mesa to Olympia, but so far no dates are confirmed. Not priapic necessarily—but with a new lease on life: Which is not to say that the New Fidelity Lo-Fi's Dan Perkins and Roberto Escobar along with Cleveland transplants Shawn Malone and Billy Parkinson are slapped together or even punk, but just that currently everything is green and new and invigorated and shiny and easy for the nine-month-old foursome who, according to Perkins, have been getting all kinds of Beach Boys comparisons.

Aside from their masterful harmonies, the New Fidelity sound nothing like the Beach Boys and everything like the soundtrack to an '80s movie that was never made. Molly Ringwald is doing those dishes right now! Like the bards of yore, Nguyen arms himself only with a guitar sometimes acoustic, sometimes electric, always plucky to lament lost loves, broken hearts and.

His voice bobs like a dippy drinking bird, rising and lowering according to the demands of melancholy and wordplay, switching from gentle puns to pentametric rhyming schemes. And his chord progressions are as complex as a trigonometry problem and about two strings away from a Villalobos composition.

The UCLA student croons mostly in English but does break out the occasional Vietnamese ballad to please the older generation. And our favorite Nguyen composition remains his bilingual ode to an unnamed beauty he once met on the bus—a woman who can become Little Saigon's Girl-in-the-White-T if someone ever discovers Nguyen. But while those bands pogo immediately to mind, with Thee Indigents, there's a distinctive inland stink here, too. The hooks are sharp, they've got handclaps everywhere, and there's even a song with a '50s teen-tragedy intro.

Oh, and the two Es in thee? Operator's ex-members guitarist Ed was in the Distraction, other guitarist Paul in Fifth Story Tenants, bassist Mike is in the Thingz, and drummer Jason had some crazy percussion project with Pat from the Alleged Gunmen kick up a stiff-shouldered rockist racket, set off by flashy musicianship all round and arch gal vox by Charlie that fall in between Poly Styrene's fire drill and Dinah Cancer's reverbed death rattle.

The tough songs are pre-Joy Division Warsaw, the tense ones are Pink Flag Wire, and the cute poppy ones—to be released later—were written by closet softie Mike. Either way, it's a nice attention getter, as well as a distinctive shtick: We sense he probably won't be here forever, though, so we must enjoy his eloquent acoustic and slide pickings and those of his friends, who help pepper his tunes with beautiful mandolins, dobros and violins while we can.

Wandering is a major recurring theme in his songs, too—on his album A New Century, someone's always arriving or leaving or waiting for somebody to show up. Astutely observant, Schmude reflects a world where the days pass like freight trains; neighbors complain about loud steel guitars; gamblers stick around for one last hand; and tornadoes, floods and hurricanes rip up the lives of the guilty and the innocent.

Like any self-respecting nomadic minstrel, he drops place names everywhere Dallas! Schmude has a great singing voice, a warm, beckoning tone he frequently carries just to the edge of hoarseness. But hold up—there are still vast realms of unexplored greatness in the disc's 23 minutes. They're tired of punk, in other words, though they'd never actually say it.

But singer Michael Rosas has done blustery and pummeling before in bands such as Head First, Inside Out and Smile, who were heavy as fuck in the beginningand he's been running toward craft, dynamics, layers, studio effects and challenging arrangements ever since.

Now finally free of the shackles of Smile—a successful local band, to be sure, but one with a defined sound—he's able to indulge in all the classic melodicism and prog-inspired soundscapes his creepy little heart desires. Rounded out by drummer James Fletcher, keyboard player Matthew Fletcher and bassist Aaron Wahlman, Satisfaction makes you realize just how much that loveable garage band down the street—the one with the kids who are so full of youth and energy, ready to make their mark on the world with their whole life stretching out before them—actually sucks.

Well, call it the baby genius stage: Matt Adams also appearing as the Blank TapesMedina and Matt McCluer trade guitars, basses and keyboards every song or two, with drummer Joel Williams watching the back-and-forth like a tennis match, and there isn't a dropped note between them. When Medina sings a smooth baritone—who knew?!

And it helps that they practice in the dark. Show starts at 9 p.

lankershim swap meet stereo hearts

Or Eric said you can call him personally if you can stay up all night every night without crank. But his phone number was illegible. They're tight, stylish, saucy and whip-smart—like an amalgamation of the Dischord roster, from which they steal liberally Plays Pretty for Baby is a Nation of Ulysses album name.

With a powder keg live show and an equally explosive self-titled EP, Play Pretty for Baby are one of a small handful of local bands who manage to pull politics into the mix without coming off like hectoring blowhards. Well, he's no fun! Take his CD, Country Western Honky Tonk Saloon Blues, a song, minute epic a two-record set, were these still the days of good ol' vinyl on which Adams handles everything from writing to playing, minus a few guest spots from assorted friends, family and local semi-celebs yes, that would be Alan Siegel—a.

Tex Twil's Barry Diamond—bleating away there on a saxophone. It's a strange yet scrumptious blend of acoustic-guitar art meanderings, part travelogue, part campfire cookout, part intoxicated love sonnet and part late-night hoot, something that sounds like Beck, Jack Johnson, Frank Black, Jeff Tweedy and Ray Davies got together one night, smoked a ton of pot and rerecorded the Grateful Dead's American Beauty album. A pretty major accomplishment from a guy who's mostly strumming just a six-string the entire time, but it gets even better because Matt isn't one of those types who sacrifices crafty lyric scribbling at the expense of musicianship.

His gigs are an informal romp, too, about as laid-back a musical environment as we've seen in OC short of living-room gigs, with harmonicas and banjo solos and fingersnaps keeping the beat. While the Sensitive Side or the SS—get it? It may be too frantic for the wavers and too keyboard-y for the punks, but when the racialists finally come out of the closet, they'll have their soundtrack waiting for them.

First week of July. The 60 Watt Kid? Except that Litrow still plugs away at synthesizer loops like in Dance Disaster, as well as simultaneously tapping at his samplers, strumming his acoustic guitar, blowing his harmonica and even finding time to sing like a young Dylan obsessed with Matmos records.

Talk about overextending yourself: On most nights, he's busy commanding legions of white-belted hipsters to shake it till they break it, but with 60 Watt Kid, it's an entirely different beast. But don't fret—he's starting to weigh his label options.

lankershim swap meet stereo hearts

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