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Use up arrow (for mozilla firefox browser alt+up arrow) and down arrow (for mozilla firefox . Next up is the sequel, Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses (). Critic Reviews for Leningrad Cowboys Go America do speak broken English, and subtitles are not required beyond the opening minutes. The Cowboys are lured from Mexico to Coney Island by their former manager who disappeared at the end of Leningrad Cowboys Go America. He believes he is.

Unfortunately though, both the clientele and the establishment are old, much diminished from the dizzy heights of the post-war era. Now times are hard and customers spend less, especially when an establishment has fallen behind the cutting edge by failing to modernise. He drives one of the many trams which rattle through the Helsinki streets, carrying folk to and fro. It seems like a steady job people always need to commute, yes? By the random luck of the cards, Lauri finds himself with a month's notice and a huge weight on his shoulders.

So much for the colour TV just bought on hire purchase. Then, as if this body-blow wasn't enough, troubles arise at the Dubrovnik.

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The bank is foreclosing on Mrs. Sjoholm's loan, with the ominous spectre of The Chain looming in the background, like a hired goon. Things have certainly never looked bleaker for Ilona and Lauri. Very few people know how they might react if, say, their livelihood was taken away after 20 years, never to return.

In the event, many go into denial, moving on to either a break-down or another job, with some spiralling into an alcoholic gloom. This is that you should never give up, no matter how bad life seems; instead try every avenue and remain positive in spite of any setbacks.

They are old-fashioned people, passed by progress and relegated to the scrap heap through no fault of their own. In fact it's not really anybody's fault, instead their loss is an impersonal function of the economic climate. Throughout the film their characters remain flat and deadpan almost emotionlessa highly effective and appropriate style.

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It's almost as if they have already talked about everything of interest so all that's left are the little, functional things. Several of their people from Siberia arrive in a rented bus to pick them up. Their first stop is Brestwhere Moses goes to secure gigs for the band for money. Eventually, Johnson catches up with them at a hotel in Amiens and, posing as a record producer under the name Raymond Lazarprovides them with money to play for a wedding at the hotel.

Johnson goes to the bus to find the nose there, but is knocked unconscious by Igor. The next day, they learn of his real identity from the CIA logo on his cigarette holder, and take him for the rest of the trip.

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In FrankfurtMoses is recognized by a gas station attendant, and phones the police. Igor is able to get some street toughs to bust them out, and they play a show before they set off again. In LeipzigMoses and a fellow band member exchange phrases from the Bible and Communist Manifesto respectively. Later, they both tell the others of the birth of a sacred calf in their homeland, the reason for their journey home. In the Czech Republicthe band wash their clothes in the spring water.

While in the area, the band plays for a local family. Later, Elijah is asked by Moses to sing the next song. In Polandone band member gets sick, so after playing for money, they leave him by a hospital doorstep. Elijah attempts to bribe the sick member into bringing the nose back to America, but is turned down.