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A while ago I got an idea: how awesome would it be to use 4D ultrasound to scan my unborn baby and make a VR experience of that. So I talked my girlfriend. Our core campaign team is made up of twenty young leaders who meet fortnightly to plan public actions, media campaigns and monthly drop in sessions. Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love. But it is up to us to prepare our children for what they have to meet, and.

Gdansk The hostel in Gdansk named La Guitarra with their rocking interior. We slept in the room of Slash! On the night we booked the flight, we also immediately booked a hostel and it was a good choice. La Guitarra had friendly staff working there and they offered us a clean room and even a clean bathroom! There are not so many clean bathrooms in hostels, but La Guitarra did a great job with the hygiene policy.

let us meet at

After having explored entire Gdansk within one day, we thought we were supposed to go shopping. Luckily we found a train station for some more discovering to do in the nearby town of Sopot. We bought a ticket and went looking for the right train. That was not the easiest part of the day, since everything — the signs, the announcements — were in Polish language.

When we discovered we had to wait more than an hour before our train would leave we figured we should try and find that Stradivarius store we saw on the roadsigns earlier that day. In Spain we always bought all of our clothes there and since there is still no Stradivarius in the Netherlands we went completely wild when we entered the store in Gdansk.

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They even had a sale going on. Outch, that is bad news for my wallet!

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After buying too many clothes we went back to the train station and got on the Sopot train. I guess we were both thinking the same: But how come we had never heard of it? Longest pier of europe The nice thing about Sopot is that is has a beach. It actually owns the longest pier of Europe! You can enjoy the sound of the sea while snow is giving the city a winter wonderland look. The restaurant on the pier is open throughout the entire year, therefor we could enjoy the seaview for a couple of hours with a hot drink and a radiator next to our table.

It sure was cold outside! Ice-skating at night in front of the pier in Sopot Next to the pier stood a big ice skating platform where you could rent skates and dazzle on the ice for a while.

We decided to hit a bar and try some local beers before taking the train back to Gdansk.

let us meet at

Even in this place, where there is not that much to do, we could enjoy ourselves perfectly for a week. I highly recommend going to Gdansk with some friends for a short get-away.

He joined the team in August after two enforced years out of education. Arkam established the Let Us Learn Schools Programme and now shares his story with students in assemblies across London.

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InArkam won a full scholarship to study at Kings College London where he is now completing his undergraduate degree in Geography. Initially unable to take up her place at university due to her immigration status, she won a full scholarship to study Law at LSE. Chrisann completed her studies in May and now works part time on the campaign.

She has represented Let Us Learn at conferences and schools and spoke outside the Supreme Court in Cynthia won a scholarship and started her degree in International Business at the University of Kent in September She joined Let Us Learn in February and told her story in the Guardian newspaper in the run up to the Tigere legal challenge.

Dami now works full time on the campaign and coordinates the Let Us Learn campaign team.

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He joined Let Us Learn in December and shared his story in the Independent newspaper in August and on BBC London News as part of a successful crowdfunding campaign for his university living costs. Emmanuel has since shared his story at Tedx East End.

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She joined the Let Us Learn team in and has been a proactive member ever since. She volunteers on Wednesday working on the Let Us Learn Facebook page and is currently the leader of the Immigration and Research team within the core group. She aspires to go to university next year to study Psychology. Habeeb joined Let Us Learn in and quickly became an important member of the team, initially helping to plan and deliver our monthly gatherings.

She joined Let Us Learn in late and been a committed member ever since. She shared her story in front in people at a mayoral assembly in April and afterwards met with London Mayor Sadiq Khan to discuss the new Deputy Mayor for Integration role.

She joined Let Us Learn in late and has become a key member of the team ever since. Kim graduated from Campaign Bootcamp 10 and is passionate about raising awareness of cruel and degrading practices in the UK immigration system.