Lice to meet you beaverton

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lice to meet you beaverton

Reviews on Lice Removal in Portland, OR - Lice Knowing You, Lice Ninjas, Lice Charmers, Lice Clinics of America - Portland, Hair Fairies, LiceWise, The Nit. Photo of Lice Knowing You - Beaverton, OR, United States .. I hope we don't have to visit again but if we do I'm glad lice to know you is here. 2 people voted for. Head Lice Clinic, Beauty & Spas business in Beaverton. Though you can only access it though a prescription, lindane has been banned from 53 countries and .

Thank you Kathy for your time, help and patience!

lice to meet you beaverton

The weather ended up terrible this afternoon snowing like crazy. She went section by section, three different times, and really took care of everything. She explained what I needed to do to follow up, and will be returning next week to check us.

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Thank you Kathy, and if we ever have lice again, you will be my first call! In Portland, OR and nearly everywhere across the U. You want your kids to enjoy the summer and their time off, but a lice infestation can spoil all the fun. Considering warmer temperatures, the condition can become even more uncomfortable and itchy. Give us a call today!

Where Did Lice Come From? Many people are curious about the history of lice, especially those who have had to deal with an infestation in their families. Where do those pesky critters come from? Have they been around since time began? We have a few answers to these questions we want to share below. First of all, understand that cleanliness and hygiene have nothing to do with lice; you can keep your home spotless and shower every day, and it makes no difference.

They can be easily transferred from one person to another through the touching of heads or sharing of brushes, combs and other hair accessories, so it has nothing to do with cleanliness. Scientists believe human head lice evolved from these lice which then split into body lice and head lice. No matter how or where it originated, lice are frustrating and can turn your life upside down. The key to prevent spreading is to avoid sharing combs and brushes or touching heads, and to seek treatment immediately.

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At LiceWise we provide mobile head lice removal using safe, non-chemical products to families all around the greater Portland area and Southern Washington. Now, Gordon is long past the sandwich spread.

lice to meet you beaverton

Using a fine-toothed stainless-steel comb to pick those bugs out of hair. When Gordon began Lice Knowing You at the end ofthere were no such businesses in the Seattle area.

lice to meet you beaverton

She has a law degree from the University of Denver, and worked for a decade in various management positions with the Anti-Defamation League in San Francisco. Her husband, Matt Gordon, works in patents and acquisitions for Amazon. All that is a long way from picking lice, but Gordon says she believed there was a future in going after the bugs. It turns out the American consumer has shown a keen interest in paying others to do unpleasant tasks, and nitpicking certainly qualifies. Lice are big business, what with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimating 6 million to 12 million infestations occur each year in the United States among children ages 3 to The Gordons had especially decided to avoid chemicals because their second child, Josh, 11, has autism.

The less potentially toxic stuff around, the better, the parents decided.

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Mom says Emily was a good sport about going natural in killing lice. Those also are Internet home remedies. There were still some lice.

lice to meet you beaverton

What really did the trick, says Gordon, was using a stainless steel fine-toothed comb to catch the rather small bugs, which are roughly one-tenth of an inch in length, and their eggs, also called nits.