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lindsey brown photos of meet

Tag Archives: Northwest Ohio Family Photographer - Natural Light Photography | Toledo, OH | Newborns ~ Children ~ Family» page 4. Business Technology Advisory Council Meeting Minutes Lindsey Brown, Richard DeShields, Sharon O'Hare, Sue Noce, Tim McGuire, Tina Short, Image applications may roll into the upgrade and roll out in April Lindsey Brown - Northwest Ohio Natural Light Photographer, Waterville, Ohio. Lindsey recently did my daughters senior pictures and I couldn't be happier.

Meet Lindsey and Matt Brown of Local Embers in Denton

Much love and blessings to you and to this family! January 13, - 4: Never have seen such fleeing beauty cause me to cry. How amazing that these souls found each other and left such an indelible mark on one another.

May your souls cross paths again. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family. January 13, - 6: Beautiful images of two children with their parents will live on!

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January 14, - January 14, - 2: January 14, - 4: You were so kind to fit these lovely people into your busy schedule. Like other people have commented, I believe God had special plans for beautiful William. My brother and his wife experienced a similar situation 21 years ago.

lindsey brown photos of meet

A couple months into the pregnancy they were told they were having twins. The whole family was elated. A short time later the doctor told them there was a problem with one of the babies and it would not survive to even be born. So we grieved, but when the 9th month came we had a beautiful new baby boy to love. Peace and love to all of you! Thank You for sharing. For it took strength to get you through it and come to this point. I hope you will consider becoming an ear and a voice for future parents facing the same.

They will be blessed by it. January 14, - 9: I loved that you went to do this work. Congrats for your big heart and excellent work! I loved to see all the pics. Nancy January 15, - 4: Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story.

William is their guardian angel now.

lindsey brown photos of meet

All we have is a Polaroid that is fading and she passed away 3 days later. She is our guardian angel, God Bless.

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January 15, - 4: Inshe found herself to be quite busy, especially in the final weeks of the year, and actually had to turn away business in order to stay […] January 15, - They are so lucky to have you photograph their children.

I wish them well and William, RIP. January 15, - I also have no doubt that the lives of this precious family have been saved because of this little man. And although the Lord has take him home he is now whole and healed from all and any sickness that would have been painful for him and his family to endure. So he can now rest and sad as it is Mommy and Daddy will take care of his sissy and be at peace knowing now that Sweet baby William is now in the care of his creator and the BEST doctor for him… Thank u Lord for blessing all of us with the photos and for sharing this little guy and his sister with all of us.

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I have no doubt his life is being used in to many ways to count. I will get to meet him one day and hopefully many others that came to know Jesus because of his life.

lindsey brown photos of meet

January 17, - 1: I know he will be the perfect angel to watch over and guide his sister — their bond is even deeper and stronger. Being a parent now has added many challenges to being a photographer. We feel like full time stay at home parents and full time photographers all at the same time.

lindsey brown photos of meet

Both jobs are everything we could ever want and more and we will gladly struggle through it. Local Embers — what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition? We are a husband and wife duo capturing all that is life and love.

We specialize in candids and real life moments. We are all about what is raw and real and helping our clients remember the feeling they felt on their biggest days of their lives. We are proud of what we create and what we bring to a wedding day.

We are both pretty chill and relaxed people so we try our best to bring a sense of peace to the day and do our best to keep the day feeling smooth. We are married but we are so much more than that. We vibe very well together, creating a perfect balance.

Matt is the talker, the jokester, and always is able to help our clients feel more comfortable and relaxed. He could talk to a wall and be happy. I am the emotional one. I know what they are feeling because I feel it myself. I cry with them and I laugh with them.

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Matt and I are a unit and one that I feel just works.