Mahamaya girls college kandy sports meet invitation

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mahamaya girls college kandy sports meet invitation

Out of the squad 14 are from Kandy schools - Pravinda Wijethilake, Vishwa Ranaraja The Kandy District open invitation weightlifting and bodybuilding nets to schools like Mahamaya Girls College, St. Benedict's College Ampitiya . unbeaten Kandy Sports Club travel down to Welisara to meet Navy SC. Upananda Jayasundera Kandy Sports India on an invitation of Gurukul International School Bangalore, Karanataka State. by S.M. Jiffrey Abdeen, Kandy sports Corr. Lawrence House with The invitation relay for girls schools was won by Mahamaya Girls College and in the event for boys school, St. Sylvester won the relay. In the main age group.

Then we had Padma Amarasena in our class, Std. She had elder brothers in the Upper School. So we were a little wary of her! But she was quite good natured though she did not join us in the fun and get punished. She probably joined Kandy Convent later. We also had the spectacled Premalatha, I forget her other name. She was the brother of the studious Reginald.

mahamaya girls college kandy sports meet invitation

They lived down Trincomalee Street in the House above which a big clock was installed. This was next to the old K. Premalatha too left after the 5th Standard.

Nevertheless they were Rajans to us. They were the three daughters of Principal S. Wijethilake -Savithri, Sakunthala and Gayathri. Every morning, they walked down the hill to go to Mahamaya while we were climbing up the hill, the other way round after school. But having met later in life we realized that they were very much Rajans in their hearts. They left Dharmaraja when Mr. Wijethilake was transferred as Ananda Principal to succeed Mr. As we entered the middle school we encountered two unforgettable lady teachers, Mrs.

Doris Seibel who taught English pronunciation with "ei" "ou" and "i". All this was comic to us the Game Kollas!


Later in life we learnt that it was part of what is now called elocution! These two nice ladies were followed by Miss.

The good thing was that none of them physically punished them like their male counterparts many of who gave us bell full! Rajans always had a special relationship with Mahamaya.

14 ruggerites from Kandy schools

There was a saying among a certain social strata in Kandy then: We could watch them at play form the top of the hill though it was too far to be identified. They looked beautiful in their sparkling coloured Lama Sariyas. But they were so near and so far! The annual debates with Mahamaya, Girls High School and Hillwood were much looked forward to events well attended always.

mahamaya girls college kandy sports meet invitation

The venue was virtually prohibited to Rajans, but the more daring stole a visit on the sly. Some of my contemporaries at the University and Mahamaya, who by then were senior teachers, read out my credentials which they well knew, in their introduction. Some of his products played for the Kandy district and the country. Some of his hockey students, have planned to have a seven a side tournamentwhich is going to be a one day tournament and will be played in Kandy at the Police grounds. The big match has been fixed for 15th and 16th March and the one day for 24th March.

The second oldest big match the rd battle of the Blues between St. The third big match St. Damakage has been involved in the last few years in coaching, is going all-out to make the side a match winning team. The Old boys too give the best possible backing to keep the game going in the school. The side is led by Madushan Paranavithana. This season they have played only one game against Nugawella Central which ended in a draw the rest of the matches will start from mid-December due to examinations.

Saturday it will be weightlifting and on Sunday bodybuilding on both days the sport will start at 7 a. Some of the best iron sportsmen in the Kandy district are expected to take part, the organizers are going all-out to make it a top event.

New cricket nets for Mahamaya Girls | Daily News

Another set of side wickets from KDCA Kandy District Cricket Association last week presented three side wickets and yesterday they presented four side cement wickets with nets to schools like Mahamaya Girls College, St. Altogether KDCA has presented seven wickets, which are going to help the young cricketers in a big way.

Trinity boxers do well Trinity College who started boxing first inenjoyed a good year in boxing. A few days back they won the TB Jayah boxing meet and were runners-up in the L.

V Jayaweera boxing meet, where they bagged three golds and and a bronze medal. They also did well in the Stubbs Shield meet by winning gold and bronze medals. The principal Andrew Fowler-Watt has given his best support along with vice principal J. Senthil Chandrasekeran scoring 26 and V.

Prabakar took 3 wickets. Senthil Chandrasekaran, best bowler to Deppa Kumar and best all rounder to V. They have up to now played with Prince of Wales Moratuwa, St.