Maxx chewning powerlifting meet results

Maxx Chewning: The YouTube Star Who Eats As Big As He Lifts

maxx chewning powerlifting meet results

That's a powerlifting and competition specific program, by the way. . Meg: I collaborated with Maxx Chewning, he's another YouTuber and he. I based it off of a conjugate framework, utilizing max effort, dynamic doesn't account for the time right before a meet, everything will need to be. Maxx Chewning never knew how strong he was until he put down the controller This June, he competed in his first powerlifting competition.

These are all prerequisites before entering a competition. There are a lot of rules and it can be quite technical. Tips for you specifically… 2. Go 9 for 9. On Goal Setting Jake: From a personal and fitness standpoint, how do you set goals?

I set both short-term and long-term goals. Short-term in that, I grade every training session I have everyday. I grade how much fun I had and how accomplished I feel. When you set these goals, do you sit down and actually write them out?

I have a piece of paper on my desk and it has my financial, work, life, and strength goals. So I see it everyday. Also with goal setting, I have all my 1-on-1 client set goals, these are clients I speak to on a weekly basis. I have all of their starting numbers and their goal numbers. This way we can assess and reassess their programs to achieve these goals.

I would love to be squatting in a year, but is it going to happen? On Shrugging Off Critics Jake: How do you personally shrug off any any form of negativity you receive from a personal and professional standpoint? I go through waves of having it affect me. This being said, I try my hardest to not let it bother me. A photo posted by Meg Squats megsquats on Nov 23, at 5: On Your Defining Moment Jake: The videos with him was a big boost in my platform, and I got a lot of general lifters, so for a while I thought I was a YouTuber, not a powerlifter.

maxx chewning powerlifting meet results

Then I came to New York and did a video with Kevin Oak, and having the opportunity to lift with him, on top of him knowing who I was was huge for me. After that point, more opportunities continued to come and people began to know more so who I was. How did you build your voice and confidence in the strength world? I first started out by just documenting my experiences and then giving advice on my experiences. I think building my confidence is a combination of having great opportunities and access to people where I can learn new things.

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Do you ever find it overwhelming? A lot of it is understanding what works for you, and knowing that what works for you may work for someone else differently. Do you have a client story that has left a lasting impact on you? For example, I have my client story that I always tap into when I need extra inspiration. I think that is where I see the most growth in me and my coaching business.

maxx chewning powerlifting meet results

A photo posted by Meg Squats megsquats on Nov 12, at 7: Favorite all time food? Pho Noodles and burgers. If you had to do one lift for the rest of your life, what is it? Oct 30, at 2: Favorite song when you need a pick me up? Borderline by Madonna Jake: Hobbies outside of fitness? I like to ride my bike. Cats, plus Ryan loves cats. Rom com or horror movie? Daytime or nighttime and favorite season? I would highly recommend giving her a follow on InstagramTwitterand YouTube. How is doing a few sets of curl after bench going to dramatically change your physique?

What you need is the periodization of a powerlifting program with a lot of the training principles of a bodybuilding program.

You see, my coaches have done something different.

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On some days you will train like a powerlifter and other days you will train like a bodybuilder. Tackling two goals in the same phase of training but on different days. To get stronger, you need to be intelligent with your lifting.

Hence the rock solid periodization. For bodybuilding, you need the right frequency, volume, exercise selection and diversity of training to consistently push your muscles to grow. And if you combine both? You get a TRUE powerbuilding program.

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My program is designed to maximize strength AND hypertrophy. All of us share the exact same goal of not only lifting heavy shit but also looking badass while doing it. We'll guide you through this whole confusing process, making it as easy as possible.

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From the simple stuff like what to eat, how to figure out your macros to the really big details like a comprehensive overview of how you should train, technique hacks and programming explain to really shed light on how to take control of your lifting journey. This program is designed to work with everyone. None of us have amazing genetics. We've managed to decipher the simple principles of getting stronger and bigger.

maxx chewning powerlifting meet results

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