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meet all my dogs have kennel

Find out more about the symptoms and treatment against Kennel Cough. in the street, at a dog show, anytime, anywhere, wherever a dog meets another dog. Many dogs get kennel cough during their lives. It's a common infection of the respiratory system with symptoms like coughing and hacking. It sounds bad but. The more we can reduce the population within the shelter through adoption and place kennel cough dogs into foster homes for just days.

If you are delayed in your trip, please notify us as soon as you can. However we do not hear from you in couple days,regarding a delay in your return, we may mistake this to mean that your pet has been abandoned at our facility. When do I pay for you service? The full remaining balance less any deposit is required upon collection of your pet. Boarding Questions Before you board your pet: There are two aspects to your pet Boarding-Mental and physical.

Lots of people feel guilty when they leave their dog at a kennel. Your emotions may make your dog anxious. So just hand us the leash with a smile and happy word to your dog. Dog will be fine. You will be too. Will my dog forget me if we are away a for a long time? What is the minimum age for boarding a dog? We can board dogs at any age.

We recommend that pups start boarding after they have finished their initial Distemper-Parvo series. Also that owners of old dogs or dogs with health issues discuss with vet about boarding. Yes we can accommodate your wishes and board your pets together in the same run if the space chosen allows both comfort and safety.

Do you give discounts for multiple pets? As long as they share the same run.

meet all my dogs have kennel

Will you administer medications for my dog? Do you charge extra for administering medications?

meet all my dogs have kennel

We will not charge extra for the administration of medications. However if your dog is diabetic and require more medical care shotsyou will be charged 5. How much people contact will my dog get? Boarding dogs see and interact with staff throughout the workday during playtime, feeding cleaning and cookie times. Changing the environment and the daily routine for your pet can be stressful. This is why we do not recommend visiting your pets while staying with us. Otherwise you can visit the facility without a reservation,at any time during business hours.

Will my dog be lonely? We offer Very friendly and fun environment,with lots of exercise and play groups. While your dog will always be happy to be reunited with you, we are thrilled to see the dogs are also eager to come back and see us too.

What do I need to bring? Please be sure that All Belongings are clearly labeled, as they may be removed from the run do to a cleaning or laundering. Can I bring a bed if I want to? Yes, you can bring your dogs own bed or blanket. They may be very good at home, but in this new environment we had pets urinate mark their territory and defecate on their beds as well as chew them up.

Best thing to bring is beach towel, we can easy wash it for you. During summer, dogs will NOT use bed they will lay down on cool floor, so they can cool themselves. Water Bowls, Bed comforters, irreplaceable stuff toys, valuable stuff to you, rawhide chocking hazard more then 2 Toys dog wont play with them,lots of other activities Where do the dogs eat and at what time?

All dogs will have their own run space for feeding. Meal times range between We will feed all dogs after exercise so they can rest after meal, our staff monitors their food and water consumption to make sure they are eating and drinking enough water.

Some dogs especially if they are nervous or first time boarders will not eat right away,but eventually they become hungry and start eating we may add something to their food to spike their appetite too unless they have some food allergy. Can I bring food that needs refrigeration?

We have refrigeration and microwave to heat refrigerated food.

meet all my dogs have kennel

Clients that are concerned about this should see our staff about any questions prior to boarding. How much exercise will my dog get? Many dogs actually get more exercise while being boarded than they do at home.

meet all my dogs have kennel

Generally more hyper dogs Will stay longer in play yards during winter but shorter during summer, they will get tired quicker. More quieter dogs will stay longer in our play yards during summer,when they enjoy sun,but stay shorter in our play yard during winter. What IS kennel cough? Kennel cough is an infection brought about by either a virus or bacteria that causes the windpipe and voice box to become inflamed. Even visiting the vet or the groomers, sharing the water fountain, or visiting a dog park can do the trick.

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Rosy and Rocky 2. Who is at risk? Just like in humans, young puppies, older dogs, and dogs with compromised immune systems are more likely to contract kennel cough.

Unfortunately, it is more apt among these groups to progress into full-blown pneumonia. The average adult dog can also pick up the cough too. In short, any dog can get it. How can my dog get kennel cough?

What you need to know about Kennel Cough

How is it transmitted? Poor circulation in enclosed buildings is also a major culprit. If the symptoms are not serious, you may consider treating the symptoms yourself at home while allowing the dog to fight off the infection. This will usually take 5 or 6 days. Home treatment of the symptoms could include a spoonful of honey twice a day, or dosing with Benedryl or similar cough syrup to soothe the throat. Make sure there is plenty of water available to drink and that feed intake continues.

Check with your vet that the treatment and dose rate you intend to use is safe for dogs.

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Vet treatment is also possible and will often include a 5-day course of antibiotics to reduce the bacteria although this doesn't treat the viruses and may include anti-inflammatories to reduce the coughing symptoms and allow the throat to settle down. Recent research has shown that vaccinated dogs still spread the bacteria up to 9 days after exposure to it, while non-vaccinated dogs continue to spread the bacteria more than 20 days after infection. Other research has shown that unvaccinated dogs can still transmit the bacteria up to 3 months after infection!

Therefore it is important to realise that even a vaccinated dog might be infectious and can spread the organisms to other dogs. Owners should be aware of the potential to infect, or be infected by, other dogs long after there are no visible symptoms. My dog has been vaccinated, why is it still coughing? If the cause is Canine Cough then most often the coughing will disappear by itself after a few days.

If not, or the symptoms are severe, then a visit to the vet is essential. If there is no cross-immunity or if the immunity is not complete, then it is possible for the dog to become infected by that different strain. Some 17 strains are known to exist… Every dog is an individual hooray! These dogs might then become infected like a non-vaccinated dog. And could then become transmitters… So why bother vaccinating if it doesn't always stop the disease?

It is highly probable that most dogs vaccinated with the commercial "lab strains" become infected by more local strains of the disease some time after vaccination but the symptoms are so reduced that the owners don't see any signs while the dog develops additional immunity. At Adorybull's we take hygiene, cleanliness and disease control very seriously.

Why is my dog coughing?

PetAirapy uses UVC light technology to eliminate and kill allergens, bacteria and viruses such as Kennel Cough, canine influenza and all flue viruses, including the reduction of the H1N1 pathogens, before these infections contaminate the air. PetAirapy special filters also helps your pet while boarding by removing pollen, virus, smoke, dust, bacteria, mold, pet dander, and odors from the air.

meet all my dogs have kennel

In an independent laboratory test PetAirapy removed over You can read more about PetAirapy at http: ALL dogs that come to stay need to have been vaccinated within the preceding six months. We check the certificate provided by the vet, and enter the dates into our recording system.