Meet authority gymnastics scoring equipment

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meet authority gymnastics scoring equipment

Jun 30, Score must be achieved in a meet setting, judged by USAG Certified gymnastics Individual gymnast meet results must be highlighted on the meet result form For the National competition AAI equipment will be used. 3. . and have the authority to eliminate any unsafe skill from a gymnast's routine. Competitors Scores per rule of the NFHS Gymnastics Rule Book. No student may participate in more than 11 scheduled gymnastics meets during a It is the responsibility of the principal to provide equipment for competition that meets .. authority and responsibility for the conduct of all gymnastics tournaments. *All gyms with 3 or more gymnasts are required to Late entry fee: $ per gymnast Equipment & Scoring provided by Meet Authority Inc.

The ribbon must be in one piece.

meet authority gymnastics scoring equipment

The end that is attached to the stick is doubled for a maximum length of 1m 3'. This is stitched down both sides.

This extremity may end in a strap, or have an eyelet a small hole, edged with buttonhole stitch or a metal circleto permit attaching the ribbon. The ribbon is fixed to the stick by means of a supple attachment such as thread, nylon cord, or a series of articulated rings. Compulsory elements for the ribbon include flicks, circles, snakes and spirals, and throws.

It requires a high degree of co-ordination to form the spirals and circles as any knots which may accidentally form in the ribbon are penalised.

Y Competition Rules & Policies - YMCA of Coastal Georgia

During a ribbon routine, large, smooth and flowing movements are looked for. Clubs Multi-piece clubs are the most popular clubs. The club is built along an internal rod, providing a base on which a handle made of polyolefin plastic is wrapped, providing an airspace between it and the internal rod. This airspace provides flex, cushioning impact, making the club softer on the hands. Foam ends and knobs further cushion the club. The handles and bodies are typically wrapped with decorative plastics and tapes.

The skills involved are apparatus mastery and body elements, Clubs are thrown from alternate hands; each passes underneath the other clubs and is caught in the opposite hand to the one from which it was thrown. At its simplest, each club rotates once per throw, the handle moving down and away from the throwing hand at first.

However, double and triple spins are frequently performed, allowing the club to be thrown higher for more advanced patterns and to allow tricks such as s to be performed underneath.

Trampolining and tumbling[ edit ]. After the meet commences, gymnasts may stretch-out in between events under the supervision of the teacher-coach and at the discretion of the judges. If all the apparatus is not available for the pre-meet warm-up, a second warm-up period should be limited to those events and should not exceed a total of 15 minutes SCORING The cumulative scoring system will be used at all PSAL meets.


The highest three 3 scores count toward the team score. A "0" counts as a score. The all-around event is not an event for a separate score. In the case where a team declines to compete in any event, the opposing team will perform and their scores will count in the total team score. The all-around competitors must perform in six events for the purposes of qualifying for the All-Around Finals.

In keeping with National and International trends a team does not have to enter any all around competitors and may use an Unlimited competitor or specialist in their place. An Unlimited competitor may compete in any of one to six events. Teams may enter up to nine competitors in any event with a maximum number of 33 routines per team per meet.

Only the top three scores will count towards the team event totals.

Rules and Regulations: Boys Gymnastics

Inquiries regarding scores must be received by the officials prior to the start of the following event or within 5 minutes of the posting of the score of that event.

The appropriate form should be utilized. When a fourth inquiry is denied during the course of a meet, the team will be penalized with a deduction of 0.

In the event of a tie, each team will take the highest individual event score from each of the six events and add that total to the final team score. All team scores must be electronically reported to the PSAL website within 24 hours after each contest or risk a forfeit and individual scores may be disavowed unless the Commissioner is notified regarding unusual or extraordinary circumstances.

Teacher-coaches are required to report forfeits directly to the Commissioner within hours of the scheduled game. NO box score is entered for forfeits. If the equipment rule is disregarded, the visiting team is awarded a forfeit score of twenty 20 points for each event where the above items cannot be safely used.

If a school possesses a floor exercise mat it may be used. Should a school not have a floor exercise mat, a strip of 60' of mats shall be used. The gymnasts must exhibit corner work to reverse direction and move continuously without interruption. The home team must inform the visiting team of this condition at least two weeks in advance of the scheduled meet date. A clean and safe environment must be provided at all times. An outside phone line or pay phone must be available for use in an emergency.

Adequate lighting and heating must be provided. No student-athlete may compete unless he is wearing a school-issued uniform.

meet authority gymnastics scoring equipment

A student-athlete who competes in an improper uniform will receive a 0. This deduction will be assessed only once during a meet. The home team is responsible for the safe and efficient conduct of the meet. Proper decorum must be maintained during the conduct of all meets.

Scorers' tables and chairs must be provided by the home team.

meet authority gymnastics scoring equipment

Both teams must have student assistants available for home and away meets. Each school should train a clerk scorer and a runner. The visiting school must advise the home school in advance regarding arrangements for spectators.

If at any time during the meet spectators become disorderly, the official can require all spectators to leave. Officials will be selected from the approved PSAL list of gymnastics officials. Names of officials assigned to each meet will be posted on the web site prior to the competition. Officials are expected to arrive with sufficient time to check the safety of equipment and apparatus specifications.

Officials must advise each coach of the 0. A student who competes in improper uniform will receive a 0.