Meet ball place pancetta cream

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meet ball place pancetta cream

Order delivery online from That Meetball Place in Patchogue instantly! View That Meetball Bavarian Pretzel. Pancetta cream, marinara and cheddar sauce. Get Location Specific News. Patchogue All You Can Eat Meatballs with Pasta $ Monday – Friday . Pancetta cream, marinara, and cheddar sauce. $ Jan 16, Our fresh food will be available all day with signature dishes such as lobster balls with cream sauce, mushroom chicken balls with pancetta.

meet ball place pancetta cream

Most of the produce and ingredients, Hesse said, are from local vendors; they even use a very small freezer to maintain the freshness of the ingredients. The only dish made off-premises is the classic meatball blend, which is ground to their specifications. The restaurant features 11 different types of meatballs including vegetarian, seafood, gluten-free, chicken, original, lamb, pork and more. Every week, the chef comes up with a weekly special ball, such as the corned beef and potato or a barbecue ball.

Their homemade sauces include original, spicy, mushroom cream, pesto, spicy Asian, pancetta cream and cool tzatziki. The balls can be served in a variety of styles such as in a skillet, on sliders, over pasta, with ravioli, on a French baguette or a roll.

But they also offer delicious sides and salads including broccoli rabe, macaroni and cheese, risotto, polenta, pasta and ravioli.

meet ball place pancetta cream

The Brooklyn born burrata salad was certainly big enough to share and good enough to serve as a healthy dinner as well. The plate to start was beautifully balanced with just the right amount of olive oil and balsamic drizzled over a fresh bed of lettuce covered with bits and pieces of surprises. Every bit was packed with something else, from large artichoke hearts, red peppers, kalamata olives and basil to bacon bits that were perfectly cooked and not greasy with a good bite to it.

But the best part of the whole salad was the creamy burrata cheese made in Brooklyn. It looked like mozzarella and somewhat tasted like it, but it was somehow better; as you cut into it, it oozed with creamy goodness. Then, there were the tater tots. For starters, they are huge and fried crispy enough to stand up, not sog over.

The taste was more of a knish, paired perfectly with a dill spread.

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The more you taste, the more the applewood-smoked bacon comes through, with a hint of sharp cheddar cheese. Despite how tasty they are, they were dense.

meet ball place pancetta cream

The ballchos were creative, different and amazing! The balls of beef chili meat were incredibly fried.

It is served on a surfboard of a plate fit to serve probably four hungry adults. The tortillas are topped with guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo — simple but perfect. It is made with pork, veal and beef.

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There are two types of chicken balls, one made with spinach and feta, the other buffalo chicken. There is a spicy Moroccan lamb ball, a pork and black bean ball, and of course the vegetable balls, just to name a few. Second step is to choose a sauce. There are seven to choose from including regular or spicy marinara, a mushroom cream, pesto, spicy Asian, pancetta and tzatziki. Once you pick your sauce, you pick your style.

Either in a bowl, over pasta, as a slider, on a baguette, with a three cheese ravioli, on a multi-grain artisan roll, or the most popular way, the TMP Sampler where you get a choice of three meatballs and three sauces. There are also large shareable salads, small plates, special fries, flatbreads and wings.

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The Brooklyn Born Burrata Salad. I found myself smiling every time a new dish was brought out to me. Chef Hesse started me out with the TMP Sampler which consisted of a buffalo chicken ball which was breaded and fried and made with ground chicken, celery and blue cheese. That ball is served with its own special blue cheese cream sauce mixed with hot sauce.

This meatball and sauce combination was excellent. Next came the classic with marinara. The last ball in the trio was a lobster risotto ball made from chunks of lobster, saffron rice and red peppers, which was served with a delicious pancetta cream sauce.

I loved all the balls, but this was my favorite. I could eat a whole plate of these.

That Meetball Place

Next out was a giant everything pretzel served with three dipping sauces. It was fabulous, and was utterly delightful when it arrived at my table hanging from a banana tree.

The pretzel had to have been at least 12 inches by six inches. Dipping sauces for the pretzel included honey mustard, cheddar cheese and my favorite, scallion cream cheese. An enormous Brooklyn Born Burrata salad came out next, which featured a fresh handmade burrata ball, grilled artichoke hearts, Kalamata olvies, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, and crisp bacon with a delicious balsamic drizzle.

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This is a great dish to share or to have as a main course. It was extremely fresh and flavorful. I loved the spiciness of this dish, and the creaminess of the mac and cheese helped to offset it.