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meet baymax skype

Skype . Have you ever used a dating site to meet someone? Yes; No .. Tokyo Disney Resort: Big Hero 6 attraction (Opening date: ): Baymax. Earlier this week, the official Facebook page for the upcoming movie shared a short video with the hashtag #MeetBaymax where we got to hear. Joy and Sadness to Join Baymax in Newly Expanded Epcot Character Spot New Meet & Greet with Olaf to Debut at Disney's Hollywood Studios This Spring.

He used to care a damn and so was I as he wasn't a frequent user of WoHo during those days.

meet baymax skype

But, as days passed by, I came to view his selfie at WoHo where he quoted that he had some trouble in his vision. Recently, from Heidi's drive we got to know each other tbh. Whats your favourite thread on the community Baymax: The Wormhole, of course.

What are your future plans Baymax: To let life lead me in the direction it wants to take me. What has been the craziest thread what you've seen or heard since joining Oneplus Baymax: The craziest thread s I have seen is just anything by Klimaxo.

I'm sure others would agree. Many aren't perfect enough in creating theirs but, many are too perfect in creating theirs like Ruby. G with her Countdown madness thread thanks to Mjo for pulling me haha which was one of my fav, What is it like being a OnePlus fan in our country oh Mann this thread needs lil stoicism to write - words etc. So, craziness starts and ends with mine…. To pffft up, every cloud has a silver lining.

Since Tadashi did not leave a will, Aunt Cass and Hiro already inherited everything, Hiro was certain that he was able to fit into Tadashi's clothes when he was old enough to grow into them. The Vespa was still parked outside the garage where Tadashi had left it and his lab at the university had been cleared up after his death. Only Go Go had noticed that several documents were missing from the drawers, but took them as being misplaced before Tadashi had been killed.

Why did you always worry about other people? Hiro came within contact of Tadashi's bed that he had slept in simultaneously with his own bed. Once a night he slept in his own bed, then Tadashi's bed the next night, and now he wanted to sleep in it even more.

The scent, atmosphere, the whole claustrophobic area was all that remained of his role model, his inventions, his books, his notes, documents of his inventions…and Baymax.

Where were you when I needed you? Hiro felt all the rage boiling as he looked at the puffy, white robot within his luggage, having been dormant since he and Aunt Cass brought him home from the showcase.

Baymax was supposed to be a healthcare robot, and was meant to, in Tadashi's words: He dropped his upper body down on Tadashi's bed, clutching his left big toe with both hands, trying to heal the pain. Unlike the pain he suffered of losing Tadashi and his parents, this was a different sort of pain.

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At that very minute, a quick "beep, beep, beep," was heard from the circular light of the luggage, and out from the object came Baymax, his innocent black eyes greeting Hiro with a friendly wave of his right hand, as he had done before.

Your personal healthcare companion. So he replied, "A zero? I don't need treatment! As he succeeded in tugging himself free, the gravitational weight of his upper body carried him down to the bed on his spine.

Baymax's black eyes peered down upon Hiro as he said, "You have fallen. Before Hiro knew it, Baymax's arms closed in around his abdomen and he was carrying him bridal style from the back of his entire body with his legs crisscrossed over the hands.

Hiro felt as if he had been in this position before when he was a baby, no doubtremembering the consolidations of Tadashi cradling his tiny body back and forth as did his mother, yet his memories of her were no longer tangible.

So he straightened his legs and helped himself safely down from the magnanimous robot with his left foot being the last to leave as he protested, "I'm not crying! Great now I am starting to sound just like my brother. Baymax's neurological scan was an entire breakdown of the most unusual symptoms he could find. Hiro's respiratory system, heartbeat and oxygen levels were the same, with some different amounts of symptoms and hormones detected from every corner of his brain. On the left side of his readout, just below "diagnosis" there was a list of symptoms.

After "no physical injury", the status read "GPR54 detected. Its activation causes the release of gonadotropin hormones. In short, it was the mechanism that "turned on" the gonads and basically readied the body for sexual procreation.

All of the aches, pains and weird feelings that occur during puberty were a result of the body adjusting to changes in the gonadal system. The Kisspeptin receptor usually became active around age eleven year old girls and twelve year old boys. Hiro, being fourteen, suggested that he was a bit of a late-bloomer in regards to his physical development, but this was not especially uncommon among children who are intellectually precocious. No one really knew why this was; it was all just a common correlational finding.

Underneath it read "High levels of GnRH". GnRH was short for gonadotropin-releasing hormone. A peptide hormone that regulated the release of additional hormones in the anterior pituitary gland within the hypothalamus. These hormones were released in pulses or waves and it was often different between boys and girls.

In girls, the pulses tend to occur at a varied rate throughout the menstrual cycle, with big surges occurring just prior to ovulation. In boys, meanwhile, GnRH was secreted in pulses at a more constant frequency. Detection of high levels of GnRH in Hiro indicated that a pulse of the hormone was occurring and his gonads were in a state of spermatogenesis.

Underneath it read "Increased Pituitary Activity. Electrical activity generating in the pituitary caused the release of various hormones.

The pituitary was involved in all manner of state and trait-based functioning. In this case, the heightened activity was most likely connected to the pulse of GnRH. Under the previous name read "High Testosterone. Higher levels of testosterone during physical development aided in the tissue growth of secondary sexual characteristics, as well as augmenting muscle and bone mass, and the growth of body hair.

Meet Baymax In The Second BIG HERO 6 TV Spot | The Fandom

Secretion of testosterone from the adrenal glands is also associated with stress, helping to ready muscles tension and blood flow in so-called "fight-or-flight" situations. Heightened testosterone in Hiro meant that his body was going through the process of puberty; that his body was at an accelerated process of physical development like a "growth spurt".

The following underneath it read "Vocal Fluctuation," which was pretty straightforward. During puberty, the larynx grew and expanded at a fast pace, altering the pitch and vibration of vocal folds. Similar to GnRH, the hormones that aid in the growth of the larynx also occur in surges or pulses and this was why adolescent voices sometimes seem to 'crack' or suddenly fluctuate. Finally, the bottom symptom read "emotional instability.

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Nevertheless, emotional instability is highly common during the process of puberty, a byproduct of hormonal fluctuations as well as differential activity in the brain. Up in the screen, on the right side readout, were two side-views of Hiro's brain.

The first was a baseline image, the picture Baymax had taken when he first met Hiro.

meet baymax skype

The second was the current image. Both of which were imitations of what full side-view brain scans looked like in scans of functional magnetic resonance imaging. Hiro's baseline showed relatively normative brain activity, with electrical activity occurring in a broad, spectral fashion.

In the second image, however, the electrical activity was more focal, concentrating in the lower mid-brain region. This was where the hypothalamus is, and the concentrated activity indicated that the pituitary is in the process of triggering the release of all manner of hormones.

Hear Baymax Speak In New ‘Big Hero 6’ Teaser

Structurally, the hypothalamus resides right next to the amygdala, part of the limbic system, and a primary component to emotion. The amygdala was believed to be the part of the brain that connects thoughts and memories to physical sensations. Put simply, it is what created emotion. Being situated so closely to the hypothalamus, an increase in limbic system activity may have been merely a byproduct of increases of growth-related hormones during adolescence.

And this often contributed to greater emotional instability tied in with growth spurts. Furthermore, the increased activity in the midbrain region often acts to reduce activity in other areas, especially the frontal lobes.

The frontal lobes were the area of the brain most associated with decision-making, foresight, and judgment. Apparently, there was only so much electrical activity that could occur in the brain at any given moment. And a concentration of activity in the lower regions could actually reduce such activity in the upper regions.

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So, when an adolescent made a rash decision, acted out, or showed poor judgment, it was often a result of reduced activity in frontal lobes that occur as a result of heightened activity elsewhere. Finally, the readout showed Hiro's heart rate and body temperature in the normative range. Below the brain scans on the right-hand side of Baymax's eyesight screen were a list of abbreviations of six hormones and neurotransmitters.

First was GnRH at seventy one percent. Next was LH at eighty one percent, which stood for luteinizing hormone. For girls, luteinizing hormones supported the ovarian theca cells in later stages of the menstrual cycle.

In boys, luteinizing hormones helped to activate the leydig cells in the testis, assisting in the production of testosterone. After that was a figure for FSH at fifty eight percent. Just gotta roll with it. Yeah, this movie is gonna be one of this amazing movies that I've been a part of and it's based on one of the Marvel comics where this group of awesome heroes come together and form this group where we're like You know, I've seen the trailers and the promo stills and they definitely look like it's not your normal Disney animated movie.

It's got a lot of action, a lot of heart, comedy and basically more action than you can ever think of. That's pretty epic, dude. We've seen the clip of you and Baymax a month ago during this ABC special, "The Making of 'Frozen'" and it's so awesome and hilarious at the same time.

Yeah, as I looked at it, I was completely stoked, but then I was also embarrassed when I saw myself looking so weird when Baymax tried to check on me to see if there's no injuries. But I'm really amazed at how many people want to see this movie. I've got about a million and a half likes on Facebook, multiple hastags on Twitter and Instagram. And I see that 'Big Hero 6' has flooded social media. A lot of movies do that nowadays. And it's just a way to bring in the latest updates on what's happening with the movie; like contests, posters, trailers, TV spots, merchandises, movie stills and things like that leading up to the actual release for 'Big Hero 6'.

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You won't believe the amount of selfies I have on Facebook and Instagram and the comments are flooded with girls, just looking forward to see this movie.

And they should be. They're actually in L. I've actually looked at all the international dates of this movie and you guys have a packed itinerary to go all over the world to attend there. I know, but it's pretty cool that we'll get a chance to travel the world and meet a lot of people who are looking forward to this movie and hope that everyone will have a lot of fun in seeing this.