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meet big brother 10 jerry

BigBrother Social MediaJerry from BB10 on Dan's Twitter. .. for BB fights has been raised and I don't know if anyone will ever meet it again. Jerry MacDonald was a houseguest on Big Brother At the age of 75, he is the Jerry MacDonald. Meet the Big Brother 10 Cast - Pics, Videos & House Tour!. Family, Business, Won CBS Big Brother & create clean positive entertainment on . To everyone tweeting me asking if Jerry is dead.

Everyone thinks it's a dream come true to lay around and do nothing, but it becomes the most stressful aspect of your life. What was your strategy coming into the house? I planned to use my sexual orientation to my benefit. I knew I'd become close to the girls because women always love gay men, but I also have a macho, masculine aspect to myself that I could use to pull the straight men on my side as well. And I really think it worked the first couple of days.

I just made one really bad decision when it came to Brian and standing by his side, and I think that pulled me down. But you said early on you wanted to keep your sexuality a secret at first. How long did that last? I did not want to lie about who I was, and I absolutely had every intention of letting everyone know I was gay.

I wanted to come across as a guy from Dallas who rides bulls, and that's all I wanted them to know. If anyone asked me, and Libra did the first night, I would tell them.

I didn't want to be the liar of the house, but I just didn't want my sexuality to be the only way I was seen in the house. I just wanted them to meet me. You said standing beside Brian brought you down, and that's one of the main reasons you were nominated. Did that upset you? I really didn't agree with it at all, and that was one of the biggest arguments I had with everyone in the house.

I tried to show everyone that I was agreeing with the house by voting to evict Brian, and I thought that was like handing an olive branch out and saying, "Look, I'm doing what you've asked. Let's move past this. They saw me as a threat and fierce competitor, and I really had no choice. The damage was done. When we saw you make that argument, it seemed like the house was receptive to it.

But judging by your pre-vote speech, it seemed like you were prepared to go.

meet big brother 10 jerry

Did you ever think you had changed their minds? It was touch and go. There was one minute where I thought I had a small window of opportunity, basically immediately before the POV meeting started.

Michelle was waffling back and forth about whether or not to take me off the block.

meet big brother 10 jerry

She told me to find people who would agree to evict Libra, so I went to April and Ollie, who believe it or not, were talking about how much they wanted Libra out of the house. So, I tried — I went to every person in the house — but it all fell apart right before we sat down before the meeting. And I knew once I remained on the block that it was pretty much over. You mentioned the house slowly turning against Libra, and it seems she's pulling as many strings as Brian was.

Why do you think the house is so afraid to put her out?

Jerry from BB10 on Dan's Twitter. : BigBrother

He spent four years in the United States Marine Corps and was honorably discharged in He's been married for 54 years and takes care of his wife who was recently diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. He lives in Magnolia, Texas. He nominated Jessie and Renny but when Jessie was taken off the block he put Brian up. He was involved in a conflict with Memphis, caused in part by Jerry calling him a womanizer. Jerry has also attacked Dan, notably referring to him as a " Judas ", and in fact telling him that at a veto meeting.

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He has also accused Dan of "hiding behind his cross". He also said for Dan to "burn in hell. He won the PoV two weeks in a row, Week 4 and Week 5 and both times he chose not to use it. In Week 6 he was nominated with April by Renny.

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In Week 7 he was nominated with Memphis by Dan. In that same week he won a phone call from home, and again was nominated with Ollie by Keesha. Then in week 8 he won HoH, being the second person this season to win HoH twice.

He was evicted by Dan on day 66, becoming the seventh and final jury member. Dan and Jerry later become friends and continue to keep in contact. Jerry was referenced in " Big Brother 14 " during the August 30, live show during Britney's eviction speech.

He graduated from high school in Iowa. He was nominated with Angie by Keesha in Week 3 and survived the eviction. He was nominated yet again with Memphis by April, and was evicted by a vote. Jessie also made appearances on the MTV dating shows Next and Exposed ; both appearances were not successful. On Day 60, he made an appearance in the house as part of a luxury competition, dressed as a gorilla. Jessie was given the opportunity to join the Big Brother 11 houseguests at the first head of household competition.

His clique, the athletes, won the competition, so Jessie became the 13th houseguest of Big Brother He was then evicted on Day 40 by a vote of and became first member of the jury. The twist was that the free advice was not gameplay advice but fitness advice and the past houseguest was revealed to be Jessie.

The two then spent an hour locked inside Pandora's box with Jessie giving fitness advice while the other houseguests were given a luau party in the backyard. He would then return the next season on Big Brother 13 again with a Pandora's Box offering a shopping spree with Tori Spelling. Pec-tacular" merchandise, while the rest of the house earned the shopping spree with Tori Spelling.

meet big brother 10 jerry

This time, after houseguest Ian opened Pandora's Box, Jessie came and took all the houseguests' junk food away. Keesha is a member of PETA and doesn't eat red meat. The two women had a huge argument on Day 8. Keesha won her first HoH competition in Week 3 following the departure of Steven, with whom she had grown very close.

She nominated those who she felt responsible for his eviction - Angie and Jessie. Keesha then won the Power of Veto but did not use it. In Week 4, Keesha aligned herself with Dan, Memphis and Renny, as well as her previous ally Libra, and was pivotal in the move to evict Jessie instead of Memphis. However, this resulted in her being nominated along with Libra by Michelle in Week 5, though Libra was evicted in a vote. Keesha won her second HoH in Week 7 nominating Jerry and Ollie, making her the first houseguest of season 10 to hold the role twice.

The next week, Keesha was nominated by Jerry, but was saved against her best friend in the house Renny. The following week, Memphis won the PoV making Keesha the only remaining potential nominee.

Despite the pair being close throughout the game, Memphis chose to evict Keesha over Jerry on Day 64 claiming that it would be easier for him to get to the finals with Jerry in the final 3. Keesha became the 6th member of the jury of seven.

Keesha has a brother-sister relationship with Dan. Keesha voted for her close friend Dan to win Big Brother 10 over Memphis. Libra[ edit ] Libra Thompson [1] born August 6,41, is a human resources representative from Spring, Texas.

She describes herself as an " Obama supporter living in Bush country. Thompson, An African American has been in an interracial marriage for seven years and has three children: This gameplay however came back to haunt her when she was nominated with Keesha by Michelle in Week 5, and was then evicted by a vote on day Libra became the first member of the jury, and voted for Dan to win Big Brother Memphis[ edit ] Robert "Memphis" Garrett [1] born December 6,35, is a bartender or, as he preferred, "mixologist" from Denver, Colorado.

meet big brother 10 jerry

He is originally from Tennessee, hence the nickname "Memphis". Memphis attended Florida State University and earned an associate degree in event management. Memphis has particularly close relationships with Dan and Keesha. Memphis and Dan formed an alliance and named it "The Renegades".

Big Brother 10: Meet the Cast

Memphis was nominated Week 4 and narrowly escaped the eviction, by Keesha getting half the house to turn on Jessie. Memphis was once again nominated on Week 7 along with Jerry by his fellow ally, Dan. He won POV on week 8 and chose to take off Dan. He's the second person this season to win POV on back to back weeks.

He also won POV on week 9, having the only vote, he chose to evict his good friend in the house, Keesha. After leaving the house, Memphis was told that Big Brother couldn't give him the car because they didn't own it and someone else held the title so the car was returned almost immediately to the owner so Memphis received an undisclosed amount of money instead.

She is of Portuguese descent.


Michelle had a close friendship and alliance with fellow houseguest, Jessie. She held the PoV in Week 2 and didn't use it. She won the HoH competition for Week 5 and nominated Keesha and Libra in revenge for them rallying to get rid of Jessie.

However, Michelle told Keesha that Libra was her main target because Michelle had a strong dislike for Libra and wanted to get rid of her more than Keesha. Keesha agreed with Michelle and said that she did not like Libra either. In week 7 she replaced Memphis on the block after he used the Power of Veto on himself. On Day 52, Michelle was evicted by a vote and became the third member of the jury.

In Week 9, Michelle was given the opportunity to go on a private beach vacation for a day with Dan, who had won the trip and chose to take her. Michelle voted for Dan to win in the finale. Ollie[ edit ] Bryan Ollie [1] born October 22,37, is a marketing sales representative from Minneapolis, Minnesota.