Meet bill cipher wheel

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meet bill cipher wheel

Disney has comfirmed that Pacifica is the llama on bill cipher wheel. Loading editor Mabel or someone we have yet to meet. And again, link please?. Feb 10, Explore Hufflepufferfish ❄️'s board "Bill Cipher" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Gravity falls, Bill cipher and Reverse falls. Gravity Falls OpeningGravity Falls WikiGravity Falls DecoderGravity Falls SecretsGravity Falls JournalGravity Falls .. We'll meet again Don't know where Don't know when Oh. gravity falls birthday | Gravity Falls - Bill Cipher Wheel by Doctor-G Gravitty Falls. More information Bill Cipher wheel Gravity Falls Journal, Gravity Falls Art, Alex Hirsch, Grabity Falls · Gravity Falls We'll meet again by Insane-Dorito.

This is one of the three toss-up symbols that we don't really have a clear idea for. The reason Soos is the question mark is because nobody really knows too much about him. His experience at the Mystery Shack is completely unknown, as is the amount of knowledge he has.

Is Soos the smartest person on the planet? Is he the dumbest?

meet bill cipher wheel

These are legitimate questions. For all we know, it could also represent Stanford. The most commonly accepted theory, though, is that it is Stanley. Stanley, according to fans, would have slept in the room Soos found in Carpet Diem. Therefore, his glasses were the ones Stanford picked up next to the calendar. But this places a hole in the wheel. I believe the six-fingered hand to be the author, and I think the author is Stanley Pines. So, how do I explain this?

What are glasses used for? They are used for seeing better. So I say the glasses represent mankind seeing better We know the author worked on the portal, but who else worked with him? But this is the second toss-up. Now, let's talk about the stitched heart.

meet bill cipher wheel

It was first whole, then was broken, and was later artificially put back together. Robbie's heart was whole when he was dating Wendy, it was broken when Dipper broke the two of them up in Boyz Crazy, and it was stitched back together artificially by Mabel in The Love God.

Now, this one was tricky to see why. According to Dipper, Mabel tends to look on the "bright" side of things. She has the attention span of a puppy, which means she is constantly moving. Shooting stars are bright, constantly moving, and then they disappear. As I mentioned earlier, it's entirely possible that Dipper will become the "Lone Pine" after Mabel disappears. Most theories stem from the end clip of Headhunters. Mabel is holding the llama sweater up to a mirror and asking Dipper whether she should go with it or the sequins.

Wax Larry King's head hops past her and tells her to go with the llama hair, because "Llamas are nature's greatest warriors. They say that this signifies that the llama is Pacifica, being "the literal diametric opposite of Mabel" or Lebam, Mabel's secret doppelganger.

Others point out Larry King's comment and say the llama symbolizes a great warrior, possibly Manly Dan. It could also be a little far-fetched, maybe that Soos' cousin Reggie is the llama.

Soos said Reggie got in a fight with a teen and "the guy broke, like, all his arms, all his legs, and I think killed him or something. It's possible that "the guy" that won the fight is Reggie, and "he" the loser was the teenager. A few people say that the llama is Larry King himself. Douglas MacKrell believes that the llama represents nature, rather than its greatest warrior. There's even a theory that it's someone who we won't meet until Season 2. This is the third toss-up figure.

Who's On The Bill Cipher Wheel?

After I realized that we can look at the symbol and match it to a character, I realized that that quote from the head of Wax Larry King might actually be meaningful. In order to make his dealings with mortals easier, he took on the name "Bill Cipher" as his real name would "evaporate one with an expression of horror and ecstasy on their face".

When Modoc learned of the prophecy that foretold of an apocalyptic event that would stem from interactions with Bill Cipher, he lit himself on fire in an effort to avert it.

The natives eventually discovered a way to defeat Bill by using a zodiac with ten symbols. They left behind elaborate cave paintings about their encounter with the demon, including how to summon him, and more importantly, a warning never to read the incantation that would summon Bill aloud. Bill tricks Ford into building a gateway to the Nightmare Realm. In the late twentieth century, a young man named Stanford Pineswho had spent the past six years investigating the town's plethora of unnatural creatures and oddities, hit a roadblock in his research and was left without answers as to how the improbabilities of Gravity Falls had come to be.

During the roadblock, he uncovered the ancient cave containing the ancients' stories of Bill Cipher. Heedless of the warnings, Ford repeated the incantation aloud, summoning Bill into his mindscape. It was Bill who revealed to Ford that Gravity Falls' weirdness was caused by a rift between dimensions, through which the other side's weirdness leaked through.

With Bill's assistance, Stanford drafted blueprints to create an inter-dimensional gateway beneath his homeand recruited his college friend Fiddleford McGucket for assistance.

As Bill and Ford's partnership seemingly grew to friendship, Ford seemed to develop an obsession with Bill's powers, collecting triangular memorabilia such as rugs and statues, modeling his home's architecture in his image, converting his private study into a place of worship. Bill reveals his true nature and ultimate plans to Ford.

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Upon his return, an alienated Fiddleford muttered incoherencies before uttering a prediction about "the beast with just one eye. Journal 3it is revealed that Fiddleford saw Bill removing his exoskeleton to feed. He promptly abandoned the project. The suspicion planted in him by Fiddleford led to a confrontation between Ford and Bill, during which Ford learned that Bill had tricked him, as the portal was meant to act as a gateway to the Nightmare Realm, allowing the demon to bring chaos and destruction into their universe.

Horrified and betrayed, Ford shut down the project and attempted to destroy all knowledge of the portal, before accidentally falling through it himself. Bill either could not see Ford in the thirty years he spent lost in other dimensions, or didn't care to, as Ford would remark that they had not seen each other in many years.

meet bill cipher wheel

With the loss of his human pawn, Bill also lost physical access to the third dimension. Events of Gravity Falls Season 1 Bill's likeness is often seen in the series, as each episode contains 'hidden triangles' and even images of Bill himself, such as in "Fight Fighters", can be seen. Bill's entry in Journal 2. Bill's entry in Journal 3.

meet bill cipher wheel

Bill gives Gideon a little present.