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Steel Tariff Impacts on the Sheet Metal Industry

meet bill giffin

Part 1: Meet the T&G Showcase Home | Parade of Homes. Bridgett Mazer Recognized Bill Giffin. Part 4: Coastal Meet The Weitzner Family! Reviews. William Griffin sells programs and scorecards at Clark and Addison and and his mother struggled to make ends meet and take care of him. This time, however, tight supplies since the U.S. instituted tariffs on almost all foreign steel turned a routine order into an international pain, said Bill Giffin, a vice.

Steelmakers blame dumping for contributing to the decline in the domestic steel industry in the last 50 years.

meet bill giffin

Most support the tariffs. President David Burritt said shortly after the tariffs were announced.

meet bill giffin

Chapter Executive Vice President Ginger Slaick said members reported price increases ranging from 3 to 60 percent, depending on material. Such price increases are affecting profits, she added.

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Company officials there said the price increases have generally been what they expected, but they acknowledged that getting a hold of certain types of metal can be difficult. The tariffs have reduced the amount of imported steel in the market, and many domestic mills are running at close to full capacity.

Adding additional steel processing facilities takes time.

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For now, Zito and Billman both recommend sheet metal contractors ensure they have good relationships with their vendors. Then you potentially lose a customer.

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Or do I just eat it? He figures market volatility will affect a million of those pounds. Some steel vendors are only holding prices for 24 hours. Previously, most quotes were good for a month, Knox said. Knox is not among them. Right now, it hurts. Pessina estimated that Partlan-Labadie purchases betweenandpounds of steel a year—all of it from domestic suppliers.

With a heavily automotive client base, Pessina said he is concerned that the White House is mulling tariffs on imported car parts, since many U. Such a levy could affect his company more than the current duties on steel and aluminum, he said. He estimated that in many cases, prices have increased more than the 25 percent tariff on foreign steel. But he does have some questions about the impact of the tariffs.

Is it because the market will bear it? Another is Neil Woodyer, himself a Clinton Foundation donor. The latest venture of the two men is a company called Leagold Mining Corp. Giustra is on the board and Mr. Woodyer also donated to the Canadian arm of the Clinton Foundation. Supporting the work of the charity, which focuses its efforts in Latin America and other parts of the developing world, was a no-brainer, he said.

While mining companies are good at digging holes, he said, they are not good at the "soft relations," including long-term social and economic initiatives. Woodyer said in an interview. Clinton has stressed she never made decisions as a U. But the "unique complication" that the charity would pose for her was anticipated during her Senate confirmation hearings for the cabinet post in The foundation did not do so, and Ms.

Clinton has paid a political price. One e-mail chain among the tens of thousands hacked from the accounts of Ms. Clinton's campaign chairman, and released by WikiLeaks, sheds light on the potential for conflicts between Ms. Clinton's role as a political figure and the charity's sweeping global activities.

Clinton attended the event. Clinton, says in an e-mail, referring to her boss by her initials. Trump fodder for his stump speeches and forcing the Clinton Foundation to rethink how it operates. Bill Clinton has promised to put in place new restrictions if his wife wins the election — it would no longer accept donations from foreign countries or corporations and Mr. Scott Amey, general counsel of the Project on Government Oversight, a Washington-based non-partisan watchdog, said the proposed restrictions are a good first step, but more needs to be done to address potential conflicts of interest, including disclosing any meetings between White House staff and donors to the charity.

meet bill giffin

For his part, Mr. Giustra has said that in the event of a Hillary Clinton victory, he would spin off the Canadian charity into an independent entity, with a new name and no ties to the Clinton Foundation.

It would "bring on new partners and funders" and Mr. Clinton would no longer be invited to travel on Mr. Giustra's private jet, according to Mr.

meet bill giffin

Giustra and the Clintons might, in fact, simplify matters for Mr. Several years ago, for instance, a small publicly-traded company that he backed, Cannon Point Resources Ltd.

meet bill giffin

At stake is a potential treasure buried in granite-like rocks along a remote stretch of southwestern Alaska. But it's unclear whether anyone will ever be allowed to extract it: The EPA has blocked the Pebble project, citing risks to spawning grounds in a nearby watershed. Northern Dynasty has accused the agency of misconduct by vetoing the project before undertaking any scientific inquiry. What if that president is Hillary Clinton? Would the Giustra connection help the miners?

Giustra is taking absolutely no chances. He has already sold most of his shares in Northern Dynasty and plans to sell the rest soon, before the next U. Brown, "our client feels his continued share ownership will be distracting to the company. The following is a comprehensive list of those events, sourced from disclosure documents. Events are listed in chronological order, and can be filtered by speaker, province or year.

Only one filter can be applied at a time.