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meet bros kasam se tv

Shootout at Wadala is a Indian biographical-crime film written and directed by Sanjay This breaks a fight between Haskar brothers and Mastan. The music of Shootout at Wadala is composed by Anu Malik, Anand Raj Anand, Meet Bros Anjjan and Satellite rights with a TV channel, ₹22 crore (US$ million). Kasam se Meet Brothers at Suron Ke Rang Colors Ke Sang Free Download Mp3 Kasam Se Mp3 Song Free Download By Meet Brothers. Kasam se Meet. Meet Bros & Kanika Kapoor. Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan. Roy. . Kasam Se Kasam Se. Ayee Milan Ki Raat. Ye Dua Hai Meri Rab Se. Sapne Saajan Ke.

Potya attacks him from behind and beats Manya up, to which Manya responds by stabbing Potya to death. Later on, both Manya and Munir escape from prison while they are working on a railway track and try to join hands with two brothers who rule Mumbai 's deals. However, the second brother, Dilawar Sonu Sooddisapproves of Manya and dislikes him. After this, Manya forms his own gang which consists of him, Munir, Veera, and Gyancho, a sharpshooter brought by Munir.

Soon enough, Manya finishes off Bhatkar the gangster who had him and his brother arrested. Jamal, Bhatkar's bodyguard, also joins them.

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Next, Manya brings Ambolkar to his knees by beating him brutally in public. The story next shows the death of Sadiq, Arif Zakaria an unscrupulous news reporter, by Mastan.

meet bros kasam se tv

This breaks a fight between Haskar brothers and Mastan. Due to this, a truce is called by Haji Maqsood Akbar Khan. The truce is short lived as Maqsood asks Manya Surve to finish Zubair. After Zubair's assassination, Dilawar kills Gyancho with the help of Jamal. He is about to kill Munir when Manya saves him. Later, Afaaque is asked to kill Manya by Dilawar. Even after his refusal, at first he agrees when police commissioner Jackie Shroff orders him to.

Jai becomes furious and says he will use his marriage to Bani to destroy Pia. Slowly Jai and Bani fall for each other. Bani youngest sister Rano is in love with Jai's nephew Sahil but he is arranged to be married to Rashi because Sahil's sister Anu is pregnant with Rashi's brother Rohit child and their father Mr. Chopra only agrees to let Rohit marry Anu if Sahil marries Rashi but Rano and Sahil elope and Sahil's older brother Ranvir offers to marry Rashi to save their family from being humiliated.

meet bros kasam se tv

Bani discovers a dark secret that 7 years prior her mother had been killed in a car accident caused by Jai who hit her with his car. Jai explains that's how he had made that deal that Bani's father left in his will. Bani leaves the Walia mansion but returns and forgives Jai once it is discovered her mother committed suicide. Pia becomes interested in Jai for his wealth again and tries to steal him from Bani.

Once Jai goes on a business trip out of the country, Pia follows him and lures him into her clutches. She spikes his drink and spends a one-night stand with him. This leaves Jai shaken.

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On Bani and Jai one year anniversary it is revealed that Pia is pregnant with Jai's child. Pia gives birth to a son and names him Veer. She now does her most to steal Jai from Bani. Sahil, Rano's husband is suddenly killed in an explosion during the festival of Holi. This leaves Rano all alone with her infant son but she ends up marrying Ranvir.

Pia frames Bani for Sahil's death and Pia blackmails Jai telling him that he can either let Bani spend life in jail or help her determine that she is mentally ill and she can spend 5 years in a mental hospital, Jai who is left with no option decides to also rule that Bani is mentally ill and Bani is sent to a mental hospital.

At the mental hospital Bani gives birth to twins Krishna and Atharva but soon after they are taken away by Jai.

meet bros kasam se tv

Bani escapes from the mental hospital and reaches the house to find Jai getting married to Pia but the marriage is stopped because Jai is already married. Bani leaves the Walia mansion and falls into a ditch, she is rescued by a man named Deb who immediately takes an interest in her. He cares for her in this dark time and soon offers her to come with him abroad so she can get away with all that has happened to her.

Bani agrees but before leaving she promises that she will return for her children. Five years pass and Bani and Jai's children are 5 years old. Rano is mad at Pia because at what she has done to Bani and the family. Pia does not take care of her own son Veer or Bani's children.

Bani who has adopted the name Durga, returns to take her children and she exposes Pia for what she has done.

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It's revealed she is the one who got Sahil killed. Pia then meets with an accident and is left in a wheelchair. Bani and Rano forgive her and help her. Bani soon meets a man named Daksh who appears to be mentally ill but what is strange is that he gets calm and happy once he sees Bani. Jai soon gets the wrong idea of Bani and Daksh and starts to think Bani and Daksh are having an affair which is mostly instigated by Jigyasa. It is revealed that Bani had an identical twin sister named Anamika who her parents had never told her of because when they were born Bani's mother gave Anamika to a woman who was childless but their parents never brought them together.

Daksh had fell in love with Anamika and married her but on her wedding night she died and she burned to death, since then Daksh has had been out of it until he met Bani.

Soon after, Krishna and Atharva are kidnapped and then they are murdered in front of Bani and Jai.

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Struck by the loss of his children and instigation led by Jigyasa he kicks Bani out of the house because he thinks his children died because of her and Daksh relationship. Jai's aunt Maasi cursed out Jai for doing this and leaves with Bani as well. Bani feeling like she has nothing left in the world tries to kills herself bu jumping into the Ganges river but she is saved.

She is revealed to be pregnant and she finds some hope in her life again. Another 5 years go by and Bani lives by the name of Maithili with Maasi and her 5-year-old daughter Ganga. Jai has appeared to move on and has made his business one of the top ones.

He also has remarried to a woman named Meera.