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meet chat noir new york

Le Chat Noir was a nineteenth-century entertainment establishment, in the bohemian Salis met Goudeau, whom he convinced to relocate the club meeting place This new Chat Noir, located at 68, boulevard de Clichy, remained popular. Photo of Bistro Chat Noir - New York, NY, United States .. We understand that your expectations were not met during your dining experience and for. CartoonsMiraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. Follow/Fav All That After an Akuma attack goes wrong- Marinette finds herself in 's New York City with an entirely different Cat Noir. . Green eyes met blue. The cane.

meet chat noir new york

His Lady wept, shivered and looked absolutely miserable on his account. She was mad at Chat for that night, a single night they spent together. Adrien wished he could regret it the way she did, but he just couldn't. It was too perfect to not treasure it forever.

The duo had been celebrating her 20th birthday. He invited her to a dinner. It went so well, they had so much fun, their easy friendship slowly slipping into a dangerous territory. At the end neither could resist the romantic spell they were plunged into.

Or maybe only Ladybug couldn't, because while Chat Noir had never hidden how he felt about his partner and that how he always wanted their relationship to be much more, she suddenly allowed him to go the length he could only dream of. She asked for that herself and made the first move.

For the first and what seemed like for the last time because when he woke up the next day, she was gone. Then followed the fight. A few days later when they met again Ladybug was an emotional mess. She said she had thought a lot about what had happened and admitted that she loved him but also insisted that she couldn't be with him because she loved that other boy. She claimed that it wouldn't be fair to either of them so she would rather stay alone than hurting anyone by half-loving them.

Chat tried to reason with her, to say that he'd accept what she was willing to give him and it'll be more than enough but at the end, they just fought harder. Always so determined and stubborn, Ladybug told him that her mind was made up — she would rather live a miserable life than giving him only a half of her heart and always look over her shoulder for that other guy.

He deserved so much more, he needed someone who could love him with all their heart she said and disappeared into the night. So when Adrien heard about the job in America next morning, he didn't think twice. To leave and let Ladybug be happy with that other man sounded like a sensible solution at the time.

He didn't want to stay in the way of his Lady's happiness anymore. He'd had enough of being a problem. Because if not for him, he figured, and his dumb, stubborn attempts to win her over, she'd be free to be with that other man already. She'd be happy by now. Adrien loved Ladybug too much to continue destroying her life. His love, apparently, was just as destructive as his powers were.

Maybe, there was an underlying reason he was chosen to be Chat Noir in the first place, after all. Chat Noir got his chance with Ladybug and it wasn't "it" for the girl of his dreams so he had to step down, to leave and give up his miraculous so she could be free of him, his stupidity, his foolish feelings. Without him confusing her, Ladybug would actually have a chance to be happy with that other lucky, lucky man… He could live with that.

The truly devastating consequence, however, was he had to quit being Chat Noir. The miraculous had to stay in Paris, Plagg explained, and if Adrien left he had to give the ring to a new wielder. Adrien didn't even need to think; there were matters much bigger and more important than his desire to jump across the rooftops of Paris.

Hawkmoth was gone and Adrien wasn't needed anymore.

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Heartbroken but determined, Adrien removed his ring and gave it back to Plagg. After the man supplied his kwami with enough Camembert to last him a month, they parted in silence. Words would've been pointless and only would've led to tears and more pain. In a moment Plagg was gone from Adrien's life. He remained in his heart forever. The only person he called from the airport was Nino, the only friend he kept in touch with after they finished school.

Other goodbyes were either unnecessary or too painful. And now, spending six years away, never finding peace, never forgetting his Lady, never loving anyone else, and never feeling at home anywhere, Adrien finally came back to attend his best friend's wedding.

She wasn't that crazy now, however, she was a respected journalist with a successful career and was about to make his best friend happy. Adrien didn't plan to stay long.

meet chat noir new york

A few days before, a few days after the wedding and he'd be back in his bachelor apartment in New York City. He'd planned to spend his visit as low-key as possible, see a few friends and avoid his father as much as possible. He didn't plan to be knocked off his rails by a carbon copy of his mother messing around in the sandbox of a local park. This particular afternoon Adrien decided to surprise Nino. Arriving the previous day and not letting anyone know so he could sneak up on him was supposed to lift his mood and add just a bit of fun he desperately needed in his life right now.

meet chat noir new york

An hour ago Adrien called Nino, said he was at the New York airport, waiting for a plane and casually asked him what he was up too. The groom-to-be informed him that he was at a nearby park, doing a favor for a friend.

Imagine Adrien's surprise when he arrived and startled Nino that "the favor" was two hours of babysitting Marinette's 5-year-old daughter. The same Marinette Dupain-Cheng that was so excessively shy and never fully got over her stutter around him; that girl who had always been a mystery to him; the only other girl he had ever had a crush on apart from Ladybug. A secret, tiny, minuscule crush he never let anyone know about and worked hard to get over.

He had his Lady, he couldn't afford to stray away. He lost Ladybug but at least Marinette had her life all set up.

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That was good to know. Who knows what would've happened if Adrien let his destructive love ruin her life as well? Alya couldn't do it, her parents are away and it's not like Emma would go to just anyone anyway," he added.

There was also something about this little girl's character and something about time and impossible to find… Adrien couldn't really distinguish words clearly anymore. It all mixed up in his head like white noise as he continued to just stand there, staring at a splitting image of his mother and wondering if there was something wrong with his head, or eyes, or maybe it was exhaustion, or maybe a combination of everything… Then came the most stunning detail. That statement definitely brought his attention back to Nino.

Adrien quickly remembered that the said girl was around 5 years old plus 9 months of pregnancy… Adrien felt his insides froze. Six years ago, Chat Noir was him and if everything was correct, he was her father… Adrien frowned in confusion.

He was pretty sure that he wasn't intimate with Marinette at any point of their acquaintance. Apart from that short crush fluke, he didn't even know her very well. In fact, because of his love for Ladybug and his innate loyalty, that he wasn't sure was a benefit or liability anymore, he had never even attempted to be with anyone else, successfully causing a rumor that he wasn't into girls in the circles he lived amongst in the US.

But now, having her engaged to me, I think, it's a bit more safe to tell? Keep it to yourself for now, thought. If my woman would find out that I told you, she- Just don't tell her, bro, ok? You could tell right away he was a newbie - a brown-haired teenager with no sick skills yet and quite serious, at that. Nothing like the cool dude we had before. A couple of days later," Nino sighed. Before that, however, she wanted to let Alya know who she was and to apologize.

Miraculous Ladybug: Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir (Episode 25)

The glass cracked with the force of the impact. He looked up- Green eyes met blue. The cane struck Ladybug and, before Chat could even register what was happening, his lady vanished in a flash of white light. It wasn't raining anymore. That was the first thought that popped into Marinette's mind as she stared unblinkingly at the dark ceiling.

meet chat noir new york

There's also a ceiling. It occurred to her that she really should be panicking right now but all she could feel was a dull sense of numbness, like having a dream fall out of your head just after waking, she felt like she was missing something she couldn't quite grasp. That was when the headache struck her; a throbbing, pounding pain at the temples which made her want to shut her eyes and hide under a blanket for the next twenty years.

meet chat noir new york

She rolled onto her side, groaning, getting on to her knees. She felt dizzy, lost, sick, all coupled with a growing sense of dread. A pair of rough hands seized her, dragging her upwards, and she gave a strangled cry as she was forced into a wall. Her brain felt like it was going to explode, black spots formed in her vision, making it difficult to see. She tried blinking a few times and, thankfully, her eyes seemed to refocus. Standing in front of her was a young man, probably a few years older than herself, with dark slick-backed hair and bright blue eyes.

His face was clean cut and chiselled but also contorted into an expression of rage. Without any warning, her memories hit her harder than her headache and she reeled- The rain.

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Chat about to get struck. She couldn't let him get hit. She had to- Oh god what had she done?! Marinette couldn't understand a word he was saying, his words had come out rushed and gruff, but she picked up on a few words. He was speaking English. His hands were shaking against her collarbone.

Marinette was unsure if it was in fear or rage but one thing was for definite, he was going to get the hell off her. Using the last of her strength, she grabbed one of his arms and twisted her whole body around from her hips, breaking his hold and promptly slamming him against the wall instead.

She wanted to grin at her crafty little manoeuvre, but decided that would only escalate the situation. She wondered why his eyes widened in response, and tried to keep her voice calm even as her vision swam before her. I don't know who you are talking about, but I'm I'm not going to fight you. Chat was finding it extremely hard not to lose his mind as he dodged more attacks from Time Twister.

Where was his lady? Where had she gone? Why had she surrendered herself to protect him? Now she was gone and it was his fault. He felt his world collapsing around him. Your precious Ladybug has been sent away! Nobody now to take away my Akuma. You're a helpless little kitty cat and your miraculous is mine!

Chat felt rage boil in his chest like venom, turning his blood black. His hands balled into fists and he snarled. How dare he, how dare Time Twister mock him when he'd taken away his partner, the only woman he'd ever- No. No time to think about that. He advanced, his staff ready. He couldn't get rid of the Akuma, but he could make damn sure Time Twister couldn't inflict any more damage. A red yo-yo swung from the distance, wrapping around the old man's cane and snatching it from his clutches.

Chat froze, Time Twister froze.