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meet clients needs

What do your clients really want? Genuine information and great customer service. So, fulfilling your customers' needs seems pretty simple, right? Still, you obviously have to meet customer needs often enough to keep your company's reputation in to retain more long-term clients; Optimize your website to grow your profits. Customer research can help you identify your customers' needs. Find out what level of customer service your customers expect.

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While the equipment and site upgrades are instrumental in growth, leadership at AURI is quick to point out the greatest resource and support of AURI is its people. The new staff brought on board include Riley Gordon, Monte Koshel and Jason Robinson and each brings a new skill set to the teams they serve. Gordon offers an alternative, analytical viewpoint to projects and challenges that AURI faces. Gordon works on projects in each of the four focus areas of AURI: Gordon also helped with a biobased project focused on a soy-based road sealant, by collecting and coding asphalt cores for a third party blind study.

He also helped interpret the data results, including statistical analysis of the data. Along with other AURI staff, Gordon pursues the technical feasibility of value-added industrial hemp products, including HempCrete, an environmentally friendly, high performing insulative material made from hemp hurd, a byproduct of hemp fiber.

Gordon is quick to admit that he is just learning the ropes and gives a lot of credit to his colleagues, especially Al Doering, who Gordon describes as an exemplary mentor during his brief time with AURI. Gordon sees the strong, professional relationships as paramount to the strengths and growth of AURI. It has been remarkable for him to see how much has changed in the farming industry in the past 20 years because of technology and techniques.

People drive successful ventures. My goal is to connect those people who can create that perfect situation for fostering ideas to success. That entrepreneurial spirit is what drives the ag industry constantly into new territory. I look forward to working with the AURI teams to help others make their ideas reality.

His goal is to educate, and ensure a potential client project fits with the mission and capabilities of AURI facilities and staff. Once a synergy is found, Robinson works with the client to define the appropriate scope of work for their stage of business and match them with the right AURI or external resources. He has significant experience in business and brand building, which he uses to help guide clients to build a stronger, more sustainable business model or product proposition.

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His client-first approach is really all about building a relationship and defining needs. However, expanding the physical space of the coproducts pilot lab and creating improved sensory capabilities will provide both a more efficient environment as well as improved resources to better serve clients and industry. Currently, the Culinology Department uses the space for a sensory course. They change easily, change quickly and change demographically, which is very important to evaluate when developing an internationally known brand.

What do customers want?

meet clients needs

From my experience, most customer complaints are the result of the deficient understanding of customer demands or inefficient delivery of a product to its audience. The degree of satisfaction of your clients will be determined according to your performance in these areas.

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On the other hand, a quick response and a short wait denotes concern for customers. This means always making sure that your representatives are always accessible and responsive. A client when answered quickly for his concerns will feel secure and dedicated to a brand. Prepare your employees to be there when a customer needs them.

meet clients needs

Treat Customers with Courtesy When you work with clients, always focus on the situation or problem, not on the person. Be courteous, because the problems that customers are trying to solve may not seem like a big problem to you, but they mean a lot to the customer.

meet clients needs

Courtesy is the most visible way to convey respect. Excellent customer service cannot take place without a friendly atmosphere.

Meeting your clients’ needs

It is important that each person who serves a client understands that the courtesy begins with each of them! Respond to The Needs and Wishes of The Client As I have seen, today the world has changed, the clients decide what they want to buy and what not. All the clients want is for you to worry about them and understand their problems. They want to be the center of your attention at that moment and they want the interaction they have with you to be free of problems.

meet clients needs