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FA to meet with England players' representatives this week in attempt to end commercial wrangle

meet england

With the World Cup getting underway on Thursday, England fans can start dreaming of their road to glory at Russia You can download the latest Football Daily podcast here. Spain play their first match since the World Cup when they meet England at Wembley. View full event information for the National Summer Meet including schedule, spectator information, entry information and a results archive.

meet england

In his new role - and with a number of people effectively asking him if he was going to let Lopetegui get away with such blatant disrespect - he decided to show everyone how strong he was was, who was in charge. In his view, strong leaders make strong decisions.

I think that sometimes not making decisions is also a sign of a very good leader. Enter Luis Enrique - a strong man for Spain When Sergio Ramos donned the mantle of leader and spokesman during the Lopetegui crisis and urged Rubiales to stand by the coach it was not best appreciated by the federation chief.

meet england

What, in Rubiales' mind, was needed was a manager as outspoken and volatile as he is, in order to bring everyone, most of all Ramos, in check. Luis Enrique left is seen as a strong leader by federation president Rubiales right - one who can keep the players in check Enter Luis Enrique - a similarly volatile, speak-your-mind type of person; a manager that Rubiales believes Spain needs; a hard hand on the helm.

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One selection - or rather non-selection - in his first squad tells us a lot. Alba is a regular at Barcelona and ideal for the usual Spanish possession-heavy game, but Luis Enrique has left him out of his squad.

This appears to be more for personal than professional reasons, as they both clashed in Luis Enrique's last few months at the Nou Camp. Luis Enrique's relationship with the press will be an interesting one. Other than interviews he is contractually obliged to do he will not do anything else and he is not able to disguise his total contempt for the media.

The Spanish press like managers who are diplomatic and accessible, available for the midnight radio shows on the eve of games, and Luis Enrique will not play that game.

Personally, I think Luis Enrique wants to change the style completely - moving away from a possession-based game, playing between the lines, to a more direct approach - and we will see glimpses of this against England. Players such as Atletico Madrid's Rodri will ensure Spain always remain competitive - but can they guide La Roja to major tournament success? He worked at changing the style at Barca in his last year there. Iniesta was on the bench a lot of the time, as was Alba, and he would play defensive midfield players alongside Sergio Busquets.

But his distant relationship with the players dictated that his time was up at the Nou Camp after three very intense and successful years and he did not really get the chance to fully implement the changes. And, funnily enough, if he does change the style there will not be many complaints because most of the media that follow Spain are from Madrid, and in the Spanish capital the possession-based style that made us champions and originated elsewhere was always seen with suspicion, as if La Roja had been invaded by a foreign hoard.

After three consecutive major tournament victories, at Euro and and the World Cup, Spain have now have gone through three successive competitions where they have not made the quarter-finals. New players like Atletico Madrid midfielder Saul, 23, Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga, 23, Real Madrid's attacking midfielder Marco Asensio, 22, and Atletico's Rodri, 22, are the future and will almost certainly be very important to Spain and ensure they will always be competitive.

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But I don't see the experienced players of the past in this squad, absolute leaders in their teams, some of whom had travelled to foreign leagues and grown in the process.

He has been alive since England has been known to exist, and he has seen and looked over all our previous monarch, ancestors and people, even Elizabeth I. But as you will be inheriting the throne after I step down, you will need to familiarise yourself with England — otherwise known as Sir Arthur Kirkland — and together, the both of your will overlook the well being of this country.

England could only feel this carefree around his Royal family, or around the people that he liked and respected. Are you an angel God has sent down to us? The Queen gave him a light smack on the back of his head with a disapproving look on Her face while England chuckled. I use those words rather often myself.

The Prince felt rather flushed- he knew now why he felt intimidated; this man in his presence had seen the battles that claimed the lives of billions of men, looked after the Motherland for centuries and had access to immortality.

meet england

And he was rather good looking, too. Not to mention that he didn't throw himself at his feet, unlike all the other people out there who weren't his Grandmother or Brother. I bid you good day, Sir Arthur- and do try not to overwhelm the poor boy. Now, off you go.

It was really disturbing, seeing someone treat a member of the Royal family with such casualness. But after all, if Arthur really was immortal, he would probably have known the Queen since she was a baby.

National Summer Meet

You probably have a lot to ask. Well for starters… even if you are the personification of England… how important are you exactly? I mean- not to be offensive or anything like that! But what sort of work do you do?

meet england

We are supposed to come up with ideas on how to maintain peace within our world- though mostly it becomes stupid and pointless. France says too many stupid and perverted things for me to ignore. And that bloody git America keeps on blabbering about heroes all the time- but those are more of personal grudges. Politically though, we get along fine. There were other Nations too? What were they like?

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England's voice pulled him out of his ponderings. I am connected to the well-being of this country… for example, if our economy is suffering, I'll probably get a slight fever or so. And- London is my heart," England whispered the last part to the Prince. I almost died back there. But you must never disclose this information to anyone, understand? This is being kept strictly confidential between the Queen, you and me only. England tilted his head curiously. The blonde Prince nodded in reply.

If you don't mind, William- I'd like to get to know you better. Would you like to accompany to the next World Conference this week?

It's going to be something like a ball. You'll be able to attend the actual meeting if I pull some strings, probably; it's going to be held in London, after all. For some reason, England felt a warm attraction towards William. He hadn't felt this way about a Royal since… Since… Elizabeth I. And look how that turned out. The Prince nodded vehemently, blushing.