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meet geek women

About a third of the women I met (in person) via online dating sites could fit the " geek" description pretty accurately. This was without any conscious effort on my. I'm a female geek and a lot of experience with this. Here are some fun ways to meet a special geek guy. Looking for Geek Dating & Nerd Dating? Love Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy, Animation, Video Games, Conventions & Cos-Play? Then is for you!.

I highly recommend it. The best geek men are smart, attentive, and caring; they make great partners. Here are some good ways to meet wonderful geeks that, with any luck, may be great relationship material.

Meet Geek Guys Online The internet is one of the best ways to meet a boyfriend because it doesn't matter where you live. If your area doesn't have any geek-friendly events or activities, you can still meet like-minded people easily.

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Dating sites are a great way to find single men who are actively seeking a relationship. I've used them myself and had positive experiences.

If you choose to try a dating site, make sure you sign up for one that allows you to search profiles by interest. That way you can do a simple search for guys who are also interested in Firefly, Star Trek, chemistry, historical reenactment, or whatever you're passionate about.

It's a good place to start if you're interested in trying a dating site. It's free and you can search for people using your interests. Me and some geek friends playing the BANG! Playing games is a great way to meet other geeks. Source Meet Geek Guys at Conventions, Expositions, and Festivals Places like anime and sci-fi conventions, comic book expositions, and renaissance festivals and fairs are awesome for meeting a potential geek boyfriend.

Events like these are held all over the country, usually on an annual basis. Do a little research and find out what local events are likely to pull in hoards of geek boys who like the things you like. Meet Geek Guys at Video Game and Card Game Tournaments If you're the type of geek girl with a fiery, competitive spirit, consider playing in a video game or collectible card game tournament.

Tournaments are common for fighting games like the Tekken and Street Fighter games and collectible card games like Yu-Gi-Oh! If there are no tournaments scheduled in your area, consider talking to your local arcade, gaming store, or hobby shop about organizing one.

How to Find a Boyfriend as a Geek Girl

World of Darkness is a great choice for horror fans and Warhammer 40, may appeal to sci-fi fans. Tabletop role playing games are social games which usually require at least 4 people, so if you find or start a gaming group, you're likely to meet some new guys.

Talk to your local gaming or comic shop to see if they know of an RPG group looking for players. If not, consider starting your own and ask if you can leave a few flyers for other interested customers to take. Hang out with your geeky friends and socialize. The more people you meet, the more likely you are to find a boyfriend. Sharing literature and discussing what you've read is a good way to really get to know your fellow geeks, some of whom will be guys.

meet geek women

Consider joining or starting a book club. Volunteer to Meet Geek Guys Don't just attend events you're interested in.

meet geek women

Consider volunteering for them. I'm friends with a happy couple who met while volunteering at an anime con. If you're working alongside other passionate geeks you've got more of an excuse to talk to them and get to know them. They're warm, welcoming to everyone regardless of gender, race, or geekdom. Every single employee remembers you by name, it really feels more like an extension of home than it feels like just another retail store. I'm very proud as a geeky, gaming girl to consider it my home away from home for all things tabletop!

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Station Theater Houston Comedy has a somewhat rough reputation for newcomers, with very much a No Safe Space attitude more prevalent than is strictly necessary. Station Theater has the cure for the more extroverted nerds in the world. They have a very strict policy on punching up rather than down, and a tremendously welcoming and encouraging atmosphere. Our priorities are to make everyone feel welcome.

The Gathering group, and we're also listed on Planeswalkers for Diversity. They have absolutely amazing special events constantly that cater to all kinds of geek markets, and the constant attention by the servers keeps creeps and troublemakers away. Oh, and keep an eye out for their Geeks Who Drink events. Geek Girl Brunch This is an international organization started in New York City, and we have a chapter here in Houston that plans regular events.

Get-togethers are once a month-ish.