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meet her at tomorrowland imdb

Five close friends, all of them married, share a loft to meet their mistresses. .. challenge so far: guarding the famous electronic music festival Tomorrowland. "Mad Men" Tomorrowland (TV Episode ) on IMDb: Plot summary, a meeting with the Board of Directors of the American Cancer Society for their business. Thanks to the St Louis Video Society and their tireless efforts to unearth the finest Meet the Kid Savage Creators on Free Comic Book Day: "Saturday, May 6 on .. the 2oth anniversary release of Mosquito, Shakma, Tomorrowland, and the.

She pulls back and asks if he's sure they should do this. He says he's been thinking about her so much. They kiss some more. Betty goes into Sally's room and lies down on the stripped bed, deep in thought.

meet her at tomorrowland imdb

Don and Megan lie in bed looking at each other. He asks if she was thinking about "this" when he asked her to come. She says it was the first thought that went through her head. She says she was going to miss him so much anyway. He says she doesn't know anything about him.

She says she does, she knows he has a good heart, that he's always trying to be better. He says we all try but we don't always make it. He says he's done a lot of "things. She says it's getting light and he says he should get back before the sun comes up. She agrees and says she doesn't want to confuse them. He asks if he can knock on the door again tomorrow night or if this is just another one-off like in the office, he needs to know. She says he shouldn't be afraid.

He says the Disneyland fireworks are at 9, he says how about dinner tomorrow night right her at She says they're going to be together all day. He leaves and she smiles. Ken and Peggy go to give their presentation to Topaz. They're a small company and they want something that will stand out. Peggy says she's wearing their pantyhose right now and it will be the one thing she doesn't change before she goes out.

Tomorrowland () - IMDb

Ken goofs and says girls only need one pair. Peggy grimaces and the younger Topaz guy is all, if we only send every girl one pair we'd go out of business.

meet her at tomorrowland imdb

So on the spot Peggy comes up with this tag line: He asks for another. She talks about showing different outfits, casual, sporty, and formal and tagline like "single pair, singular comfort. At breakfast Don likes the tableau of Megan and the kids that he sees at the table as he approaches. The kids argue and Sally spills her milkshake. Don freaks out, but Megan is super cool about the situation and he's impressed with her. The kids are taken aback with Megan's reaction, too, as they are use to Betty's yelling at them whenever something goes wrong.

Later, back in New York, Don sits on his bed fully clad for work as Megan wakes up late. He let her sleep in, he says. She wonders what's wrong. He says he couldn't sleep, he couldn't stop thinking about her. She says she's right there. He says he doesn't know what it is about her but when he's with her he feels like himself, how he always wanted to feel because he's in love with her and he thinks he has been for awhile.

He hands her Anna's engagement ring. She thinks it's beautiful. He says when he saw her sleeping there he thought he couldn't imagine not seeing her there every morning. He asks if she'll marry him.

She doesn't know what to say since it all happened so fast. He asks her to consider the number of things that had to happen in order for him to get to know her.

He asks what it means? She says she can't believe this and then says yes. Although it seems like she was going to say no. He says the ring has been in his family.

Not his family really, he says it belonged to someone very important to me. She says she has to call her mother.

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She wonders what they're going to do at work. He says they will tell everybody. He asks if she wants him to leave her alone or to talk to her. She asks if he speaks French. She calls her mom and starts speaking in French.

Meet Your Makers

Roger calls in Roger, Pete, Lane, and Joan. Don announces he's getting married to Miss Calvet. Roger wonders who the hell is that. Roger says "Megan, out there? Roger tells Don this is the way to behave. Ken tells Peggy that Art Garden from Topaz called and that they liked ideas 2 and 4 and they got the job.

They go to tell Don and they catch Don and Megan canoodling in his office post-announcement.

meet her at tomorrowland imdb

Ken congratulates them and Peggy is taken aback but covers well. Don's phone rings and Megan goes to get it.

Peggy and Ken break the news and Don is thrilled. It's a quarter million dollar account. Ken leaves and Peggy shuts the door and says "Wow. She says she's happy for him then and that Megan is very beautiful. He says Megan reminds him of her, she's got that same spark and he knows Megan admires Peggy as much as Don does.

He seems really, genuinely happy. She smiles at him. Megan comes in and tells him it was Faye Miller again and it's not going to get any easier the longer he waits.

meet her at tomorrowland imdb

Peggy goes to Joan's office and the two bitch over the news with more than a little disgust: Joan says they'll probably make her a copywriter since he won't want to be married to a secretary. Peggy is mad that she just signed the first new business since Lucky Strike left but that's not as important as getting married Joan tells Peggy about her useless title.

Peggy grouses that a beautiful face comes along and everything else goes out the window. Joan tells Peggy she learned a long time ago not to get all her satisfaction from this job. It puts characters in real danger so you can't always predict whether everybody's gonna make it. It doesn't have clear-cut good and bad guys And last but by far not least, the movie has a nice classic Steven Spielberg-ian feel which puts the sense of wonder and adventure back to sci-fi which, in my humble opinion, is often missing or buried under all those visual effects and pizazz setpieces.

Even good old Spielberg himself is not always able to pull it off: It's entertainment but it also has heart.

How I Met Your Mother

All this rests very much on the lead man Asa Butterfield who was 18 during the filming and turns 20 this April. Former child star of "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas", Scorsese's "Hugo" and "Ender's Game" fame, this guy has grown to become a fine young actor indeed.

I very much enjoyed his soft but sure performance as an innocent and fragile alien braving the world unknown to him. He has found a seemingly perfect balance between strange, childlike and soulful that the role asks of him, and I'd be glad to see him getting some awards or nominations for this standout work.

He even has this memorable, Pinocchio-ish appearance and style of moving which seems suitable for a person not used to Earth's gravity.

meet her at tomorrowland imdb

Frank then becomes pessimistic again, when the female voice interrupts that he's seeming negative again. When Frank asks if the unnamed voice would like to take over telling the story, it obliges.

We are then introduced to Casey Newton Britt Robertsonwho happily proclaims she's 'an optimist. She sabotages three construction cranes. When she returns home, her dad tells her 'the end' of the space shuttle's former launch site is inevitable. Casey still feels she's contributing something with trying to slow down the deconstruction. Unseen by Casey, a dark figure trails her from the NASA site to her home, and quietly slips a small pin into her helmet, dangling from her motorcycle handlebar.

Ever the Optimist, Casey reminds him of the metaphor of two wolves: In the end, as Eddie told Casey, the one who will win, is the one you feed. Casey goes to school, but becomes a bother in all her classes. Her teachers tell of nuclear annihilation, planetary meltdown, and governmental collapse, but Casey just wants to know one thing: After her father bails her out of jail, Casey collects her things, but is surprised to find a small pin with the letter "T" on it.

Picking it up, she is surprised when it seems to transport her to an endless field of wheat, with a futuristic city off in the distance. On the ride home, Casey attempts to show the pin to her father, but when Eddie touches it, nothing happens. Later on that evening, Casey sneaks out of the house, and bicycles to a large field.

Touching the pin this time, she finds herself in the center of a dazzling futuristic city, with jetpacks and hovertrains. She also becomes enamored seeing a rocket launch station, and follows a group of space travelers Waking up her little brother Nate Pierce Gagnonshe asks him for help trying to find another pin on the Internet. Strangely, they only have a street address, but don't list an email or phone number.

Casey tells Nate to cover for her while she takes a bus to Houston to talk to the store owners. The next day, Athena sees Nate in front of their home who asks to see Casey. When Nate attempts to tell Athena that Casey is away, she claims he's lying, and asks where she "really" is. They tell her that the pin supposedly was a key to showing a world created by some of the greatests geniuses in history, who called themselves Plus Ultra. When the two press Casey for more information on where she got the pin, her claims that she just 'found it' cause the two to get upset.

Things take a turn for the strange when the two grab two actual-working laser guns, and attempt to kill her. Casey is saved when Athena appears, stopping the two in their tracks with a time-bomb a device that stops time temporarily in a 15 foot radius. As the two get free, Casey and Athena fight them, with Athena pulling off Ursula's head, and Hugo being skewered.

Both Casey and Athena rush out of the store before Hugo self-destructs, with the small girl then breaking into a car, and allowing the two of them to get away. In the car, Athena tells Casey that the two people they encountered, were Audio-Animatronic figures, and it was she Athena who gave Casey the pin.

However, the fight has damaged Athena, and Casey panics when she realizes that the little girl is also a robot! Casey attempts to flee with Athena giving chase After a small discussion, Casey is willing to accept that Athena will not harm her. Back in Houston, Police are combing through the wreckage of the store, when a black van pulls up, and several people get out, led by a smiling man who calls himself Dave Clark Matthew MacCaull.

When one of the officers finds the charred remains of Ursula's head, Dave pulls out a device that disintegrates the nearby officers. Once they are done away with, he informs the other members of his party to contact Governor Nix. Eventually, driving all-night wears Casey out, and she relinquishes the driving duties to Athena Seeing a mailbox nearby with the name "Walker" on it, she ignores the no trespassing sign and comes onto the property.

She soon encounters a barking dog, but upon seeing it leaving no paw prints in the dirt, finds that it is simply a realistic hologram. Going to the front door, a man on the other side tells Casey to leave. When she demands to be taken to the place the pin showed, a concussive blast sends her flying backward, and Frank emerges. While she pleads to be taken to the place she saw, Frank tells her it doesn't actually exist. What she saw was a 'commercial' for this place, and they threw him out, and sealed off all ways to get back in.

Frank once again tells Casey to leave, but she refuses to. As day turns to night, Casey notices a number of cables leading from the main house, and finds they are all attached to an array of antennas and satellite dishes.

Setting a nearby tractor on fire, Casey gets Frank to leave the house, and get inside. Frank manages to put out the fire, but Casey refuses to let him back in until he takes her where she wants to go. Exploring the house, she finds some futuristic-looking devices, and a room showing numerous world and political turmoil, along with a countdown clock, and a 'probability' detector.

Frank manages to get back in the house, and attempts to get Casey to leave once again, but she demands to know what she has just been witness to. When Frank realizes she won't just leave, he posits a question: Suddenly, the monitors behind her all flicker, and the probability numbers drop by the smallest percentage Suddenly, sensors indicate intruders, and a black van with dark-suited figures is seen.