Meet homestucks meaning

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meet homestucks meaning

After meeting Karkat, who is carcinoGenetist in the previous Acts and I say friend, but that word doesn't have the same meaning to trolls as it. A web comic written by a psychopath name Andrew Hussie. After growing attached to a character they will be slaughtered. So I've come to realize I view the Classes in Homestuck's Classpect system pretty differently My interpretation of the Classes is mostly iterative from what's come before — That is to . Caliborn gets to meet Hussie, directly.

Vriska was an empath on a planet full of bloodthirsty trolls. She would have felt everything they did as they died: It's no wonder she grew up to be such a sociopath; she's literally had to force herself to not care about how other people fear to avoid going insane. Kanaya's blood is a rare deep shamrock green, and the only main troll to have it.

She fills in many roles for other trolls' Ashen Quadrants, and none of the other characters act as auspistices or mediate, so Kanaya is heavily associated to it. The symbol for the Ashen Quadrant is a club, but for a troll with such particular blood In the Alterniabound flash, she tells Tavros to not let anyone say to him that Rufio isn't real.

Rufio is indeed real - Terezi could see in a sense him! Terezi wasn't just cheering Tavros up, she was completely sincere! It literally just occurred to me that all of the trolls were about thirteen give-or-take, and the majority of them died horribly. I'm not particularly comfortable anymore.

We don't actually see it happening, but Vriska has apparently been playing her FLARP games for years, killing her peers to keep her lusus fed. All of the kids' guardians have died.

Remember that code Karkat ran waaaaay back at the beginning of Hivebent? That one that killed all the lusii? It also applies to everybody that Karkat will ever meet. So from the minute Karkat first talked to John, he was accidentally dooming John's father to death. Lets take it a step farther, as of the act 6 intermission 1 we know Karkat meets Dave and Rose, so he also doomed roses and Daves guardians. Another step forward, It's also implied that he will be meeting John and Jade in the Alpha session with the Alpha Kids all four of them ummm.

It's not looking so good them either. He did, and it wasn't. Two horrors from S Flip: Assume as a high blood, he desires law and order like His Honorable Tyranny did.

meet homestucks meaning

Vriska earlier was doubting how she could face against Bec Noir, rethinking fighting him. Indirectly, Gamzee kept the timeline stable. Vriska wasn't just wrong about being able to stop Jack, she was wrong that he would choose to fight her.

Once more, she drastically misjudges someone's psychology, Smug Snake that she is. In a society where buckets are seen as lewd, Eridan is a bit of a perv. What does his constellation look like?

A man pouring out the contents of a bucket. Troll buckets contain material that propagates their race. If you were to pour it out, you would be interfering with the reproduction process, which is what Eridan does when he hopesplodes the Matriorb. Could you say he is spilling seed? If you really think about it, the trolls' romance shenanigans in general can fall into this.

Remember that partway through Hivebent, it was revealed that drones regularly visit troll adults to collect black and red buckets of DNA from themand that they will kill the troll if they have nothing to give.

That said, while our trolls aren't likely to had been approached yet, what looks like teenage romance squabbles such as Karkat desperately trying to get Dave into "quadrant vacillation" or Eridan's usual antics could actually be, subconsciously or not, treated the same as a life or death situation once you remember this detail. After all, for a troll, not being in a relationship equals possible death. There's a good reason why the trolls seem so fixated on romance. At first, it looks like Terezi's crying herebecause it's recently after her eyes were burned, and she was blinded.

What exactly is Gamzee peddling in this flash? The blood of the trolls who died before they left their session. Advertised as magic motherfucking elixirs. And what each potion is said to do is somehow related to that troll's personality, such as the green potion Nepeta's blood making you fall in love. Also, when you choose the 'bronze elixir', Gamzee says that "one sip of this potion will cause you to lose the use of your legs. Gamzee quite literally stuffed Vriska and Tavros in the fridge until they became relevant again.

Sollux loses the duel between himself and Eridan. He mentions that he underestimated Eridan, which is what one would expect he would say whether he won or not.

meet homestucks meaning

But consider that he's the resident "computer guy". If he overpowers Eridan by too much, the computers behind Eridan get destroyed. Sollux is powerful enough to send the asteroid they're standing on at faster than light speed - of course he would have to hold back to some extent. Gamzee was almost always blurry when he engaged Hero Mode. Because Gamzee wasn't "all the way there", mentally. Notice how his appearance got sharper and sharper as time went on?

You Can Panic Now. As of the writing of this entry, Nepeta's encounter with Gamzee ended with him closing in on her threateningly, and jumping to another scene. Although there was green blood on Gamzee's club, it is still unknown whether she's dead or alive. So would that make her a The cat is out of the bag.

Nepeta's body is seen separated from its head. Karkat did manage to bring Kanaya back to life with his Corpsesmooch. Where is the Fridge Brilliance? This is apt for one born of a Virgin mother grub. She wasn't born of the virgin grub, she was raised by it. Why are Vriska's psychic powers so powerful, despite being a highblood?

Because she's only ever seen using them on lowbloods, who are reputed to have low psychic tolerance. On a related note, Vriska is the only highblood we know of with a psychic ability, and her powers are used almost exclusively to subjugate and control lowbloods. On another related note, Vriska is not a highblood, but a blueblood Cerulean, specifically, the lowest noble caste.

A Mom’s Journey into Homestuck Part 5

The highbloods were of the purple caste like Gamzee, the highest ranking land-dwellers. They mostly seemed to be the Subjugglators and also possessed strong psychic powers referred to as the chucklevoodoos, which was used to control the more numerous lower castes by giving the race constant terrible nightmares.

And lowbloods are more vulnerable to psychic powers. Karkat's sign of Cancer is associated with motherhood, and he often plays Team Mom.

When Trolls Meet Dursleys Chapter 1, a Harry Potter + Homestuck Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

He's also the one who gives birth to everyone through ectobiology. Vriska's treatment of Tavros makes more sense when you consider that, based on his ancestor the Summonershe expected him to be both her Matesprit and her killer. Clubs Deuce is a goofy-seeming fellow perfectly happy to blow people up. Gamzee, a goofy fellow turned slasher villain, wields the Deuce Clubs.

Equius is so freakishly strong, wasn't he strong enough to break the bowstring with his neck muscles? In the latest update, Karkat calmes Gamzee down by shooshing him and patting his face and the two are established as moirails.

Now, way long ago, we got to see Nepeta's shipping wall, where there was a picture of Gamzee and Karkat as moirails, with Gamzee touching Karkat's face. Nepeta noted that it's still plausible, but that the roles will have to be dramatically reversed. Gamzee was never "the most important character in Homestuck".

meet homestucks meaning

Look who he's holding in his lap in that scene. It was Li'l Cal all along. Similarly, Vriska's winking face has one eye closed and seven open. It may seem like just a coin-flip of how to handle an eight-eyed face winking between one eye and four eyesbut since seven of Vriska's eyes are covered by the same eyelid she could only close one eye, seven eyes, no eyes, or all of her eyes, and there's no reasonable way to wink with the other seven emoticon eyes.

Proceed reveals the very much alive Gamzee, who's sporting a God-tier outfit. Since he has scratches on his face and isn't dead, this clearly is the Alpha Timeline Gamzee. Since Gamzee's godtier, it explains his strength. Porrim is the Maid of Space, that is, "someone who fixes space". She sees the problems of the notion that each gender has their own predetermined place or 'space', if you will and wants to fix that.

Kurloz's muteness makes plenty of sense considering he is essentially an exagerated Gamzee, after Gamzee went crazy his quirk became based on his voice fluctuating between speaking quietly and loudly so after Kurloz's "nightmare" he became mute and uses his telepathy to shout directly into a person's head. Damara mainly speaks Japanese, and when you translate what she says into English, it's pretty lewd. It turns out The Condesce had access to various psychic powers such as controlling animals.

In a way, God Cat is also forced to serve Lord English as well. He's that bad that other First Guardians are powerless! It has also been suggested that the Condesce has all the powers of the Troll Ancestors. Sollux is Gemini, and appeared briefly as the tech guy in Act 4. He is big into programming and computer tech. Tavros is the sweet adiosToreador from Act 4 and is still just as sweet.

A lot of this Act shows how these 12 friends interact. So these characters say they are friends, but they can still say and do things to each other that would end friendships in a heartbeat among humans. They are violent and can be downright hostile and cruel to each other and not really think anything of it. Vriska did something terrible to Tavros in their past but turns out to have feelings for him later. This gets us into Alternian relationships.

To say they are complicated would be an understatement. Several pages of text and animations are used to try to explain it all. The suits and colors from a deck of cards are used as the best representation of the different facets that troll relationships can take.

It is so long and convoluted that Hussie inflicts the whole explanation at once to on the reader as a punishment. The basics are that Trolls can go from platonic friendship to steamy hot passion or love-to-hate, and all the shades in between. But this is just one aspect of troll society. Trolls are insectoid in nature. They are hatched from donated genetic material given to the Mother Grub deep underground, and they spend their first few years fighting to make their way to the surface.

The survivors are given to a caretaker, a Lusus. Lusus come in all different sizes and shapes. They can be very difficult for the young trolls to deal with, but the kids care for them just the same, just like real parents. There were some sad, touching moments with them.

What Is Homestuck? Who Is Homestuck? Why Is Homestuck? And WTF Is Homestuck?

The present and future Karkat argument is quite funny, as is the fact that the board updates are often used to ask Karkat for romantic advice.

She tells of their difficult battles and how, when they had completed the session and were just inches from claiming their prize, something catastrophic happened: The trolls are banished from their space and are forced to retreat to the Veil.

They can neither return home nor enter the universe their game session created. This is why they are so angry at the human kids. I really enjoyed this Act, as everyone predicted. The trolls are a great, varied bunch of characters.

Also like John, he gets a lot of the good, funny moments. I should mention one new character that was introduced in this Act: He is a legendary being who is omniscient and omnipotent, wears a green suit, and has a white ball for a head. Some of the things he says and does make me think he will be showing up again later. The Midnight Crew return in this Act as well.

There is only one flash animation for this Act.