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meet hugh laurie

@hughlaurie. Actor, musician, writer. . This is meet and right.#BAFTATV. AM - 11 Apr Replying to @hughlaurie. Tom was amazing, but. Actor Hugh Laurie has been appointed a CBE in the New Year for his comedy partnership with Stephen Fry, whom he met at university, and. The latest Tweets from Hugh Laurie (@hughlaurie). Actor, musician, writer. Because the world needs more of those.

Inhe starred in and also directed ITV's comedy-drama series fortysomething in one episode of which Stephen Fry appears. Laurie voiced the character of Mr. Wolf in the cartoon Preston Pig. He was a panellist on the first episode of QIalongside Fry as host.

Between and he starred as an acerbic physician specialising in diagnostic medicine, Dr. Gregory House in the Fox medical drama House. For his portrayal, Laurie assumed an American accent.

Hugh Laurie

Laurie's American accent was so convincing that executive producer Bryan Singerwho was unaware at the time that Laurie was British, pointed to him as an example of just the kind of compelling American actor he had been looking for. Although he did not win, he did receive a Golden Globe in both and for his work on the series and the Screen Actors Guild award in and Laurie was not nominated for the Emmys, apparently to the outrage of Fox executives, [30] but he still appeared in a scripted, pre-taped intro, where he parodied his House character by rapidly diagnosing host Conan O'Brien and then proceeded to grope him as the latter asked him for help to get to the Emmys on time.

Meeting Hugh Laurie

He would later go on to speak in French while presenting an Emmy with Dame Helen Mirrenand has since been nominated in, and Laurie was initially cast as Perry Whitethe editor of the Daily Planetin Singer's film Superman Returns but had to bow out of the project because of his involvement in House. In JulyLaurie appeared on Inside the Actors Studiowhere he also performed one of his own comic songs, "Mystery", accompanying himself on the piano.

meet hugh laurie

Laurie played the man's wife. He also hosted Saturday Night Live for the second time on the Christmas show in which he sang a medley of three-second Christmas songs to close his monologue. On 13 Junethe media announced that Laurie was in negotiations to play the villain in RoboCopa remake of the original RoboCop film. The New York Post felt that he was "less-than-ideally cast" in the role of a dad who has an affair with his neighbour's daughter, played by Leighton Meester.

The series started filming in spring and aired first on the BBC. Laurie co-wrote and performed the humorous blues song, "Sperm Test in the Morning", in the film Maybe Baby.

meet hugh laurie

His character has a Hammond B-3 organ in his home and on one episode performed the introduction to Procol Harum 's classic " Whiter Shade of Pale ". Writing InLaurie's first novel, The Gun Selleran intricate thriller laced with Wodehouseian humour, was published and became a best-seller. His second novel, The Paper Soldierwas scheduled for Septemberbut has yet to appear. When he bought the mansion, he said he was in "virtual isolation" from his family.

Plus, I figured that I could sell the autographed copy of his book for a buttload of money and pay off my credit card debt.

And I even read the book!! I thought it was cute and clever, and I hoped it would make up for the fact that all I could do was stare and grin at him in wide-eyed adoration when I handed it to him. It was only later that I realized my bold, all-capitals handwriting may have made me look like a crazed stalker.

After about a half-hour, the security guards started to usher people out of the concert hall.

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I hoped that one of the roadies would take pity on me and hand deliver my letter to him. Now I sounded like a crazed stalker who they had to physically escort out of the building.

meet hugh laurie

We were on our way back to the car when we spotted a group of people gathered around the back alley to the concert hall. Revived with the hope that I still had a chance to meet him, I decided to join the throng of fans and wait to see if he would come out. An hour and a half. Well, if I was going to be perceived as a crazed stalker, I might as well act the part.

There were only fifteen or twenty fans left at this point.

meet hugh laurie

Hugh Laurie aka the dream crusher is the one sitting behind the passenger seat. I wanted to hate him, I really did.

After about ten minutes of bitching and brooding, I started to rationalize his quick escape. I thought that he probably had another gig in the morning and had to get on the road….

But more than likely he was just trying to get some physical distance between himself and the crazed stalker that wrote him this letter…. September 11, Dear Mr. Laurie — First off, let me thank you for thoroughly entertaining me for the last eight years on House.

meet hugh laurie

I will miss seeing your scruffy mug on my television set every Monday night at 8: The face that launched a thousand nightmares. But I digress… I thought once you had retired from House, you would go back to England and live out the rest of your days sitting high atop some grassy knoll, sipping tea and eating scones.