Meet joe black mansion rhode island

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meet joe black mansion rhode island

Mount Desert Island, Maine: The Cider House Rules and conferences are held at the posh Aldrich Mansion, home to Anthony Hopkins in Meet Joe Black (). Rhode Island movie makers Peter and Bobby Farrelly often work in the state. This film used Newport's Rosecliff Mansion and Marble House as Gatsby's mansion. Yes What better movie to advertise the beauty of Rhode Island and the charm of its Meet Joe Black () directed by Martin Brest. Aldrich Mansion - Warwick Neck Avenue, Warwick, Rhode Island, USA meet joe black.

From electrical, hardware, landscaping to set construction, local unions were tapped. Craft and food services were all locals, as was medical personnel.

The Mansion supplied local merchant lists for the crew so they could, for instance, have gourmet meals delivered to the set, or have local take out sent to their hotels or apartments.

A documentary filmmaker discovers them and pries into their lives, digging up an intriguing mystery in the process. Kemble and his partner, Tony Musca Stand and Deliver, Money for Nothing recently co-produced Race, a political satire that will air on HBO in November, and are now getting funding to shoot Finding Providence, a film set in Providence about angels gone wrong who are exiled but given a second chance.

The History of Film in Rhode Island

Yet another Rhode Island-based independent moviemaker is Laura Colella, who made a film called Tax Day that was shot in and around Providence. The film takes place on April 15th, and involves two women who intend to pay their taxes but end up getting involved in an odd set of circumstances.

Colella, who studied film at Harvard, also made another film called Statuary which was shot in Smithfield, RI.

meet joe black mansion rhode island

Both films garnered several awards on the independent film festival circuit. There is a real mish-mash of architectural styles in Rhode Island, ranging from wooden farm shack to Cape Cod style, to Colonial and Victorian. Quonset Point, a former Naval Base now being used by the National Guard, also presents some interesting possibilities. Providence-based director Michael Corrente started Providence, Rhode Island out here by shooting the film Federal Hill; the relative success of that project enabled him to shoot American Buffalo, starring Dustin Hoffman.

His company, Eagle Beach, used the facility for many interior shots on Outside Providence and saw The Armory as a potentially excellent permanent production base. The Armory has a massivesquare feet to work with.

meet joe black mansion rhode island

Its huge wooden floor is about an acre large and is rumored to be able to support armored tanks if necessary. Another area in Rhode Island to consider is Bristol, established in The town has a plethora of early 19th Century architecture and Mount Hope Farm, the acre shoreline homestead that was featured in Amistad.

The Office can also hook you up with suppliers for anything in period props from sailing sloops with firing canon, to militiamen in colonial garb. If you need anything from schools to oceanfront properties, farms or National Guard Armories, Massachusetts will provide them free of charge. The governor and legislature have also done their part to cut red tape.

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Massachusetts is known as a university state, and Boston is of course known as a university town, which is an excellent thing for the independent film industry. I never forgot that moment. We watched the movie a few more times and I just loved watching her smile during those parts.

meet joe black mansion rhode island

Goodness, writing about all of this just makes me stop and think about how in love with this girl I am. I absolutely love it. It reminds you of something out of a fairy tale.

Aldrich Mansion

I called the mansion and found out that there was a Christmas party being held on December 16th. The only issue is, we lived in Denver, Colorado. How would I get her to Warwick, Rhode Island of all places and surprise her.

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I had an idea. Taylor is a make up artist who travels for work sometimes. I called her boss and told him the idea. He scheduled her a fake makeup job in Warwick, Rhode Island for a Christmas party. She actually bought it!

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She totally believed me! She actually cried because she was so excited for me. I felt so bad! So, I left for Rhode Island a day before her and she had no idea.