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meet john doe essay

Apr 3, “Meet John Doe” () is one of the most emotional exercises in flag waving ever produced by Hollywood, and yet still manages to contain a. Research essay sample on Meet John Doe Fighting For Social Integrity custom essay writing doe john people man. Aug 30, The last of Capra's "social statement" films, Meet John Doe posted a profit, . [ VIDEO ESSAY] Wikipedia lists "Meet John Doe" as an "American.

The film was directed by Frank Capra. So in a desperate attempt to save her job, ambitious female reporter Anne Mitchell played by Barbara Stanwyckwho has been given the pink slip, fakes a sensational news story as her last submission and convinces her boss to run it in order to sell more papers. Norton, an oil tycoon with political ambitions buys a struggling newspaper. An ambitious reporter in a desperate attempt to save her job fakes a sensational story and convinces her boss to run it.

Pass that Capra-corn please… The next sequence is the continuation of the opening.

Meet John Doe

What Long John Willoughby Cooper really needed at the time was lower taxes and less government in his life. That way he could have already had and paid for the surgery he needed to fix his throwing arm instead of allowing a newspaper to use him to lie to the public as his best option. The New Deal was a bum deal and today we conservatives know it.

meet john doe essay

John Doe has become nothing short of a media sensation with the public being inspired and gripped by his story of pending self-sacrifice in a cruel and unjust world. In return for playing the part, the newspaper keeps this formally homeless man in a nice hotel with room service and pressed clothes as they groom him for even more exposure so they can ride this fake story all the way to the bank.

While John Doe reads the speech that was written for him, Henry Connell, the newspaper editor-in-chief, realizes the potential misuse of the John Doe movement while at the same time powerful oil tycoon and newspaper owner D.

meet john doe essay

Norton takes a sneak peek at his butlers and maids glued to the radio in their kitchen. Without either actor saying a word, Capra shows how two men in the same situation realize the same exact thing and then go in totally different directions from there. When they clean Cooper up and he is about to have his first pictures taken, she stops a photographer from taking an undignified shot.

Wait, let me comb your hair.

meet john doe essay

Arnold, the American-style fascist, a big oil man in charge of the purse strings who secretly harbors political ambitions. He speaks softly, without a trace of bluster. His very self control is sinister and all the more powerful than if he ranted. He promises her a truckload of money to take Cooper as John Doe on speaking tours and radio programs, and from now on she is to report directly to him.

Stanwyck plays this scene not as a conspirator, which is what she has become, but as someone who is delighted to find her personal small-scale power play for more money achieve success. We see the first twist in her character development. She is not as smart as she thinks she is. Cooper, who likewise falls for her, to live up to this ideal. There is a melding of her admiration for her late father and Cooper. Father images seem to be very important to this film.

James Gleason gives a very affecting speech about his father, who was killed before his eyes in World War I when they served in the Army together. A father provides protection and guidance, and the loss of a father means one may be without protection or guidance. This could turn one into a hard-edge woman forced to prostitute her ideals for money to care for her mother and siblings.

This could turn a young man, cheated out of his baseball career by an injury, into an aimless wanderer. This could turn a hard-bitten editor into secretly searching for the ideals he once had as a boy, almost as if to retrieve his lost boyhood. An opposing newspaper tries to prove that John Doe is a hoax, and offers Cooper money to admit as such.

He is warned that he might never get to play baseball again, because of the scandal, and how kids look up to ballplayers as role models. Looking at this film with modern eyes, this bit is probably the most hokey, and most sad, of the film. If they only knew how low baseball would sink. The scene where Mr. Cooper gives his first radio speech is stunning.

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At first he is nearly sick with nerves. Edward Arnold, in his mansion, notices his servants in the kitchen glued to the radio, and we have another impressive close-up, this time of his expression as he turns away from the swinging kitchen door and we see the wheels turning in his mind. It is the beginning of his political campaign. John Doe clubs are formed, and though Cooper, scared to death by this time, tries to run out on the whole mess, a committee from one such John Doe Club begs him not to jump off the city hall roof at Christmas and encourages him to remain with the movement.

Here is a previous post on Mr. He is soft spoken and slow-talking, but all attention is on him. We have shots of the stars of the film, Cooper and Stanwyck, and Arnold, all watching him, their attention diverted respectfully to him, this minor character actor, as he continues. In era of fast-talking speeches, when stars seldom acquiesced to sharing screen time with lesser mortals, the scene is remarkable. The brief scene with old Mr. John Doe Clubs spring up as flags on the evil Mr.

She sits there in his presents to her of a fur coat and jewelry like a well-decked out Judas, sucker-punched right in the ideals. The rally is to be held, fittingly for Cooper and for America, in a ballpark, and John B.

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Hughes, an actual radio announcer of the day for the Mutual network, is one of those broadcasting the event. This film, especially this scene with its radio broadcasts and shouting newsboys, illustrates just how powerful were the tools of radio and newspapers at that time, and how pervasive in society.

One wonders if a similar film were made today, how they would use the Internet for manipulation and gossip instead? While Stanwyck is struggling with her principles and the Frankenstein monster she has created, Editor Gleason sets Mr. Cooper straight on what has been happening in a funny and emotional drunk scene. Cooper makes the fateful speech which will turn the course of this nation into a fascist country. But wait, Gary Cooper changes his mind, tries to warn the public, an impressive and enormous crowd scene in the rain.

Unlike these days of CGI, where a small group can be duplicated on film to appear as thousands, this huge crowd was comprised of a lot of individuals who got a few dollars that day.