Meet me app scams on craigslist

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meet me app scams on craigslist

Spotting and avoiding eight common Craigslist scams. You'll arrange to meet the seller (with a nice wad of cash in your pocket), and a down payment for two months rent instead of one, can you wire me the difference?. Craigslist is a great service but if you deal with people you aren't meeting face to Most these scams follow the same pattern you see on eBay and other online . Very convoluted days that they can meet me to pick up the “item” (They never say When I called the number it went directly to the “textme” app, which converts. Use caution before answering any ads on Craigslist. If no one can meet you at the home for a tour, there's something fishy about the listing.

In my previous correspondence with him the only time I wrote to himI had not mentioned the price at ALL. What I HAD mentioned was our meeting location not at my placethe time, and if we could possibly meet in a week's time so I'd have a chance to get the item lined up he wanted to meet ASAP, like, the very day he contacted me.

All off the things I had written about were not addressed by him at all, either as a confirmation that he got it or as answering the questions I had about the date of our meeting. Oh, and he also never contacted me again, after I asked him if we could possibly hold off on the deal until he was back from his "business trip".

No, he didn't even give a, "Sorry, I can't do that. This is my first negative experience with Craigs list Guest 27 I just posted a brand new bike on Craigslist list this afternoon. Also, he would be liable for the cost of picking it from my location to his destination. This is a scammer. You can smell scammers a mile away. They had a new ID with no available history plus they mentioned a shipper coming to pick up the item.

I got suspicious after I removed the item as sold and received no text message or sale date. I relisted the item and never heard from them. Other sales sites are fair game for scammers. Mac 30 I just received the same email.

And did not like the sentence constuction. End-I told him NO. Guest J 31 I got the same exact letter from a Brittany. In the emails leading up to it, I found it weird that she kept referring to my table as "your item". And there was that request to take the CL listing down immediately.

Nope, not until the table is gone. And they are out of town. Oh well, there will be other buyers, maybe Guest 32 Scam a guy's named James Robards from Eagle Pass Texas was going to buy tickets said he will send me cashiers check for 4 times the amount of tickets. Said after check clears to text him. I told him to call me I don't answer to text number only. Guess what never got that call!!

meet me app scams on craigslist

The response was broken English, they wanted my full name and address where to send the check. Once the check cleared they would send a moving company to pick up the piano. Can anyone explain what the criminals can do with knowing my name and address info? I can't figure out if they have other personal info and just need this other information, or whether just trying to cash their check will give them the info they need to scam me. In the San Francisco area, these sections often contain posts looking for "models", or "dancers" which are sometimes easy to spot, but anytime you see any post for a need a female for an assistant for a busy executive, date to the opera, date for lunch, someone to serve drinks at a private party, etc.

They are looking to find women who will go on dates for money. It's all about the social engineering. They then try and hook them into lunch for a presentation the usual pitch. If you are in doubt, use a fake email address with a female name and respond asking for more information. I flag relentlessly I have three different machines in three different subnets that I can remote into, but they are like cockroaches - they keep coming back If Craigslist would respond to complaints about this it would take a majority of them out, but craigslist doesn't do anything until the police or district attorneys make threats.

REPLY Jules 36 I've been scammed recently on a vacation rental apartment abroad, foolishly transferring a payment for a deposit. So the money is gone, my concern though is that I gave them my address and dates when we will be away. Is there a risk of being robbed while away because they have this information? Or is the scammer only interested in the money? Is there anything I should do?

I have to imagine that there is an underground network where this sort of information would be valuable and have a market value. Sorry you were scammed. Guest 38 If i was you i would have a house sitter at your house for the times you said you would be gone.

Faking it — scammers’ tricks to steal your heart and money

Christopher Freedom 39 I just caught my landlord in a scam. She rents out rooms in her home, only there are no rooms available. She requires the prospective renter to leave her with a month's rent and a month's security and tells them that the room will be available in a week's time. When the renter shows up to move in, she tells them that there was a problem getting the present tenant out, and claims that she is having trouble with the bank getting her money out, then she ignores any future calls from that person.

She knows that the police will do nothing except to tell the unfortunate person who got cheated that "it's a civil matter" and they have to take her to court.

Craigslist Scams and Fraud: The Ultimate Guide

Most people who rent rooms don't have either the knowledge or the money to file a suit against her, and she seems to be getting away with it. SA 40 small claims court - ever seen Judge Judy? Very easy, inexpensive, and effective to combat scumbags like this Sally 41 We have tried twice to but a used Treadclimber from craigslist in two different states. Both have been scams and even months apart the return email stories were similar.

8 Vile Craigslist Scams to Watch Out For

Both claimed to have moved, one out of the country. Neither would talk to us on the phone. Both wanted to use eBay protected buyer program instead of cash and asked for a bunch of personal info to get us 'registered'. Then asked us to wait until eBay contacted us. Thankfully this was acted flag and We never gave our info. Both times the machines were not located where they were posted, both needed shipping, both sellers sent way too much detailed personal information about why they were selling.

Both wanted to make sure we had money ready to go. I have bought and sold many times on Craigslist and legit sellers want to talk on phone- they want cash and they are willing to do a quick non-complicated interaction.

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They never ask if you have money ready to go. Isn't hat a given if we respond to an add? I need a car badly and because my income is low I need it to be cheap. So I was acting out of desperation and found the "perfect deal". Since I had not done this before I did not see any red flags at first.

The lady said she was selling so quick and cheap because her husband died a month ago from a heart attack and she was moving out of state to be close to her brother. I was even feeling sad for her and told her I was sorry for her loss and even shared a bit of my story.

We had a few emails back and forth and my first red flag was that she would never use my name nor reply to certain things I would say. There were also phrases such as," as I said before I will pay to have the car shipped to you". She had never said that before, nor did that make sense to me. She said she was using EBay Motors and she told me they would send me an email explaining what I needed to do next.

The flow of things just did not feel natural to me so I googled EBay Motors and found that they never send emails. It was a scam. I was sad that I had been dupped but I felt lucky I did not send the money.

meet me app scams on craigslist

You are selling something from your home that you cannot meet someone for heavy furniture Items that can't be moved easily You are contacted by someone that doesn't even want to look at your item and agree to the cost right off. They are VERY interested and want to come pick it up: They ask for the address before they even attempt to set up a meeting time. If you give it to them they start asking you about possible meetings time What is happening is that you are basically telling the same people when you won't be home.

Pretty much a burglary ring setting up your home. Mostly "female" contacts very "understanding and overly work with you" demeanor will not give you a cell phone to talk to them to text them uses the hidden craigs list email will not provide you with real email contact uses a group of different tactics to change up meeting times Never provide you with a real name always some strange contact cypher Once you give them any reason to think they are being scrutinized they bail on the deal and never hear back from them.

I get an email back stating that position has been filled but, he needs a personal secretary I have received many of these saying the same thing They all say the position has been filled but they are in need of a personal assistant to do a number of different things that include cashing checks, sending money orders, buying and sending goods, etc.

They all claim to be out of the US currently but are willing to send payment upfront. The only "problem" was that her secretary accidentally sent my pay and the painters pay. So I was to cash this enormous check and send most of it to someone else. I couldn't get this lady to really answer my questions. It was all too vague. I must've asked too many questions because I never received that check.

meet me app scams on craigslist

This is very discouraging when you're really seeking employment! GuestM 46 That's how I almost got scammed, fortunately the check never got cashed on my bank account Guest 47 Help me figure out what kind of scam attempt this was I had a chair for sale, guy emails that he wants to buy chair and to call him I thought the email was a little abrupt, but not everyone has the same style. I called the number, but it was a wrong this may have been an honest accident because it turns out two numbers were transposed when he actually called me.

I emailed him back that he had given me a wrong and to call or text my cell. He called later and sounded a little weird nervous, high? My red flags were at half staff, but I was anxious to sell the chair and my husband was home with me.

meet me app scams on craigslist

He asked if he could come right then, and I said yes if he was on his way, and so he asked me to text him my address which I did. This is how I normally operate with CL sales; I give out my address only when they say they are on their way. Other clues include poor grammar and misspelled words. In the offer I mentioned earlier both Oregon and California were misspelled and English was obviously not their native language. Craigslist provides the following advice on avoiding scams to anyone using their service: Below are the top three Craigslist scams.

Sometimes you will find nothing more than advertising but a couple of these imposters are phishing scams with layouts that duplicate the real Craigslist to fool you. The real web address for Craigslist is https: Their hope is that by putting a charge in place, they will discourage phony listings.

Most of these fraudulent postings are common bait and switch schemes. However, some of the cases reported involved more elaborate schemes run by professional criminals. These scam artists have managed to bilk apartment seekers for thousands of dollars. Everyone knows how competitive the New York apartment market is, with too many people looking for far too few apartments.

Some bold con artists have capitalized on this situation and used it to their advantage. Both can expect to make or save more than if they had gone to a dealership. With so many people exchanging so many cars for so much cash, it was only a matter of time before the criminal element took notice.

Fraudulent postings are now a common occurrence. Read more about Craigslist Car Scams.