Meet me in brazil lyrics declan

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meet me in brazil lyrics declan

Declan McKenna's Brazil (WTTS Sun King Studio 92 powered by Klipsch Audio) music video in high definition Declan McKenna- Make me your queen (Lyrics). Declan McKenna - Brazil Lyrics Declan Mckenna Brazil, Blessing, Singers, Indie, "Empty Gold" by Halsey is Theron and Aneira. Kam B · Sing to me. See more. That's the feverish refrain of Declan McKenna's single 'Isombard', 'Brazil' won him Glastonbury's Emerging Talent competition in Do You Feel So Down ' almost ironically a perfect pick-me-up thanks to . He can write nuanced, intelligent lyrics that span the personal and Find out all the info here.


English musician, record producer and composer James Fordwho had produced albums by Arctic MonkeysDepeche Modeand Florence and the Machineproduced the album, which was recorded at a Kensal Green recording studio. The album was released on 21 July and received generally positive reviews.

meet me in brazil lyrics declan

It featured all six of McKenna's previously released singles, as well as five new tracks. All songs on the album were written by McKenna alone, with the exception of "Listen to Your Friends", which was co-written with Rostam Batmanglij. Critical assessment[ edit ] McKenna writes his own songs, but is supported by a band on tour currently consisting of Isabel Torres guitaristNathan Cox bassistWilliam Bishop keys and Gabrielle Marie King drummeralthough he has previously played all of his own instruments.

meet me in brazil lyrics declan

Matt Wilkinson called McKenna's London gigs surprisingly good, if "rough around the edges". He felt McKenna was still "searching for his own sound right in front of the crowd. We got to talk to Declan ahead of a run of European festival shows earlier this month about the album, how his writing differs depending on subject, his return to Glastonbury this year, and the shape that album number two is taking on the horizon.

If I do tackle a big topic, it has to be a direct initial reaction, and a genuine output from it. It has to be in that expressive way. So how has been so far, both personally and on a wider level?

Well, it kind of all went a bit Pete Tong. Was it in the back of your mind throughout the process of making it? It just all kind of made sense.

meet me in brazil lyrics declan

Did he have any advice for you, having seen so many successful acts through the beginnings of their careers? I think what I really got from working with James [was] that less is more with recordings. It felt really collaborative.

Declan McKenna - Brazil

He did that for me - decluttering the tunes. Was this intentional, to hold back on what people have perhaps come to expect from your lyrics, and then release it all in one go at the end? I think it can, yeah. I think both can be an interesting artistic direction, it just depends on what you want from the song.

Do you ever worry about staying in your lane in the songs that you write about?

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Have you ever come up with a topic for a song but thought better of tackling it? His voice has now moved down an octave to match the droning synth sound. He mumbles his lyrics, a sign that maybe this song is more a work in progress then the polished, clean first song. The pop has seeped out of his sound and been replaced by something slightly more menacing.

There are traces of trip-hop sprinkled in for good measure.

meet me in brazil lyrics declan

McKenna seems to be playing with his influences, searching for his own sound right in front of the crowd. An artist is being born note by note.

Declan McKenna - Brazil Lyrics | MetroLyrics

This is clearly not just a teen dream or a one hit wonder. But what do we make of his actual recorded output?

I can imagine a world where thousands of people are bouncing along to this song and shouting those words at the top of their lungs.

meet me in brazil lyrics declan

So are we overreacting?