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Meet Me In Hawaii PriceProsserTeasley, Meet Me In Honeysuckle Time Meet Me In Loveland Texas Wanderers, Meet Me In St. Louis. Judy Garland, Margaret O'Brien, Lucille Bremer, Tom Drake, Mary Astor, Leon Ames, Marjorie Main, June Lockhart, Harry Davenport, Joan Carroll, Hugh Marlowe. Captivating musical based on Sally Benson's slice of Americana about a family's experiences during the year of the St. Louis. American Repertory Theater will be presenting the classic Americana story MEET ME IN ST LOUIS in a radio-play/ song & dance format set in.

Meanwhile, Tootie and Agnes begin to fight over a doll, causing the older siblings to have to break them up and remind them that they're all friends Whenever I'm With You. Everyone exits except for Ester and Mrs. Esther asks if she is too young to fall in love, and her mother is shocked by the question. She proceeds to tell of how she fell in love with Mr. Smith "You'll Hear a Bell". Dinner is approaching, and by now everyone in the family knows about Warren's telephone call except for Mr.

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When he joins the family at the dinner table, everyone gulps down their food so they can leave before Warren calls. Unfortunately, they are not fast enough, and the telephone rings. Smith answers, but is confused when the operators tell him that someone is calling from New York.

He hangs up, and Esther accidentally tells him everything out of anger. He soon figures out that he was the only one who didn't know about the call, and tries to put his foot down, but when the phone rings again he tells Rose to answer it.

Her phone call turns out to be less than successful, because he was only calling to ask how she was, and he said if his parents knew he was calling, they would kill him. Katie tries to lighten the mood "Meet Me in St. A few months later, we are at Lon's going-away party, right before he leaves for Princeton. Warren tries to apologize to Rose, but she refuses to accept "Raving Beauty". At the party, Esther is formally introduced to John Truitt, pretending not to know who he is.

meet me in st louis logo hawaii

She takes his hat and hides it in the piano. Agnes and Tootie have crept to the landing to see what was going on, and after being caught, perform a dance they do with Esther "Under the Bamboo Tree". Afterwards the guests leave, but Esther asks John if he would like to come with them to the Fairgrounds on Friday. He agrees, and then she asks him if he will help her turn off the lights, because she's afraid of the dark "Over the Bannister". He leaves, leaving Esther slightly disappointed.

After they leave, Katie asks the older sisters why they won't go out to the Halloween Social. They both respond that men are too bothersome and they'd rather not. Katie gives them some advice "Touch of the Irish". Immediately following the number, a scream is heard offstage. Tootie comes in with a bloody lip, saying John Truitt hit her. When he comes by to ask if she's alright, Esther beats him up for hurting her little sister.

Agnes enters soon after, telling what happened.

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They stuffed one of Katie's dresses so it looked like a body, then put it on the trolley tracks so when the motorman had to put on the brakes, the trolley would come off the tracks. Tootie then reveals that it was not John who hurt her, but she fell. Esther is ashamed and goes to apologize to John. Smith comes home and breaks the news to the family that they are moving to New York.

meet me in st louis logo hawaii

He thought the family would be happy, but they all are shocked and upset. He tries to convince them that it will be fun, but it doesn't work "A Day in New York". They all exit, leaving Mr.

Smith announces that they'll be moving, she comments, "It'll take a week to dig up all my dolls from the cemetery! Their mischievousness crosses into the territory of Enfant Terrible when they stuff a dress to make it look like a body and put it on the streetcar tracks to see what will happen. Tootie gets injured when Esther's crush, John, tries to hide her and Agnes from the police. Then Tootie even tries a Wounded Gazelle Gambit to get out of trouble, claiming that John tried to kill her.

Even when the family discovers what really happened from Agnes, both the girls get off scot-free. Tootie doesn't even get punished for lying about John. While mostly faithful to its setting, the hairstyles are very s, and the title song which the characters sing in was written in Anguished Declaration of Love: Having finally made up his mind about his feelings for Rose, Warren decides to make them known by bursting into her house after midnight on Christmas morning and loudly declaring in front of her entire family that "We are to be married at the earliest opportunity and I don't want to hear any argument about it!

Esther and Rose are entirely certain that Lucille is both of these, despite never having met her. They rationalize their assumption by the fact that she's "an eastern girl", but it's more likely that they relish in the idea of her being a snob because she's in the way of Rose's relationship with Warren. The ending hints that Rose, Esther, and Lucille become this, as Lucille is implied to marry Rose and Esther's brother Lon and is present with the rest of the family at the fair.

It really doesn't hurt that Lucille herself is much more interested in Rose's brother Lon. Louis, and has a full-blown meltdown where she runs out of the house in tears and starts destroying all the snow people they had madebecause she can't take them with her to New York. He sings and dances! Louis", he's more cheerful and optimistic than his son, he knows how to comfort Esther when she doesn't have a date to the dance, he's fun-loving, gives the younger girls advice on how to make the flour stick to their trick-or-treat victims, and he is more tolerant and willing to humor his grandchildren than their father is.

The Smiths' Christmas is under a pall due to the family's imminent move to New York. Ultimately subverted when Mr. Smith announces they're staying in St. Louis after all, followed by Warren proposing to Rose.

Almost everybody gets some snark in at least once. Grandpa uses it very effectively to comment on the entire family keeping a secret from Mr.

It's enough we're letting him work hard every day to support the whole flock of us. He can't have everything. Esther, with her reddish-blonde hair, is a bit tomboyishvery protective of her sisters to the point of beating up her crush because she thought he hurt one of themand a Spirited Young Lady. Inverted, as the girl is the main character and sings about "The Boy Next Door.

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They share an incredibly lovely duet called "You and I" just to drive the point home. Have a Gay Old Time: Rose is not pleased with Esther drawing attention to her relationship with Warren by trying to make sure everybody's out of the room when he calls, and haughtily declares, "When you get to be my age, you'll realize that there are more important things in life than boys!

She also claims she doesn't care about Warren's phone call, but then starts crying when it seems that she's missed it. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He can be, as he puts it, "a little bombastic" when things aren't going his way. But it's also shown very clearly that he genuinely loves every member of his family, and this scene reveals what a softie he can be: Oh, Lon, really now. What else am I to think? My eldest daughter is practically on her honeymoon and everybody knows about it but me!


In view of this family's refusal to let me in on their little intrigues, I'll handle the telephone in my own way! From now on, I'll take all incoming calls! Rose, you answer that.

meet me in st louis logo hawaii

Smith's income alone is apparently enough to support a family of seven plus a catand pay for a live-in maid, in a house that's large by almost any standard, with enormous, luxurious rooms, good furniture, lots of decor, a large yard, etc. The family doesn't seem to want for anything, and doesn't appear to be struggling; they host parties, attend parties, wear good clothes, send the oldest to college, go to the St.

Louis World's Fair, etc. Yet, when Agnes asks why they wouldn't be living in a house in New York, Rose replies, "Rich people live in houses. People like us live in flats", implying that they're considered middle class at best. It's not clear if this discrepancy is because the creators just couldn't be bothered making them appear less well-off, or if it's a justified artifact of the setting St.

Louis inwhere the middle class might have had a much higher standard of living than they have on average nowadays. Not to mention that New York may have had a much higher cost of living than St. Louis, just like it does today; Rose may have only meant that they're not rich compared to people who can afford houses in New York. Because reckless endangerment and defamation are hilarious. What's worse is that Rose even defends Tootie when Esther gets mad at her for lying. Love at First Sight: It doesn't last long, though.

Subverted for "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas;" the original lyrics were quite depressing as per the slow song it is. Not that the version in the film is exactly a barrel of laughs. The song-writer later said it was written with a eye to the soldiers fighting in WW2. The opening lines were: Esther has a mild case after she beats up John for hurting Tootie, only to realize that John was innocent, and in fact did what he could to protect Tootie.

Smith also has his moment when he witnesses Tootie's startling meltdown over the prospect of moving out of St. This inspires him to change his mind and call off the move. He is friendly, polite, and kind.

meet me in st louis logo hawaii

He also turns out to be quite selfless; later in the film he drags Tootie away from an accident she caused so that she wouldn't get in trouble, despite the risk of getting in trouble himself.