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A Story Of Success: Milkha Singh- Fondly Called ‘The Flying Sikh’

meet milkha singh flying

Milkha Singh (born October 8, ), also known as The Flying Sikh, is an Indian former track . Family[edit]. As of , Singh lives in Chandigarh. He met Nirmal Kaur, a former captain of the Indian women's volleyball team in Ceylon in New Delhi, July 4 (IANS) Flying Sikh Milkha Singh has shed tears on five occasions in his eventful life -- and the most heart-wrenching was. Milkha Singh from now on would be known as the Flying Sikh. He met her again in in Delhi and their acquaintance soon started blossoming into love.

Milkha had just returned home from school in Lyallpur, now in western Pakistan, to find that most of his family of impoverished farmers had been mercilessly massacred in the riots that were continuing in India and Pakistan after the Partition of the Subcontinent in Too young to understand why the toxic typhoon of hatred was sweeping the Subcontinent, Milkha was bewildered to find that two of his sisters, a brother and his mother had been killed. But all he could see was a mob baying for blood racing towards his home.

Milkha gave one last teary-eyed look at his dying father then began running.

meet milkha singh flying

Through forests and past streams, Milkha kept running and hours later, stumbled on to a railway station where a train, packed with fleeing refugees from Pakistan, was preparing to chug out. Exhausted from weeping for the loss of his loved ones, stunned by the magnitude of destruction around him and scared for his own life, Milkha fell asleep on the train that took him to Delhi in India. It also lays bare the conflicts he had with his inner demons and how he slayed all of them to stand tall in sport.

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meet milkha singh flying

The early days After stumbling off the train in Delhi, Milkha lived in a refugee camp set up by the government for those displaced by the Partition. There, he met a relative who suggested that Milkha join the army so he would be able to make a life of his own.

A Story Of Success: Milkha Singh- Fondly Called ‘The Flying Sikh’

Signing up for the Indian Army at the age of 16, he soon found athletics — or rather athletics found him. Milkha soon found joy in running, not only because the strenuous routine helped heal his emotional scars, but because it reminded him of his time in his village.

meet milkha singh flying

My school was about 10km from home and every day my friends and I would race to school. I used to run barefoot because my family was too poor to afford shoes for me. However, he did not have the chance to pursue running as a sport as the school lacked a support system to train athletes. Once in the Indian Army, Milkha began to excel in athletics and soon medals and trophies for m as well as m races began to line his shelves. He showed his prowess for the first time at the Services Athletic Meet where he finished second in the m and m.

But it was his win at the m event at the National Games in Patiala that put the spotlight on him and he set his sights on the biggest sporting event of all — the Olympics. But his hopes were dashed when he was eliminated in the first round.

I knew I had to improve my technique. Charles drew up a detailed chart for Milkha, giving tips on diet and exercise that Milkha says changed his life. I would tell myself that I would never be an also-ran.

I vowed to do whatever it took to be the best in the world.

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In his first appearance at an Asian Games event — the Asian Games in Tokyo — he won golds at m and m. He also received a Padmashri award, the fourth-highest civilian award in India. But for the first time the two stars would compete against each other for the m gold — a race that would go into history books for its heart-stopping finale.

meet milkha singh flying

I was in pain and my left shoulder lurched forward. It was a photo finish, but because I had lurched forward, I won the race. Pakistan took note of Milkha — as the man who beat their own star Abdul.

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Perhaps God listened to this particular wish because what happened next was a catharsis for Milkha. Khaliq was soon seen lying pitifully on the ground weeping incessantly for he had just lost the meters to Milkha Singh yet again. Milkha Singh from now on would be known as the Flying Sikh.

They evoke mixed emotions of a loss, or, so near yet so far. The run-up to the games had not been the best as he lost a series of races which were a prelude to the Olympics in August.

For the first time ever Milkha lost a four hundred-meter event at a tourney in Germany, which devastated his confidence. At another event in Cologne, Germany he had tied for the first place, which did not augur well with him. The temperature in Rome had soared to almost forty degrees Celsius Also, the game schedule was different and there was a two-night gap between the semi-finals and finals. Milkha, who had made it to the final of the four hundred meters race found it difficult to stay sane for such a long period, a tendency that has been observed continuously.

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This long gap drained Milkha mentally, the pressure giving him sleepless nights. It was with this frame of mind that he took to the track.

meet milkha singh flying

And thanks to this state of mind of the previous two days a fatal miscalculation followed. The weather and two sleepless nights made him make a move that would cost Milkha a medal. Milkha unfortunately never could recover in the race and stood forth, even though he broke the record for the timing.

Ottis David of USA had won the race. Also, a new life awaited the Flying Sikh: Known to achieve what he set his eyes on, Pratap Singh Kairon took Milkha Singh to Prime Minister Nehru to request him to relieve Milkha from the army and at the disposal of the Punjab government.

Nehru was reluctant as Milkha belonged to the army and it was the army that had helped him build his career. It was a new life and it was difficult for Milkha to adjust to the change.