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Introduction. Users are reaching for mobile devices numerous times every day specifically to use mobile apps. The power and freedom of connected mobile. Get more information about the Meet Mobile app and other apps from HY-TEK and ACTIVE Network at: The Meet Mobile App changes the way swim meets are experienced, from swimmers checking heat sheets to fans tracking their favorite swimmers in real time.

The new-age app users today have come to expect the same kind of experience from the mobile app that you are going to release. This list will give you a defined headway into the world of app development and the tips or solutions would help you develop mobile apps that are sure to meet the expectations of your targeted users.

The app users today expect the app to become their guide and tell them how to reach the point where the users would like to reach within the app. This expectation is not an unrealistic expectation but may have been ignored by most of the apps, who learnt of its importance the hard way!

It has long been established that every user hates being spammed. If you are doing things right, then you have already managed to collate a whole lot of data about your app users, and it is time you used it constructively.

While sending out any special deals or discounts, sending out push notifications, in-app coupons, ensure that these are sent to the right audience. This means if you have a special deal running in your home section, make sure that it is only sent to those app users who frequent this section, instead of those who rarely go there. This means offering promotions to app users based on their past browsing and purchasing behavior.

This old adage is still not irrelevant because the first impression that you make on your users is going to be the most important criteria to determine the success of your app. This means that you have just but one chance, that is your first impression to get your app users hooked!

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The first interaction that the app users have with you, or the onboarding experience should be a delight for them. This is where you want to deliver the most value to them, design and offer an impressive walkthrough that would give them an idea of what your strongest features are.

Meet Mobile to Begin Charging Subscription Fees for Meet Results

Make sure that you flaunt the best part of your app without getting into the very details of every small thing. Strong Yet Unobtrusive Communication Though we all need communication, notifications, and any other important messages from the businesses we are interested in, but there is probably nothing more annoying than obtrusive communication.

This is further established by the sheer rise in the number of ad blockers. We know now positively that the digital population is not going to tolerate any kind of noise.

Once you understand this concept, there are many ways in which you can accomplish to attract the attention of the users without disrupting them. It is true that the right time to get in touch with your users is right when they are using your app, but it is time now to get into the details and find that exact sweet spot which will get you user attention you need.

This simply means, you cannot give your users information about a deal on produce when they have already moved on to the check-out area. Chances are it will induce frustration instead of interest.

Meet Mobile is the go-to App for Swimmers, Fans & Coaches at Meets

Now that I have my own phone, I can find my races and then get my times. I can favorite my sisters, my coisins, or my little buddy so I can know what events. MeetMobile also helps me know where I need to be, what events I'm swimming, and how much time I've dropped. Thank you so much for this app! We already pay for heat sheets and entrance into this meet.

meet mobile app

Horrible to navigate between multiple meets. Someone please write another app! This is the worst! Update and pay more? How annoying since we paid the full price to get all this info for the year!

Unfortunately it froze my phone. I had to reset the phone to be able to exit the app. I deleted the app right away. The app hardly ever loads and crashes all the time! Not updating any info! Also my friends ages, and club status have not been updated, so the info is wrong. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. Most of the screen is occupied by header and footer and the heat title. Only 2 or 3 lanes are shown at one time so I have to scroll up and down to see all the 10 lanes.

It was not the case in my old phone. I love that it is usually realtime information. The one thing that is missing is the list of PBs by swimmer. I currently have to go through meet by meet to find all of my swimmers PBs when I register him for meets. This app is great However, MM says Event 10 is in progress and it has said this for quite a while.

Some meets have unusual names. More reliable after this last update!!! Although I started to see a bit of that behavior again this weekend, the app was able to correct itself and move on. So, great progress there! When it works - it's great; just gotta figure out which days the app is working apparently. I was able to keep track of me and my friends and see my splits for my events. Just sat through 3 days of our state meet not knowing who advanced to finals from prelims.

You have to get your A team on this quick Active. Can get for free online. And could use an update app looks old and clunky. I feel like I have to delete and redownload constantly. Major lagging between races and the app if it uploads times at all. You can NOT unsubscribe!

meet mobile app

Love it for keeping track of results on meet day. Also love being able to see how friends kids are doing. App is at its best when results are near real time. Long gaps between events make it easy to lose track. Some events are now doing video. Especially if it is linked to the reminder feature.

Opportunity for a revenue sharing setup between publisher and meet organizer. Our timers and scorekeepers are so overwhelmed with the amount of times coming in that they cannot update times in an expedient manner. Hope they change the policy! Hard to pay, harder to use And if a viewer wants to test my review go to any pool deck wswimmers and listeners to the users complaining.

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This gets a 1 star because at least we can see the swim results. It looks like it was designed for Android and ported to iOS. Just clunky, like running a Java app in MacOS.