Meet my tommy gun livejournal ru

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meet my tommy gun livejournal ru

Rating of posts in LiveJournal blogs. LJ Top is automatically generated. English (en); Русский (ru); Українська (uk); Français (fr); Português (pt) . By the time The Middleman fired his grappling gun and was halfway . “Well, it's a good thing we have a time machine at our disposal, now, tell . “The risk of a time paradox resulting from my meeting myself - even .. lj-cut, please. English (en); Русский (ru); Українська (uk); Français (fr); Português (pt) While extremely cool, my superhero needs something more than just a gun that fires badgers at people. . The "fur" and "lust" domains shall never meet. .. No using the time machine to set the "Star Spangled Banner" to anything by White Zombie.

Mobility[ edit ] T's diesel engine.

meet my tommy gun livejournal ru

T tank has typical drivetrain arrangement, with rear placed engine and transmission. The T export version i. The tank is also fitted with an air conditioning system for work in high temperature zones.

meet my tommy gun livejournal ru

TS Bhishma of Indian Army is fitted with a "two-tiered" protection system: The T is fitted with a "three-tiered" protection system. The first tier is the composite armour in the turret, consisting of basic armour shell with an insert of alternating layers of aluminum and plastics and a controlled deformation section.

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ERA bricks are also located on the turret roof and provide protection from top-attack weapons. The turret's forward armour package, in addition to the ERA and steel plating, contains a composite filler of Russian composite armour sandwiched between upper and lower steel plates.

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The composite armour results in a lower weight and improved protection when compared with steel-only armour. The Shtora-1 warns the tank's crew when the tank has been ' painted ' by a weapon-guidance laser and allows the crew to slew the turret to face the threat. The smoke grenades are automatically launched after Shtora detects that it has been painted.

The smoke grenades are used to mask the tank from laser rangefinders and designators as well as the optics of other weapons systems. The turret of the BMD-4 contains a total of rounds ready to be used by its autocannon with of them being high explosive and the remaining being armor-piercing discarding sabot.


This method of guidance allows it to be stealthy and insusceptible to countermeasures. These secondary weapons include a 7. The PKT is operated by passenger seated towards the front and bow mounted towards the left. This bow mounted weapon is dismountable and man portable for increased versatility.

meet my tommy gun livejournal ru

The 9PM missile launcher is mounted towards the roof and is also dismountable. It has a maximum range of m and fires 5.

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An NBC protection system and automatic fire suppression systems are provided to the entire crew and passengers to ensure survivability in an environment with nuclear fallout. The unique armament system provided by the Bakhcha-U and the reliable ride performance provided by the chassis gives the BMD-4 qualitatively new capabilities to units of land forces. The BMD-4 is able to fire all its primary armaments effectively regardless of whether the vehicle is stationary or mobile, whether the time is day or night, or whether it is afloat or land based.

meet my tommy gun livejournal ru

The FCS implements a significant increase of the armament effectiveness by engaging a wide scope of targets in complicated weather and landscape conditions.