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Allowing acceptable ads in Adblock Plus

meet one werbung blocker

Adblock Plus (ABP) is an open-source content-filtering and ad blocking extension developed . Like Mozilla's built-in image blocker, Adblock Plus blocks HTTP and HTTPS requests . that it would launch a "marketplace" for ads that meet its acceptability criteria. . "Mit aufdringlicher Werbung übertrieben" (in German). Adblock Plus, the most popular ad blocker on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Android and iOS. Block pop-ups and annoying ads on websites like Facebook and. It's important to note, when you install an ad blocker, that many of the world's so there are ads it allows through (if you choose) that meet certain requirements.

An official update supporting 1. Development of the original Adblock stopped with version 0. On March 3,the Android app was removed from the Google Play Store along with similar ad-blocking apps.

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Users can download the. The application page as of December features the Adblock Browser for Android instead of the original app. It also uses automatically generated user stylesheets to hide elements such as text ads on a page as they load instead of blocking them, known as element hiding. For non-rooted devices, ads are only blocked through a Wi-Fi connection and requires the user to set up a local proxy server for each network in order for the app to function.

Most of the content that users are trying to block will be removed, though some content is missed and the app is not as reliable at blocking ads as the browser versions.

Allowing acceptable ads in Adblock Plus

The app can be configured to auto-start every time the device reboots, minimizing the action required by the user. Sites and objects can be whitelisted with filters that start with two at signs. Adblock Plus also supports a more-sophisticated syntax that gives fine-grain control over filters. Filter subscriptions[ edit ] Users can add external filtersets.

meet one werbung blocker

Adblock Plus includes the ability to use one or more external filter subscriptions that are automatically updated. G is incompatible with this system and Adblock Plus specifically recommends against using Filterset.

G for other reasons as wellbut other filtersets can be added by typing their addresses. A list of known Adblock Plus subscriptions is maintained on the Adblock Plus official website.

Petnel died in [39] [40] following which Palant placed a user named "Ares2" as the new maintainer. Both of these filter lists will also be used by Google Chrome starting February 15,on sites not complying with the Better Ads Standards.

Ad filtering The owners of some websites which use third-party hosted online advertising to fund the hosting of their websites have argued that the use of ad-blocking software such as Adblock Plus risks cutting off their revenue stream.

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Inweb developer Danny Carlton described the use of ad blockers as tantamount to theft, [47] and called for other site owners to block the Firefox web browser from their websites to deter its use.

According to Palant, only static advertisements with a maximum of one script will be permitted as "acceptable", with a preference towards text-only content. The announcement created some controversy both at Adblock Plus's website and at social media sites like Reddit.

Chrome ABP versions 3. Uncheck Allow Acceptable Ads. Uncheck Allow some nonintrusive advertising. Will all "acceptable" ads be unblocked? Unfortunately, it isn't technically possible to recognize ads that meet our Acceptable Ads criteria automatically. We have agreements with some websites and advertisers which stipulate that only advertising matching our criteria will be displayed when Adblock Plus users visit these particular sites.

These ads will be unblocked i. No applicant will be favored or treated differently, and no one can buy their way onto the whitelist. Everyone must comply with the criteria and everyone goes through the same process before the ads qualify as "acceptable". What if an ad is allowed, but doesn't meet the requirements? If an advertiser abuses its placement on the exception list, we can always remove it from the list. How can I see what you are allowing?


The Allow nonintrusive advertising checkbox simply adds one more filter subscription to your list. You can view the filters here. Also, the special treatment of this filter subscription - which was added for reasons of usability - can be disabled by going to "about: This will allow you to view the filters for this subscription as usual. Do you have questions or suggestions concerning this list? Feel free to get in touch with the community in our forum or contact us directly via email.

How can I get my website whitelisted?

meet one werbung blocker

The process of getting your ads whitelisted takes about 10 working days once the ads adhere to the Acceptable Ads criteria: If your website has ads that comply with the Acceptable Ads criteriasimply fill out this form. Someone from Eyeothe company behind Adblock Plus, will contact you to determine the exact ads, and check whether they comply with our criteria. After you have made any necessary changes, both sides sign an agreement.