Meet parents tv programme

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meet parents tv programme

Meet The Parents is a brand new dating series hosted by Holly Willoughby. She puts the romantic futures of a group of singletons into the. The parents' guide to what's in this TV show. Parents need to know that How I Met Your Mother is an entertaining, refreshingly kooky sitcom focused on love. 'Meet The Parents' is a brand new dating series which puts the romantic futures of a group of singletons into the hands of their parents.

Print this article A jilted contestant on the show In China, urban parks are one of the most popular matchmaking hotspots. As they stroll after dinner, anxious parents try to identify potential spouses for their marriage-age children.

One reason, says the World Bank, which published a report in on parental matchmaking in China, is because of the lack of a solid social security system.

Hence parents are keen to make sure their children are married into a family of equal if not better economic status to protect their own financial security after they retire.

Meet the Parents: the dating show that's a masterclass in inappropriate flirting

And now — in addition to public parks — a new reality dating show has brought parentally-engineered matchmaking to the centre stage. After a brief introduction, the parents take turns asking tough questions before determining whether the contestant is a good match for their child. Once they have given their approval, the two will meet face-to-face for the first time and begin their dating journey.

To maintain gender equality, the format rotates every week so male and female contestants will have an equal chance to vie for the affection of parents of the opposite sex.

meet parents tv programme

Others say the programme reflects how many Chinese families still expect women to play the caretaker role in the family, even though the number of educated women in the population is higher than ever before. In the first episode, the aunt of a bachelor rattles off a list of qualities a woman should possess to be considered marriage material: She must also be able to endure hardship and do manual work. Health is an important criteria, though assessing it can be idiosyncratic.

Meet The Parents UK Series 1 Episode 3

Her method for finding a spouse for her son: He identified so strongly with Hawaiian culture that he used to pass himself off as an islander. He even set up a shop in the school dormitory selling noodles, sweets and fizzy drinks to make some cash on the side.

Tuy readily admits he became aimless and easily distracted as a young adult. But inhe got the chance to travel to Vietnam with Kristin. His parents had always been open about where he had come from and Kristin had taken him on previous trips to Asia, but this was the first time since the war that they - as American civilians - had the opportunity to visit Vietnam.

meet parents tv programme

The trip mixed US war veterans with peace workers and returning overseas Vietnamese. But as we landed, the experience became overwhelming. You walked from the plane to the terminal. I stopped half-way and kissed the ground. It was just something I felt I had to do. I convinced them to play that, sitting with this general and getting drunk off cheap Russian alcohol. The visit had a lasting effect on Tuy. He felt that a whole new world had opened up to him.

Unfinished business Back in the US, Tuy dived head first into as much Vietnamese culture as he could - including getting to know the adopted Vietnamese children of some friends of his parents. The DeBolt family - also based in northern California - became widely known in the US for raising a large family of adopted children, seven of whom were disabled and from Vietnam. One of those was among the thousands of babies and children who were airlifted out of Vietnam in the last days of the war.

Tuy fitted right in. He became close friends with Ly, Tich and David.

meet parents tv programme

So inwhen Ly was flying to Vietnam to get married, Tuy agreed to join his friends for a three-month stay. This time, he would be able to travel within Vietnam more freely than he had done with the peace marchers.

He also had unfinished business in the Mekong Delta. Travelling through Vietnam was not easy, and for a disabled person it was just that much harder.

meet parents tv programme

A few hours later, they returned with news. Finding her proved to be relatively easy. He was having a great time, but felt torn. His desire to see Sa Dec for himself remained strong, and so he decided to make one more attempt to get there before leaving Vietnam, to finally close that chapter of his life.

Is Meet The Parents the new Blind Date? The viewers seem to think so

This time, after more than five hours of driving on pothole-riddled roads, they made it. The arrival of this unusual group of disabled Vietnamese-Americans created an immediate buzz. The local market almost stopped trading, as people began to crowd around the front gates of the orphanage. Tuy remembers saying hello to the children, and sitting on the cracked concrete benches looking at the faded orange paint on the walls.

Meet the parents « Week In China

The nuns presented Tuy with a ledger of all the orphans who had stayed with them. Turning the pages, Tuy arrived at entry and saw his baby photo with the name Nguyen Quoc Tuy - the same as on his birth certificate.

meet parents tv programme

Outside, the excitement on the street was growing. My story was spreading like wildfire through Sa Dec. She was introduced to Tuy as Phien, and was shown the baby photo in the ledger. Tuy was told that in the orphanage, older children were put in charge of the younger ones. Phien, it turned out, had cared for him when she was seven years old.